Thursday, February 19, 2015

Christmas in February.

Tomorrow is basically my version of Christmas. Actually better than Christmas because I am an adult with no kids and usually no family nearby so I spend Christmas scratching lottery tickets with my husband and eat Chinese for dinner. Which sounds like a fun day, but I could do that everyday if I really wanted to. is a day I have looked forward to for a whole year. Two words...EYE DOCTOR. If you wear glasses, you know this is a big deal. I spent the last 365+ days wearing glasses I spent 2.5 seconds picking out at Costco last year because I quit my job meaning my insurance was about to end and I had a super small budget. They are too big for my face. And are rimmed with a light blue color,  so then I feel like I always need to wear blue. I have complained about them about 10,000 times in the past year (good thing I'm spending 30 days not complaining right?) and so I have never been so excited to be able to get a new pair. 

See what I mean? Little girl, big glasses. And a hangry guy stuck at an airport.

I've worn glasses since I was 8 years old, and just about ruined my eyes with contacts when I was in middle/high school (would sleep with them in for weeks!!) So now days I wear my glasses about 95% of the time. As I tried to explain it to John, "It's like wearing the same shirt everyday of your life." That's how important it is. 

So in preparation,  I put together a little inspiration. I usually go in (literally) blind and just pick something out quick, feeling pressure and anxiety that I am taking too long and over-thinking. I actually have a pinterest board of "spectacles" but those are mostly for fun and a little too fashion forward for me.

Clearly I gravitate towards towards the plastic frame, in black/tortoiseshell. 

I realize this probably isn't a really big deal. Definitely not big enough to dedicate a whole post to. But, it's a good day and I chose to be happy and celebrate what I can. I realize how lucky I am in my life right now.  I spent most of my 20's without insurance, went to the eye doctor when I could and usually wore the same glasses for well over two years at a time. God bless Costco for their affordable eye wear. Among many, many other things.

Later :) x.

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