Friday, May 8, 2015

Highlight of the week 5.8.15

*Taking a moment to celebrate the Monday thru Friday's*

This week was obviously great because it was my birthday. Although it was on a Wednesday, (lame) I still had a very nice day and everyone was so, so good to me this year. I definitely got spoiled. John and I are planning on "officially" celebrating this weekend though so looking forward to that ;) 

Besides all the non-birthday celebrating I did, what I really enjoyed this week was...watching a movie. I did say lame right? ;) Anyways, it was 22 Jump Street. Sometimes we start a movie in bed and then we get too tired and it ends up taking days to finish it. Does anyone else do that? I swear watching a movie in bed will instantly make me fall asleep. Even though this movie had me completely entertained and both of us laughing the entire time. Jonah Hill is my favorite and John loves Channing Tatum (kind of backwards isn't it?) I don't know what it is, but together they are so hilarious. The whole movie was pretty much insinuating a bromance between them, like they even had a bad "breakup" at one point haha. 

My favorite scene. Seriously, watch if you have 3 minutes 47 seconds. 

We started it on Sunday and just finished it last night. It literally took us five days to watch. Every night I would say "Can we please finish that movie tonight?!" and then 20 minutes into it, one of us would go "um, are you tired? I'm tired."  But it was one of those little things I would look forward to during the day. 

Have a good weekend! x.


  1. happy birthday week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha I am totally the type that takes days to finish a movie if I start it late at night. If I really like the movie, I'll usually start it over the next day so I can soak everything in again and maybe finish it this time haha my husband is totally opposite! if he starts something, he HAS to finish it. We started a chick flick the other night, like a super chick flick, and I fell asleep while he watched the entire thing hahah
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  2. Thanks!!!!! That's so funny. If I put on a chick flick I look over and John is playing games on his phone the whole time lol.


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