Thursday, April 16, 2015

A king size bed for three.

This puppy is kicking our ass. 

I mean we love him of course, but this past week has been equal parts wonderful and horrible. We knew there would be hard parts. The lack of sleep was not something I was overly concerned about, I knew he would probably keep us up at night. But not as much as he has been. And then what I didn't even consider was the fact that we live in an apartment and that he might keep other people up too...which is crazy of me because I just posted about these loud neighbors.

The last few nights have been trial and error as we figure out the best way to train this little guy and be realistic with what works for our lifestyle. But damn, we are exhausted. We are (or were) the kind of people who get a lot sleep. We go to bed early and wake up early. And we aren't afraid to admit it, we are totally selfish about it. It's a small part of the reason we don't want to have kids for a few more years. We can't imagine giving up our sleep haha. (are we terrible?)

The first night we had Ted here he totally duped us and slept in his crate from 10pm - 4am. He fell asleep on our bed and we just carried his little sleeping body into his crate and that was it. I thought it was going to be that easy! Then the next night, he had a little tummy ache (he cannot stop eating bugs outside!) and he was up every. hour. I didn't have to work the next morning, but John did so I made a little bed on the couch and we camped out there for the night...where I literally got 0 hours of sleep. Then I cried at the vet the next morning because I just couldn't think straight.

Then the next few nights we tried to put him in his crate again and he would have none of it. Even if we put him in asleep, he would eventually wake up. He cried and whined and carried on, and on and on. One night we were covering our mouths laughing because the noises he makes are just horrible! It sounds like every single animal on the planet combined dying a horrible painful death. That's the only way I can try to explain it, haha. People probably think we are torturing him in here. And then he does these little baby cries where my heart just breaks! And for how small he is, he can really wail it out. He is not quiet about it. Not at all. We tried to muffle the sounds by covering his crate with an extra comforter and stacking pillows around the outside. Didn't work. And then we tried to just use ear plugs and ignore him. That didn't work either and all I could think about was how we were keeping the whole building awake...haha. So each night after so long, we gave in and let him in our bed. And then we all got some sleep finally. *AND all this drama is in addition to taking him out at least once, usually twice during the night to potty. So you see why we aren't sleeping?

So Yesterday after John and I both slept walked through the whole day we decided, F it! He can just sleep with us. We all need sleep, so battle over. Who cares anymore! And I know that he will get bigger, and we'll deal with it as we go. People will have their opinions, but for now we have to do what works for all three of us. And he's not so not bad in other areas. He hasn't had an accident inside for over 24 hours now (fingers crossed), he isn't horribly bad about chewing on our things and he follows when we call his name. (which is so adorable!) So, it is what it is. And he has been okay in his crate during the day when we're gone, but at night when we are right there he wants to be with us. And I don't blame him. I mean his whole little life he's slept with his 8 brothers and sisters. I wouldn't want to be alone either!

Not to mention..we secretly like that he wants to sleep with us ;) 

And another sleep deprived decision - I was supposed to fly out to Chicago with John later tonight for a conference he has...but I can't do it. One, I am SO EXHAUSTED (can't say that enough) and two, even though we were going to leave him in trusty hands, I can't let someone else lose sleep all weekend haha. 


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