Monday, April 13, 2015



Or Ted, Teddy Bear, Teddy Boy, Teddy Roosevelt...or he may think his name is No, Puppy, or Good Boy! Hahaha. Whatever you want to call him, he's our new pup! And we are so excited! We have talked and talked and talked about getting a dog and it was always, "oh next summer" or "after our next move." And then something happened the other day and we both decided..let's just do it. So in true John & Morgan fashion, (our motto is don't over think it) we picked this little guy up two days later.

It all fell into place so easily. Like it was meant to be. We found a great lab breeder about an hour away from us, that had a litter ready to go home this past weekend. We knew we definitely wanted a boy, and this litter had three boys and there was one left! We were third pick, so we had to wait until the other two boy pups were picked out then whoever was left was ours. I kind of love that it happened this way because we didn't have to choose, and again it was like he was meant to be for us. Another cool thing, his dog Mom was also named Morgan! AND Saturday, the day we took him home was our 6 month wedding anniversary! Signs all over the place :)

Love at first sight .

In the car on the way home he cried and cried and cried. I wasn't quite sure what to do with him. John grew up with dogs, (two labs) but I don't really have much practice with dogs. I kept telling John that I would be more comfortable with a newborn baby than a puppy haha. But I'm getting the hang of it.

We named him Ted because John likes grown up human names for dogs and I really wanted to name a (future) child Teddy, short for Theodore, but John wasn't into that for a human so Ted/Teddy it was!

His hobbies so far include drinking water, chasing us around the kitchen island and napping on the couch. (sometimes in funniest positions)

He also enjoys frolicking in the plant beds and trying to eat every bug in sight.

At first we didn't have any I improvised. 

I've since been to the Pet store multiples times, and his toy collection is already taking over. These little tennis balls are his favorite right now.

To say we are in love is an understatement. It's a lot of work of course, but man does he make life fun ;) 

Love you little buddy, welcome to our family! 



  1. So adorable! You guys must be in heaven with you new little pup! Love the photos, and have fun!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  2. Thanks! We are except he doesn't sleep when we want him to hahah.

  3. Oh my goodness! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love how there were signs all over the place to get him ;) Also, it's the greatest thing that you wanted to call your future child Teddy. I say go for it, haha! XO, Beth.

    1. Maybe when I have a child I'll name him Teddy and just re-name the dog haha. Just kidding, cruel!

  4. Awww he is adorable!! Congratulations :) I look forward to many more cute pictures!

    1. Thanks! I hope I don't get too annoying about him lol!


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