Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Happy Tuesday ya'll!

 I've been trying out the word ya'll lately...and I sound completely ridiculous haha. Anyways. Right now I have zero posts planned for this week..(not that I so much plan them to begin with lol) so I gathered some of my favorite links I've read and/or watched recently to share.

  TINY HOUSE giant journey - I saw this on Kelly & Michael last week and then spent about an hour  reading about their life and travels. I am kind of intrigued by this way of living...although I could never give up a full size bathroom ;) 

The Best Birthday Cake -My birthday is still a little ways out, but each year I make myself a seriously decadent cake and I'm thinking this one from Momofuko's Milk Bar might be the one. My sister-in-law actually brought us some of their birthday cake truffles from New York last year, and yeah, wow.

Head Over Heels - I can't remember where I found this now...but it's an Oscar nominated short-film about an older couple living in an upside down relationship. If you have ten minutes, I suggest watching it. Kind of beautiful :)

The Minimalist Pixie Girl Dream - I read this the other day and it really made me think. I could write on and on about this, but it seems to have sparked a great debate so I'm going to keep my thoughts to myself and stay out of the conversation. Worth the read just to get thinking about how we portray ourselves online.

The Girl on The Train - Like EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD I just started reading this book. Which is bad because I had grand plans to clean this week and I won't be putting this down now.

The NY Times talks about Sex - Or more like Sex-Ed. I actually remember going to class like this with my Mom in 5th grade. I love the little questions cards the kids wrote. My favorite was, "Why can't a women grow a sperm and an egg so they don't have to have sex!"

This Lowe's commercial made me LOL so hard.

And Lastly, I'm not going to link it because wildly inappropriate, but did anyone watch The Roast of Justin Bieber last night? I usually don't watch these things, because I cannot handle the awkwardness (even if it is through a tv screen) but I watched it..and Martha Stewart! Killed it! I love her. She has such sass and is actually quite funny. Not to mention she's just a genius.

Enjoy! x.

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