Friday, May 15, 2015

Highlight of the week 5.15.15

*Taking a moment to celebrate the Monday thru Friday's*

I consider myself to have pretty healthy eating habits. I don't keep soda in the house, I don't eat out more than once a week (IF that) and I try to eat small meals throughout the day instead of big ones. But I also eat way, way too many sweets. (like an entire cake last week..) Recently I've been going through a box of Nilla wafers a week, I love to eat ice cream in bed, and I don't even blink to picking up three chocolate bars in the checkout line at the grocery store. I have absolutely no will power when it comes to this.

I've been feeling super sluggish this week, and then this lightbulb went off the other day. I need to eat better...AKA; cut out the sugar! So I emptied the cupboards of anything still hanging around and went to Costco and loaded up on healthy foods. I know the key with me is to not have the sweets around at all because when I want a snack that's the first thing I'll go for. (especially late at night!) So if I have healthier snack options available, like containers of bite-size fruits and veggies, I have a much better chance of not going straight for the Nilla's.

 Doesn't it feel good sometimes to start a new (I don't want to use the word diet) eating plan? It gets me really pumped. I already have a new Pinterest page dedicated to healthy desserts..(secret board though sorry, I get embarrassed haha.) Did you know you can make brownies with black beans?! These are the kind of tricks I need to know ;) 

Anyways, the point- this whole plan totally helped me regain and re-boost my energy for the rest of the week. I love starting new things like this. We might go to some festival tomorrow with maybe this goes out the window, but it totally got me motivated the past few days and (besides tomorrow) I hope it continues to ;) 

Happy weekend! x.


  1. Girlll! I totally know what you mean, I always know when I am eating bad because I am irritable and sluggish! Just happened to stumble upon your blog and you are the cutest! Great post!

    1. AWW thank you!! Glad you stopped by! And it is seriously hard..I struggled so bad at the grocery store yesterday...I walked by the ice cream aisle like "don't look, don't even look" LOL.

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  3. k thanks in advance for inspiring me haha! if you ever make your board public let me know asap so I can steal all your pins! Black bean brownies/cake is actually pretty good! I usually have to try to get over the fact that there's black beans in my dessert but it really isn't too bad!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. It does seem really I ate a burrito today with refried black beans and I had to not think about it lol.


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