Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Spring" time in Texas.

I have been all sorts of confused on what season it is since we've lived here. When we moved from snowy Chicago in December down to Texas,  it was a "cool" 60 degrees, and I was nothing short of thrilled about it. I got to pretty much completely skip winter for the first time in my life. (yessss) Although, there were a few days where it dropped into the 40's and I did have to wear my down coat one time, "Winter" in Texas is basically just a long spring in my book. Now this whole spring thing is feeling much more like early summer to me. It's been mostly in the 70-80's and even went up into the 90's a few times already. Where I'm from high 80's is about as crazy as it gets. And I've already found myself complaining about the humidity more than a few times.

Whenever I meet someone new and they find out I haven't spent a summer in Texas yet, they give me this look... with big eyes wide open and they say "JUST WAIT, JUST WAIT!" Which scares the sh*t out of me. Whenever someone asks how I'm liking Texas I always answer with "so far I love it, but I know I can't really say until after I experience the summer..." I have no idea what I'm in for, but I am already getting the picture that we are in a whole differant world.

Mid February I started to notice a lot of bugs coming around...but things I have never seen before. Like HUGE mosquitos. I grew up in the sticks in Michigan so I know mosquitos, but these were like mosquitos on steroids! And then what I'm calling "beatles" started invading our apartment hallways (which are open hallways to the outside) and seemed to be multiplying by the hour. And like the mosquitos, these guys were also on steroids or something. My sister came over the other weekend and tried to tell me they were roaches...I still don't know. But I will not google this stuff for my own peace of mind. THEN the other day Ted picked up some big dead thing in his mouth, and I FREAKED out and threw it as far as I could. The way that I explained it to John was that it looked like a little lobster with a skinny tail and claws...and he goes "sounds like a f*cking scorpion." And FREAK OUT again. WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?!! Texas is so wild...

And then lately I've started to notice something else weird.

Single shoes on the side of the road....



Baby Croc?

Want to take the worst possible picture ever? 1- Use your iPhone. 2- Take it in a moving vehicle.

Anyways, isn't that strange? The only reasonable thing I can think of, is that maybe because it's warming up people are sticking their feet out the window? Who knows...but I find it 50% hilarious and 50% totally and completely creepy...

Can't wait for "summer".../summer on steroids ;) x


  1. hahaha I love this entire post. I live in AZ and we get those huge ugly mosquitoes- they are apparently mosquitoes eaters but I still freak out every time I see one. They're big and ugly! I can imagine summer in Texas is a little bit like and AZ summer! it really isn't that bad if you have a/c and a pool, which is probably like everyone in Texas hopefully haha :) If not, make friends with someone with a pool and you will love your lifeee! K random shoes? don't people realize these things aren't cheap? I can understand the baby croc though. If I had crocs, i'd leave them on the side of the road, too

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  2. HAHA I know..the woman I work for (nanny for) actually works for Crocs, and she doesn't even like them lol!

    I think Arizona is probably a lot like Texas...once my husbands project here is done, there is a small chance we may get sent to Phoenix..so I might die.

  3. I live in New Mexico, and I can definitely relate. We also get those freaky huge mosquitoes and I hate them. Also once summer starts a lot of wolf spiders come out and lately i've been finding them in my room, and it really is the scariest thing ever. They are ginormous and I swear that they are furry. It's just the absolute worst, but luckily I'm actually moving to Chicago in August so hopefully no more scary bugs!

    1. Oh girl Chicago is nothing! You will only ever see the dinkiest little bugs/spiders. But...hope you're okay with snow! ;)

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  5. That is half creepy and half hilarious! LOL!

    Ahhhhh skipping Winter sounds like a dream come TRUE! WOOHOO and HELLOOOOO warmer weather! :D


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