Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Weekend.

I'm running out of time to get in a recap of last weekend while my family was in town. So here goes a semi-quick rundown of the good stuff! 

 Like I mentioned a few weeks ago when Johns parents were here, it's so fun when people visit because it gives us a chance to do all the fun touristy stuff that we wouldn't normally do. I ventured out of my little suburb and spent most of the time out in Houston. But I cannot take credit for any activities that we did. I am not the party planner type, especially in a larger group of people. And whenever people get together to talk about what to do, I back myself out as far as possible and just go "mhmm sounds good :)" So all this cool stuff can be credited mostly to my Step-Mom Karen and my sister Jordan. (She's the one who also recently moved to Texas.)

One of the coolest things we did (besides ride bulls) was on Friday we took a tour at Karbach Brewery. I don't do much drinking these days, so I honestly never heard of the stuff. But my, do I love it now! The place was literally in the middle of nowhere. I pulled down this industrial like dirt road and we were all looking at each other like, "we must have the wrong address?" But nope, it was just sort of hidden and tucked away. And later we found out they are in the middle of renovating and expanding it because they are growing so fast. When you walked around the back there was this cute little beer garden area with picnic tables under a big tent draped with string lights. And of course a bar. 

When you buy a ticket for the tour you get one of these glasses to use and take home, and then 4 tokens to try different beers. I only tried one, the Weisse Versa. Which they had the coolest names! No idea what they mean, but they're fun to say. And the beer cans were all colorful and fun looking! Clearly I'm the type of person who gets excited about those things haha ;)

How cute is my Dad?! He has the best shirts. 

I wish I had gotten a better picture of this wall, but this will have to do. It was cool trust me. I can't ever pay attention on these type of things...but I remember something about how they get these barrels from all types of places, some had rum or red wine in them previously and then the beer takes on some of that flavor. I thought that was pretty neat. 

Parents can't hang. Just kidding! I think everyone in my family loves a good nap. 

But what we love even more than napping, is food.

 Later on we went to a a really good Mexican place...the name of which I do not remember. Anyways, it was so good! I didn't have one but the margaritas looked awesome. And from the looks on everyones faces, they were strong haha. Also the place had great dinner entertainment. First, a cat JUMPED out of the tree right next to our table and scared us half to death. Up there to the right of where my sister is. It was the greatest. And then towards the end of dinner a Mariachi band came by our table to serenade us. 

Saturday afternoon we went to the NASA Space Center. And I was about as excited as I look in this picture.

Just kidding, actually I had a really bad stomach ache. And I do not do well in busy chaotic places. And there were huge lines to do anything...and of course we all couldn't agree on what to do, so we split up at one point. But I think everyone had some fun. 

Johns impression of my attitude at NASA. 

But then I cheered up. 

And our favorite attraction of all was the Angry Birds twirly slide. (see there on the left) Still not sure if it was for kids only or not...but no cares. We went down it twice, myself, Jordan and John all together like a train. It was the best. I have a really sweet video and we are all screaming like kids soo...we fit in well I'm sure. 

Sunday was Easter, so after half of the family went to church we all met up for brunch. This family knows good food. So I had no doubt the place they picked for brunch would be amazing. And it was! 

I started out with the cutest cappuccino. (considered slipping the cup into my bag as a souvenir. just kidding..) And then ate my weight in lox and cream cheese bagels, eggs benedict and bread pudding.

I already talked about this on Instagram, but this place was so cute! It was (at least I think) two houses put together, with tons of seating all over inside and outside and under some covered areas too. And there was this cute garden area and fountain out back. 

And of course it was a picture backdrop for everyone ;)

And then there was this... John actually just looked over my shoulder as I uploaded this picture and he went "OH F*** that thing!" Haha. It was quiet and cute for a few minutes and then it went berserk and made one of the most terrifying noise I have ever heard. But definitely a unique aspect to this restaurant. 

Thank you family for coming! (if you're reading this blog haha) 



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