Monday, February 9, 2015

Didn't like my shirt and almost ruined a good day.

We've lived here in Texas a little over two months now, and as far as exploring or being adventurous we haven't done much. (I have tried moon shine, and shot a gun. In that order. Not sure if either were legal so skipping that story) It was crazy busy in December, and January just flew by before I even realized it. John works a lot of weekends. And when he is home we usually just lay low or tackle our to-do list. So since we had nothing going on, yesterday we decided to get out and just drive.

We made a general plan to leave around 10:30 but to me that meant closer to 11... So 10:28 and John was all "what are you doing? are you almost done? I'm waiting in the car. (pretends to leave. comes back) seriously are you ready yet?" I was actually almost ready, I just needed to get dressed. But to be dramatic, I just pulled on the first pair of pants and shirt I looked at and walked out the door. I didn't even pee before I left, which is something I NEVER do. Especially before a car ride. TMI? Sorry.

So we start driving towards this beach we wanted to check out. And I am in a bad mood. I cross my arms and look out the window and think about how much I hate what I'm wearing and how I am going to look so stupid all day. And how I hope it will be cold there and John will feel bad that I didn't have time to grab a sweater. I was really letting this mood completely take over. And this whole time John is talking and trying to make me laugh because that's just what he does. And eventually he did make me laugh and I broke. And I realized I needed to forget about the damn outfit. I had the whole day ahead of me. A whole day to spend with this guy who makes me laugh after we argue. And who is so adventurous and just wants to go drive an hour to a beach in February. And I decided I would have a good time. We would have a good time.

"Woke up early and made a day of exploring" according to my instagram. I leave the drama for here.

Literally driving right ON the beach.
Then we drove with sandy feet another hour away to another beach.

And there it is...I'll admit it was actually kind of the perfect thing to wear that day.

Then we stopped to get some food at a really touristy place that I won't even name. The hostess asked us where we were visiting from...I blank stared at her and let John answer. Long story?

And I did have to pee when we got to the beach. You don't want to know where. 

Until next time. x

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  1. Cute photos! Looks like you two had a great time.


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