Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The pros and cons of going to the movies alone.

Not to long ago I went to the movies alone for the first time EVER! But to be honest I wasn't totally by myself, Johns brother was in town and they wanted to go see the new Hobbit movie and I decided I'd go to the theater with them and just see Wild by myself around the same time. So we were in the same building, but I technically saw the movie alone. AND, their movie started a while before mine so I was pretty much alone for 99% of the evening. I feel the need to prove the I-went-alone part, haha. Anyways, it felt weirdly empowering and I loved it. It was a Saturday night so while everyone else seemed to be on a date or in a group, I was sitting in the theater alone like I didn't have a care in the world. Not about dates or anyone else, like I was confident enough to be there on my own. And I felt kind of mysterious ;)

So while John was out of town last weekend, I decided to go see a movie for real alone this time. I thought it would be like going on a date with myself. I thought I would love it. But, nah...not so much this time. Turns out going to the movies at 11AM is a little different than going at 9PM. Surprisingly I felt more like a loser going alone in the morning than I did at night.  And I think knowing I was really there alone felt boring. I think maybe it was kind of exciting to know the last time that John was also there, just not there with me. But I've decided there are some pros and cons to having a solo movie date. 

PRO - you get to choose the movie.

When John and I go we normally take turns picking out the movie, so one of us is usually seriously un-interested. I've fallen asleep twice that I can remember at the movies, and both were Johns picks. So at least going to the movies alone you can choose something you actually want to see and not worry about the other person checking their phone 500 times or passing out in the seat next to you.

CON - no one to discuss the decor with.

I'm kidding about this one. Actually no I'm not, if John were there I totally would have commented on how cool these lights where. The theater felt very old Hollywood...but anyways. In all seriousness, I think the best part of having a movie partner is discussing the previews. Who else am I supposed to look over at after each preview and nod as a "yes that looks good" or give the look that says "no, stupid." Not so much fun alone. Same goes for gossiping about surrounding couples and trying to guess who's on a first date. Not as much fun alone in my head.

PRO - don't have to share candy with anyone.

Alll the buncha crunch to myself. Recently Johns been digging my favorite movie candy...which I also keep at home so it's not really a movie-only candy. So no hands in my candy was a good thing in my opinion. Also I'm totally the person who brings my own water bottles into the movies, so for the two of us I usually go in with a 20 lb purse. So drinks and snacks for one person is much easier. Does this gigantic bag give my secret away?

CON - have to sit alone and hope that no one else sits within ten feet of you. 

This picture has nothing to do with it, I just love Ben Stiller and Adam Driver. (ADAM!! my favorite character on Girls that's not a girl) But for real, sitting by yourself is risky. You never know who will sit near you, or God forbid right next to you. How awkward would it be to get up and move a few seats over...but I totally would. 

PRO - red lipstick. 

This is Johns favorite selfie face that I make...(not.) But a good pro to going on a date alone is that you can wear red (or any color of your choice) lipstick and no one will ruin it. I pretty much only wear lipstick when I am not with my husband because I can't ever stop smooching on him! (I'm like that sorry) So for me, this was a real treat. And sorry I had to share this picture...I really do look like I'm sucking on a lemon, haha.

CON - may get seriously bored and leave early, therefore wasting your $6.15

This is actually my own problem, but I have a really hard time staying still for the entire length of movies. I really prefer to watch them at home when I can pause it 25 times to take a break. My mind wanders in too many directions to stay still for two hours. So I'll be honest, I left before the movie was over. The movie was funny, but I had too much on my mind and I couldn't stop thinking about the things I needed to do after. And I felt bored being alone. At least if I had John I would have been able to bug him a little bit, and he would have convinced me to just finish the movie.

I guess I'll never know what happened "while they were young"...



  1. Great pictures!

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  2. I've thought about going to the movies alone just to boost independence. I should really try it, but I also can't sit still for movies longer than 2 hours. So I'm with you; I prefer them at home.

    Shae @ Current Habits

    1. Only go if the movie isgoing to be REALLY good! I really want to see Age of Adeline with Blake Lively...might try to convince my sister to see that one with me ;)

  3. Such an inspiring post! xx, Hayley www.dailydoseofdarling.com

    1. I wouldn't consider myself inspiring, but thank you ;)

  4. haha- the first "by yourself" experience cracks me up! I've actually never gone to a movie by myself but even going to get the popcorn or anything "by myself" while my husband is in the movie totally gives me that mysterious feel! It's like - you know your not by yourself.. but no one else does.. so you leave them wondering!

    xo Angela

  5. oh wow. i don't know if i would be able to go to the movie alone. but it seems like a worth to try based from your story :)

  6. i went to the movie alone one time, it was great!i had a wonderful time with a person i love the most haha, but you know once i dated a forever alone girl, check out my article https://kovla.com/blog/dating-the-forever-alone-woman-9-things-you-should-know/ about what i saw in her!enjoy


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