Saturday, April 25, 2015

Foods by State.

 Has anyone else seen this Map of State foods that's been floating around the internet this week?

I think what I love most about traveling is experiencing the food. I think that's probably what everyone loves most right? Whenever we travel or move somewhere new, the most exciting part is finding new places to eat and trying whatever the "specialty" is in that area. We found living in Chicago last year that we ate so much deep dish pizza and Italian food. And now living in Texas, I don't even know where an Italian restaurant is (we do occasionally order pizza) but we crave more than anything Mexican food because we've found it is the best around here! The BBQ is amazing also, (I loved the beef brisket) but something about the Mexican food has us obsessed.

This map is so fascinating to me because I love food duh, and because it shows so much variety and you can really see the difference in cultures. The north is all about comfort foods. The south is all the best southern classics. The east coast is all lobster rolls and clam chowder. But then there are some foods I have never heard of, like funeral potatoes in Utah? Chislic in South Dakota? Marionberry pie in Oregon? Salmon candy in Alaska? And how funny is the Las Vegas "all you can eat buffet." I love that they don't even have a specific food specialty, just the overall buffet! But it's really so true.

What really got me excited about this map was the "hand held meat pie" for Nebraska. I had never heard of these before we lived there, but they are THE BOMB. We used to go to this drive-thru place called Runza where we would get these all the time. It was actually the "last meal" we had in Omaha the night before me moved. And I've never seen anything like it since then. And the "Michigan Pasty"...well that's really more of a northern Michigan thing, but I have had one before and so good! Maybe I just love meat pies?....or I was just born and raised in the cold north so I'll always lean towards warm comfort foods ;)

After seeing this, my food-by-state wish list would be to try:

1.) Pennsylvania- philly cheese steak.
2.) Alabama- fried green tomatoes.
3.) Maine- lobster roll.
4.) Vermont- cheddar cheese apple pie.
5.) Florida- key lime pie. (been there about 50 times, never had one!)

How about you, any foods you would love to try? Is the food shown for your state true or not? Are you hungry now? Me too..



  1. i love this map! they should make this thing for Indonesia too.

  2. Haha I'm from New Mexico and there is definitely way better food here then just a green chile cheese burger! Haha everything still looks delicious though!

    1. I know..I thought the same about Michigan. I have no idea how they even came to these conclusions, but still it's pretty interesting! I've never had a green chile cheese burger...but if I ever get to New Mexico I'll ask for your opinion ;)


  3. Living in Wisconsin, I do like brats, but I love fried cheese curds! Thanks for sharing — so fun to see all the different cultures within the U.S.


    1. OMG yes the fried cheese curds! I can't believe they didn't list that one. We were really close to moving to Wisconsin last year and we were actually pretty excited about it (besides the weather part) because we heard there is lot's of good German foods ;) x.

  4. How funny! I'm sure everyone who looks at this looks at their own state but Idaho's is finger steaks! I had never had these until about a month ago and they are surprisingly good! But I must be a true California girl at heart, because fish tacos are my favorite!!


  5. Such an interesting map! Thanks for sharing! :)



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