Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Life lately.

These posts will probably interest no one but me. But since this is sort of my on-line "journal" someday I hope it helps me to remember the boring, everyday moments of my life. And I can't keep random useless photos alive in my phone forever, so here is some of my life lately...

"that just looks like a blurry photo" -John. 
In love with this guy. He lives on Johns jobsite. A dog might be in our near future...

Representing Uber Houston with this new tank my sis gave me. (she works for them)
Went to lunch with my sister at Whole Foods. Bought random crap. And ubered home of course.

That sky!!!
I'm kind of obsessed with the cows everywhere. I keep trying to take pictures while I'm driving. And every time I yell "LOOOOK COWS". I especially freak out if there are baby cows.

 Had to LOL at this. I spent 23 winters in Michigan.
Instagrammed. Valentine's surprise.
On the way to Austin last weekend we stopped at this bakery in the middle of no where to buy Kolaches. (what's a kolache? I don't know but I like them)
The sign off the highway said "Scenic Overlook"... 
Just discovered this last night. The best fast food/Taco Bell alternative. You can watch while the fresh tortillas roll out AND they serve frozen margaritas in little plastic cups. 
Bringing home a new cactus.
Saying goodbye to little brothers (+ girlfriend) at the airport.

Until next time. x

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