Sunday, May 31, 2015


Out of nowhere yesterday John said to me, "remember in our first apartment how the hot water tank was so small we had to shower together as fast as we could before the water turned freezing cold?" And the thought of it made me smile. Of course at the time I thought it was horrible. I remember most days being able to only shave one leg and being extremely frustrated, haha. I'm sure I complained about it every single day but now I remember it as a funny, happy memory. There were a lot of things I hated about that first apartment. And I remember during the time we lived there how I could not wait to leave, and thought our lives would be so much better once we moved. (Truth is it was pretty bad, the definition of "young and poor" lol.) But looking back now, I love that little apartment and our time we spent there. It totally made us a small part of who we are. (To this day we still shower together, because it's just what we're used to. Sorry TMI.) I wish I could have told myself back then to just enjoy it. To enjoy the struggles and the inconveniences and the really, really funny times.

So I got to thinking about our first apartment, and then dug deep into my phones memory hopeful for some old photos when I found this...

A note I had made right after we moved out because I wanted to remember all the "bad stuff" so I could write them a bad review online. (Which I never did, I got to scared lol.) Reading this back now, it made me smile again. I remember when the ceiling leaked in our bedroom. We had pots and pans on the floor for almost three weeks to catch the dripping water. They had to wait for it to stop and dry completely before they could fix it. Then only after it was fixed did they finally tell us that it was caused by the person who lived above us...they had a very large fish tank that was leaking. I remember how they found mold under the carpet the week we moved out, and having to get rid of that old pink recliner. I remember that homeless man who sat out front. I had to step over his sleeping body often on my way out to work in the mornings. I remember when the garbage disposal broke and having to call the super for the first time and leaving a ten minute voicemail about how I thought I broke it. His name was Floyd. I remember the night the fire alarms starting going off and how we panicked, ran down ten flights of stairs and once outside saw that it was from the apartment right above us. They had a small kitchen fire. 

I remember once we were over the initial scare we stood outside with all the neighbors, a band of all sorts of people together talking in the middle of the night in our pajamas. I remember when John sat on the front of the fire truck and I took a photo really fast before I yelled at him to get down. I remember us walking across the street to the gym and reading magazines until we could go back inside our apartment. I remember laughing and not being able to sleep afterwards.

I remember learning to live together in that apartment. Learning to share that small space. Learning to divide and pay bills together. Learning to cook together in our tiny kitchen without a dishwasher, which because of that we have the best dishwashing system down to this day.

I remember baking cookies for Johns birthday and wanting to surprise him, but then he came home and surprised me with flowers. I remember never being able to reach that microwave on top of our tiny refrigerator. I remember that coat closet door that would never open. 

I remember being young in that apartment. I remember the days of walking downtown to bars. The time John had to piggyback me all the way home because I wore high heels. I remember staying out all night because we didn't want to miss anything fun, and then sleeping for 3 hours before catching a flight to Mexico. I remember ordering pizza after a Kid Rock concert and waiting for it in the lobby, wrapped up in a blankets at 2:00 in the morning. 

I remember the selfies I used to make us take in the mirror by the elevator. 

I remember our first Christmas together, when we bought a tiny $25 tree that we still use and is so special to me now that I will most likely cry once it has to be replaced. Our first Easter trying to cook a ham, then throwing the ham away because it was gross. First birthdays spent alone without our families, just each other. 

I remember John being my boyfriend in this apartment. I remember choosing to move across the country to live with him in this crappy apartment. I remember the day I got there how nervous I was, and how cute he looked and how I couldn't believe I was signing another lease while I was still paying for another apartment back home. 

We moved out into a newer, nicer apartment 3 months later. Piece by piece we got newer, nicer things. We got a new, bigger mattress that was no longer on the floor.  We had a dishwasher, and washer and dryer. We even had a bigger hot water tank. But none of that necessarily made us any happier. There were definitely things that I still hated. There was no closet space. The windows wouldn't open. And I was absolutely planning on writing a bad review on that apartment too, haha.

Life is all a series of chapters. And so much of these chapters are memories anchored within the walls that we live in and with the people we share them with. I don't know about anyone else, but personally I connect so many memories to the place that I lived at the time.

I will always remember that our second apartment was when we decided to quit our jobs, break our lease, move back home and start over. Where we impulsively purchased plane tickets to Ireland one night. I will always remember how I cried when we drove away from that building for the very last time. 

(Technically the third place that we lived together was when we moved in with Johns parents briefly.)

I will always remember our third apartment when we were starting over. Not much better than our first apartment, definitely a down-grade, but we were happy to be given the chance to start over. I will always remember that afternoon talking on the couch when we decided to get married. And then how it felt to come back home to that apartment as Mr. & Mrs. I will always remember watching t.v and getting the text that said "We're moving to Houston" and how I started packing boxes that morning. 

Right now is just another chapter of it all. So even now when I look around at our beautiful new apartment, and wish that I had a desk, or matching bathmats in the bathroom, or a bigger t.v...I need to remember that this is all a part of a long series of chapters. And they're all good in their own ways, and will get better as they go. The flaws, or down sides to any of our chapters shouldn't be looked at as something bad. Life isn't meant to be thrown at us perfectly right from the start. It's the road trying to get there where life really happens and all the good memories are made without us even knowing it. 

I will always remember this place. Our first night here when none of our furniture had arrived yet and we ate meatball subs over the counter, and had to sleep on the floor. The day we brought Ted home and stood in the doorway watching him stumble around taking it all in, and hoping he would like it here.

This was good reminder for me to stop and enjoy everything now. Whether we have it all or not. Whether we are in the "place" we want to be in. Whether or not we like our current living situation, or car, or whatever it may be. Because new chapters are starting all the time, and once they're gone they just become "remember when's..."


(photos are all from my old instagram account)


  1. Great post!!! Such a good reminder to enjoy the chapter you are in in life :)


    1. Thank you! I think it's so true for anyone really. Life is too short!

  2. I love every single word of this post :) it made me feel like I know you guys even more now. I can't believe you moved across country! and I love that you guys had crazy times that are now awesome memories! and I love that you got to become mr & mrs through it all and start a life as husband and wife with cute little Ted :) loved it all! oh and my last apartment, I wrote a terrible review while I still lived ther e(mistake 1) haha and the complex manager called me in for something but really she wanted to talk to me about my review. it was so awkward and I deleted it because I felt so awkward when she talked to me about it haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Aww thanks Candace. Sometimes I just need to ramble on here. It was half the reason I started this stupid blog lol. I should still write a review on that place..I started one and tried to leave it as "anonymous" but it wouldn't let me so I got like super paranoid that they would get me in trouble or something. But really, they found mold under the carpet and John had to go next door to our neighbors who we never met, but we knew had a newborn baby and tell them about it. Talking about it now sounds like we lived in the slums lol!


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