Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Houston Rodeo.

John's parents came to visit this past weekend. They've basically been my second parents ever since John and I became friends, and I love them both so much. His Dad actually helped us drive down here when we moved, but it was his Moms first time in Texas. I love when they visit because we always go out to breakfast every morning, I get an excuse to go shopping (with his Mom), and we end up doing things we wouldn't normally do on an everyday basis. We probably went out to eat more over the weekend than we have in the four months we've lived here. I've said this before, but we tend to get stuck in a rut. We should take advantage of being able to live here while we can.. but, life happens. So when visitors come, it kind of feels like a vacation for us too because we're basically long-term tourists and everything is new to us also. The best part of the weekend was definitely going to the Houston Rodeo. We had talked about going to the rodeo in the weeks prior, but of course it kept getting put off so when we got last minute tickets we figured, why not? Even though we knew there was a chance of 100% rain the next day...

Instagrammed. I wont lie, I wasn't really as happy about the rain as I look here.

We had to walk like a mile from the parking lot, only to find out we couldn't go inside for another hour. So we stumbled into this food tent. And then ate our faces off.

SO. MUCH. FOOD.  We had fried catfish and french fries, beef brisket, chicken quesadillas, pecan pie, buckets of popcorn, saltwater taffy's, and a few too many beers. But there were two things that I won't forget...

Fried alligator on a stick.

Deep fried Oreo's. I saw a sign for these and I literally could not think of anything else so I ended up getting them right before we left.

I probably would have been happy just coming for the food, but watching the actual rodeo part turned out to be my favorite part. I wasn't really sure that I would enjoy it (or care), and I was mostly looking forward to the Brad Paisley concert after. But it was so cool! Sometimes I forget that we live in Texas. The days and weeks just start to blend together and it begins to feel like anywhere else. But while sitting at the rodeo I kept looking around thinking "Oh wow...I am most definitely in Texas right now." 
Obviously John loves his picture taken.

I didn't actually get to see this live, because I was in line buying more popcorn. But that is in fact a women riding a horse standing up, carrying an American flag that is shooting out fireworks. Only in Texas.
I wasn't kidding about the popcorn.

I keep saying this, but I was so surprised by how entertaining it was! I think it was almost three hours long and beforehand that just seemed soo long, but when it was over I wanted more! I kept telling John that they should have played rap music during it because it would keep everyone pumped up haha. And I didn't get a picture of it, but the last tournament (?) they did was put small kid's on sheep backs and then let the sheep take off running and the kid's had to hang on as long as they could. It was hilariously cute! I wish I would been closer to see it. And then we were all laughing because a little girl won!

Going into the concert, I was thinking the only Brad Paisley song I knew was "Water". So since I couldn't hear very well (and had all those beers) all the songs sounded the same so I kept singing the words to Water over and over and over haha. John thinks I'm pretty special ;)

I love the girls face behind us.

I really wish we had known it was a good time, because it literally has been going on here for over a month and we could have gone twice, but thats okay. Maybe one rodeo in my lifetime is enough ;)



  1. Looks like a great time! I love how all the food is fried! Nothing beats batter on a stick
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    1. I know! I am taking a break from anything fried now for a while...


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