Friday, April 10, 2015

Highlight of the week 4.10.15

*taking a moment to celebrate the Monday thru Friday's*

I thought this "highlight of the week" thing was going to be a great idea. And then last week I posted about eating cartons of ice cream, and the next day I was informed that this certain brand had a huge I deleted the whole post. And today I am going to write about salad. Yes, a salad. Beets in particular.

So let's get to it. This week has been sooo good! I didn't mention it before but John was on a weird night shift for a while there, working like noon-midnight. And more times than not, after midnight. Most nights he would get home way past me going to bed and then I would wake up and leave while he was still sleeping. Besides me going to visit him at his job site, we spent about 5 whole hours together while we were both awake. So needless to say,  I've really been enjoying this week getting things back to normal.

What I missed the most while he was working nights was having dinner together. During the week we don't do anything fancy (not that I do much fancier on the weekends) so the other day I threw together a huge greek salad. A whole container of mixed greens, feta cheese, chick peas, cucumbers, peperoncini's, beets, and then grill-panned some chicken in coconut oil and greek seasoning. Then we sat at the kitchen counter together and ate out of this huge bowl and just talked, and talked and talked. And I kept commenting on how delicious these beets were. So after we finished the salad we just ate the rest of the beets right out of the jar.  I've never bought these before and just picked them up randomly at my last trip to Trader Joe's, but I know these are going to be a staple in the fridge now.

So in case anyone is wondering, these are them! Seriously go out and buy them now. And then eat the whole jar at the kitchen counter with your significant other! It will make your week ;)

Until next time. x.

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