Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cancelled plans.

We had plans this weekend. John and I both had the day off on Friday. We had some appointments in the morning and then we wanted to drive to San Antonio for the rest of the weekend. We didn't commit to hotel reservations or anything, but we knew this was a good weekend to get out.
Well the weather went down hill this past week and since it was cold with a high chance of rain, we decided to cancel. And I was having one of those weeks so I was being a huge whiny b-word if you know what I mean. I really wasn't in the mood anymore anyways. Still, a tiny part of me felt disappointed. But something I've learned is that plans don't always go as expected, and that is ok. We aren't even really the planning type. We hardly ever plan anything more than two weeks in advance. I've come to the realization that most of the time when we have "plans" or a date night, it gets derailed by something or another. You can't anticipate that someone will have a headache. Or that one of you won't be in the mood to go out. Or an argument earlier in the day will ruin the whole thing. Or the whole idea of the plan in your head was so much better than the actual event. Most of the time we have the most fun when we just roll with it. This weekend didn't turn out so bad...

John had a dentist appointment early Friday and then later on we both had eye exams. I woke up in a bad mood. I complained in the car on the way there that I didn't want to go inside because the receptionist was going to talk to me. (which I quickly wrote down in my 'be nice Morgan' journal) However she is super chatty and I was not in the mood AT ALL. But if I'm being honest with myself, she did actually cheer me up. It's like how some people think you can be happy if you just pretend your happy? It works.

Then John..can just somehow can charm anyone. He came out of his appointment side by side with the dentist and she had the biggest smile on her face.  She came right up to me and said "He says he doesn't brush his teeth!!!!!!!!! I was like......I know. *For the record he does brush his teeth, but he thinks he only needs to do it once a day? And never on the weekends? But it made me laugh and remember the last time we had gone to the dentist together. I had a cavity that had to be filled and he convinced the dentist to let him put on his lab coat and came into my room where I was waiting and put his hands in my mouth and scared the heck out of me. Always a story.

Then we had a few hours in between appointments so we went back home. I was legitimately acting crazy now. One of those weeks, I'm telling you. I wanted to cry so bad for no reason. I was lying on the bed wrapped up in a blanket, asking him if he wanted to ask me how I was doing. Seriously. Once I got my sh*t together, we drove to this giant mall downtown Houston. For no real reason. Well, actually John needs new jeans. But he didn't find any. "Everything was like pajama jeans" he said. But we started to have fun. We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant that overlooked this big indoor ice skating rink. I was really paying no attention until John said "I don't think anyone knows how to skate." Haha.

Then we had to go to another mall type place where the eye doctor was located. We both had eye exams and picked out new glasses. And I have to say, I love John in glasses. Seriously, ...nothing sexier. Went to Lush and got new bath bombs. We are both getting kind of obsessed...Went to Costco while we waited for our glasses because for some reason I was craving a berry smoothie SO bad.  Shared it while we walked up and down every aisle. At one point we sat down on a display couch for about fifteen minutes and talked about couches.

Went home. Took a bath. Started watching a movie until I noticed John was asleep. He always falls asleep.

Saturday slept in until after 8AM. Made breakfast together, which we hadn't had time to do in a while. It used to be one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. Make a huge breakfast and sit and have coffee together for hours.

We ended up going back to the mall for a return, and to look for jeans again. No jeans. Drove to Costco again, this time for gas only.  Discussed getting Mexican food again for early lunch/dinner. Started driving to the Mexican place, but I missed a turn. So I kept going and John directed me to this BBQ place we have been meaning to go to. It was a little ways of a drive, but it was a Saturday afternoon and we had absolutely no where to be.

Had THE BEST meal. I can't believe we haven't had any real barbecue since we've lived here. If it wasn't so far from where we live, I could see us going there a lot. We love BBQ food. And even bought a smoker last summer so we could make our own brisket and ribs and stuff. But we actually decided last weekend after an attempt at smoked hamburgers that we should just leave it to the professionals. Anyone in the Houston area need a smoker, get on craigslist quick ;)

I don't think I took a single photo over the weekend until we got here. I don't know how else to explain it, but it was just so cute. I was basically trying to juggle my tray of food in one hand and my phone in the other snapping pictures.

Beef brisket, please.

Pretty much empty at 2pm. Which was probably good since I was taking photos of these strangers...

 Finished with the Texas sheetcake.
After we finished eating we just sat there at the table forever. Like I didn't to leave. (Plus, I was seriously full)

Today we did absolutely nothing. Cleaned a little. Caught up on laundry. Made lasagna. Watched (most of) the Oscars. As much as we ran around and spent way too much time in the car, I think these might be my favorite kind of weekends. No expectations. No time frames to stick to. Nowhere to be. Maybe next weekend will be more exciting, but if not, fine with me ;)

 Until next time. x

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