Thursday, April 30, 2015

What's up with Ted.

Since this puppy is essentially taking over my entire life, and I really don't want him to take over this entire blog...I am just going to make him his own series where from time to time where I can just talk about what's up with Ted. (warning-this may be super boring to anyone who isn't our parents. I will at least throw in some entertaining pictures though) This coming Saturday will mark three weeks since we brought him home. And it's simultaneously  flown by, and been the longest three weeks of my life. I think since we were not prepared at all for him it was a huge shock and adjustment at first, but we have gotten into a groove now and everything is getting much easier.

First of all, he is getting SO BIG! He's gained almost 4 lbs since we got him. But it seems like his body and mostly his paws are growing faster than the rest of him. Every morning John and I look at him and go "do you think his head grew yet?" He isn't getting too tall though..I think he's going to end up being a stocky little boy.  It's getting harder for me to pick him up with one arm and I'm sad. And then yesterday we were sitting out on the balcony and he tried to stick his head through the bars and, it didn't fit anymore...which made me sad. (although I know it's safer now)...But if it isn't obvious, I am sad that he's getting big so fast.

We call this the puppy play pen.

Trying to preserve his puppiness. I basically tortured him to get these paw prints, but how cute is this? I think John got a little glimpse into what kind of crazy parent I will be someday when I came home with a huge stack of printed photos of Ted and then I wrote on the back dates and captions for all of them...

(please ignore the tornado that went off in my backseat) 
We are trying really hard to get him in the car as much as possible because we know that eventually he will have to go on some long car rides with us. And we plan to take him pretty much everywhere we can. But so far he kind of hates it and just cries and cries, and tries to climb over onto my lap the whole time. Then once he gets over to me he tries to climb up my neck or out the window. It's fun. Basically, I'm waiting for someone to call the cops on me for "drunk" driving...

John seems to be having better luck with it ;)

We didn't take him out on a leash for a while because we really wanted to teach him to be okay off of a leash. And he does do really well, he knows the whole routine going from our apartment down to the grass, or to the car. But as much as we want to let him free, there are too many weirdo dogs around here. He actually got bit the other day (while I was holding him up in my arms!)...and he doesn't get that running around in the parking lot is not okay. Or taking off after the Dominos pizza man. He really didn't like it at first, but I'm trying to take him on a few little walks every day and he seems to be getting the hang of it...but most of the time he thinks we're just playing a game. He gets the leash in his mouth and tries to take off running like he won. Whatever lol.

But he kind of loves the bath. 
The first time (pictured here) he wasn't so sure about it, but we did it again last weekend and he was sticking his head under the faucet and trying to drink the water, haha. I may have started a bad habit though because I got in the tub with him. And now when we are in the shower he cries and tries to jump up. I have a feeling once he gets bigger he might just get in. Again, whatever lol.

Took him to visit Johns job site the other day. He made himself right at home. And loved the open buffet of dirt on the ground to eat.

He is still sleeping with us. Which I have a love/hate relationship about. Last night I actually freaked out and yelled, "there's too many people here!" haha. But, there is no time I am more in love with him than in the mornings. He is the best alarm clock. He loves to lay right up on our heads like a cat, and he especially loves playing with Johns hair. He's getting a haircut this weekend and I keep saying "Ted is not going to be happy." Haha. 

But more than anything, I love watching his personality develop. 
I love that he knows his name and comes running excited when we call for him. I love when he just looks at us some times and tilts his head to the side like he's really thinking and listening. He loves to be included in everything that we are doing. He LOVES people, and goes nuts over every new person he meets. He loves to make himself comfortable and he has been making cozy little spots for himself all around the apartment. He loves when we turn him on his back and rub his belly. He loves when John comes home from work and he sprints to the door to see him. I know I am already sounding like a crazy dog lady already, but I really love this guy. And I think he's balanced our little family out so perfectly :)

Until next time. x


  1. Oh, he looks so cute and adorable! I hope you all enjoy a wonderful time together. Have a nice day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  2. oh my gosh. you make me want a puppy even more than I wanted one 2 minutes ago. he is literally so frreaking cute! Why can't there be a breed that looks like Ted and stays small forever?! Jason (husband) isn't a really big animal fan but I know my constant "we should get a puppy!!!" is good conditioning for when I decide we are getting a puppy and Jason will just have to deal with it haha

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Lol. I really wasn't an "animal" person either, I was the one who actually had to get talked into it. But I think once it's yours, you end up loving it. And it's just so fun! Since we don't want to have kids for a few years this guy is kind of like our baby. DO IT JASON!

  3. Such a cutie!! :)


  4. Okay, this dog is adorable.


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