Tuesday, April 7, 2015


While my family was in town from Michigan last weekend, it was super high up on their to-do list to go to a real country western bar. And it only needed one requirement- a mechanical bull.

We've of course never been to a country bar here (because we're lame, not because we have anything against them) so my Step-Mom and sister found this place called Whiskey River. Back when John was in college (with my sister Jordan) we all used to go to this bar called The Whiskey Barrel, and they also had line dancing and a mechanical bull there. And I think back then I used to think it was a pretty "country" place, but no. This was a country place! (I'm saying this in a good way I swear!)  I would guess 90% of the place had on cowboy boots, there were lots of cowboy hats, and the women were dressed to dance. And they could indeed dance! At one point I thought maybe there was a dance competition going on because everyone was doing (what looked like to me at least) choreographed dancing. They were steppin' and spinning and some guy was even swinging this girl all around the dance floor. And the entire floor was dancing in a slow circle. My sister Jordan and I really wanted to dance, so we went out and did one "lap" around the dance floor and we literally almost got run over! We couldn't keep up with with everyone else. We were stepping all over each others toes and I spun her around one time and she flailed into some couple haha. I couldn't get off there fast enough...

Pictured above before we lost our dance cred. But enough of that, here are some photos of the main attraction.

My brother-in-law Jason wasted absolutely NO time getting on up. I don't even think he stopped at the bar first.

Also they made his ride so much more wild than the rest of us. They bucked him so hard right off the bat, no warming up to it.

My Step-Mom.  I think I may have tied her for longest ride ;)

My sister Kristen went for the one arm up approach.

 I kind of wish I would have captured everyones falls haha. It was the best part :)

Now for my always awesome facial expressions. I must have thought keeping my mouth wide open would help keep my balance?

I also want to add that I was the dd- so I did this completely sober haha. And not pictured is my Dad who was fine just being a spectator, John who was at work and my sister Jordan who wore a skirt. I told her to ride sidesaddle like a lady. But she wouldn't listen ;) 

Coming up later this week will be more from my family's visit and  Easter weekend. Until Then! x.


  1. Looks so much fun. Would love it if you could check out my latest lookbook where I’m celebrating the end of colder season!
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 

  2. Hahaha these pics are hilarious! I've always been too scared to do these - so props to you! Hope you had a good visit with family, and a late happy Easter to you and your hubby! XO, B.

    1. I was actually really nervous before but I just decided to do it fast before I chickened out. Probably won't ever do it again haha.


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