Friday, March 27, 2015

Highlight of the week

*This is a new weekly series I want to introduce - On Friday's I want to highlight one moment from each week. Something that stood out. That made me happy, or made me laugh, or even made me cry but overall just a moment I choose to reflect on. It might be a short story, or a long story or maybe even just a photo I took that week.

This week has been weird. I just felt off more or less. It was one of those moods I'm not sure how to explain. Do you ever feel like life just keeps moving and all you're doing is trying to keep up? Thats kind of how I felt the past few days. The days felt long, but not in a good way. I can't catch up with my life. I can barely hang on to the relationships in my life. I'm feeling overwhelmed that I can't keep it all together the way I feel like I am supposed to. And there are some changes going on that I'm having a hard time adjusting to. I'm staying up later, and having a hard time falling asleep. Which is usually a sign to me that I'm feeling unsettled on things.

Wednesday night I was driving home from visiting John at work. It had been a long day and I was sick of driving in the car. I spent a lot of time in the car this week. I was sick of sorting my mental to-do list about what I needed to get done when I got home. I was sick of being tired but not looking forward to trying to go to sleep. I wanted to cry about everything and nothing at the same time. I was mad that I couldn't get home faster. Then I remembered that the week earlier John had downloaded the new Imagine Dragons album on my phone and I hadn't listened to it yet. I put it on, cranked the volume way up and rolled the windows down and just got lost in the music. And it made me feel so much better. Something about listening to it so loudly and the instrumentals felt like I was venting everything all out. And since then I have had this song on repeat. (seriously ask my neighbors, I'm sure they can hear it right now) I like the whole album, but this one's my favorite.


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  1. Such a peaceful song! I can definitely see why it cheered you up
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