Friday, April 24, 2015

Highlight of the week 4.24.15

* taking a moment to celebrate the Monday thru Fridays*

It's been a completely uneventful week over here. We pretty much are still in survival mode adjusting to life with a puppy. Thankfully, we got a little more sleep this week than we did last week. Even though there was one night I just couldn't deal with him and in protest slept out on the couch. (my middle name is dramatic) But other than that, it's been getting better. We can see the light... haha.

Ted is still sleeping with us, but last night we snuck him into his crate once he passed out and then we were so happy about it we couldn't sleep ourselves. We keep trying to get him in his crate, but it doesn't usually happen so we were so pleased with ourselves. It was like we finally won! We tricked the little guy and kicked him out of our bed. We got to stretch out and then cuddle up close next to each other like we hadn't been able to in days. And we couldn't stop talking. Remember when you were little and used to have sleepovers with friends, or even siblings and you would just keep talking and talking in the dark until someone eventually fell asleep? It was like that. Except we were trying to be so quiet and whispering which made it so funny. We hardly had a real conversation, just more like saying random thoughts to each other, and the other would sometimes respond or sometimes not. I don't even remember any of it now, but I know it was the happiest I had felt all week. Lately almost all we talk about and focus on is the dog, so it was good to just lie next to each other without a puppy crawling all over us and just relax and spend a moment together. Of course a few hours later Teddy woke up and was back in the bed, so it was short lived freedom ;)

And now to save this post from being the most boring thing ever written, I'll share a picture of these baby roses I picked up earlier this week. 

 Gets into everything. Everything...

Wishing everyone a good weekend! x

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