Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Strawberries + motorcycles = a Texas Saturday night.

The town I grew up in was kind of famous for the "Balloon Fest" they held every year. It was a pretty big deal around there. People would come from all over for the food, carnival rides and then to see hundreds of hot air balloons take off into the summer sky. It was one of those things that you loved when you were younger, then by the time you were out of high school hated. I've kind of been on the "hate" side of festivals ever since then, but was reminded over the weekend why I used to love them so much. They're so fun. And... so random. You never know what will be going on, or who you will see. And let's not forget THE FOOD! That's usually the whole point right?!

On Saturday night we drove out to Pasadena, Texas (don't ask me where this is) for their annual Strawberry Festival. (don't ask me why they have a strawberry festival..) We met up with one of Johns co-workers and his girlfriend to support another co-worker who was in the BBQ cook-off. I honestly had very little expectations for the whole thing. All I knew was that there was supposed to be the worlds largest strawberry shortcake, and that pretty much sold me on going. It was quite a drive... and with Houston traffic it took almost two hours to get there. But before I go on, let me show a car selfie with my new hair cut.

I LOVE SHORT HAIR SO MUCH! Seriously. Can't stop.

Ok back to the story. Once we finally got there I remembered one of the worst things about festivals...the parking. And it had been raining all week so it was basically just a huge muddy field. I initially had on a long maxi dress and my super smart husband talked me out of wearing it at the last minute. He predicted that I would step on it...and I would have John, you win ;) I never know what to wear to these type of things. There were a lot of cowboy boots, again. Funny story...I used to have a pair of really nice, really expensive cowboy boots and about three weeks before we found out we were moving to Texas I sold them on Ebay. I had no idea that soon I would have had plenty of places to wear them. Life is funny like that isn't it? 

There it is! The worlds largest strawberry shortcake. I have no idea if that's really true, but I am going to tell everyone for the rest of my life that I saw it. Also it is clearly larger than this picture. Imagine about double this in length. We walked past it right when we got there, but the line was super long and we were already late to meet friends so I was a little bummed when I couldn't get a peice right away. No patience, haha. 

See? Mud. 

Huuuge smokers. After we left John said something like "I want to get a smoker like those someday" and I was like.."WHAT?!!" lol. He meant a small one apparently. 

Even though we were starving we didn't get any festival type food because we were waiting for the cook-off to begin, but luckily it was definitely worth the wait! I wish I could have ate more.

So besides the awesome food, the best part of the whole night was when we stumbled upon this "show" literally just 3 minutes before it started. I saw this big motorcycle cage (?) and knew exactly what was going to happen because I've seen this movie with Ryan Gosling, so I made us all stop and watch. And of course pushed myself all the way to the front to get the best pictures ;) They were two guys who kept referring to themselves in third person and were called "Fearless" something. 

The first act was this guy walking inside and outside of this ring while it spun around. I really do not get the sequin jumpsuit. I just don't know what to say about that haha. This song was playing while he did this routine and I have not been able to get it out of my head for three days now haha. It will forever and ever remind me of this.

Then, as if it wasn't dangerous enough, he put a bag over his head. I'm kind of wondering now if he could see through it...but still.

His partner did the next act, a routine with some gymnastics and tricks with fire, but I'll save the picture space for this next part...


Riding around his partner standing inside. I was seriously terrified at this point, I was holding my phone up to video it, but not really watching.

And then they both got in and rode around barely missing each other. So insane! If anyone's interested, I posted this short video on my instagram. I looked back at John at one point and said "this was totally worth the drive" and he said "worth the 30 bucks we paid to get in" haha. 

So the weird thing is...besides the massive strawberry cake, I didn't really see any other "strawberry" things. There were maybe two stands selling cartons of strawberries, and strawberry flags here and there but that's about it. I could probably google why they have a strawberry festival and find out more, but I kind of like it better not knowing ;) It's more fun. 

Finally on our way out when the line wasn't so bad, I got my piece of cake. They were selling them by the piece or sheet, and you better believe I was soo tempted to buy a whole sheet. Even though I realize this cake was make by Kroger and not homemade or anything, it was probably the best I've ever had. And even though I shop at Kroger literally every week, I will pretend like only the Kroger in Pasadena Texas makes this strawberry shortcake.

Another funny story, totally unrelated to strawberries. On the (long) drive back home John was super chatty and was saying how he could see us living in Texas long term (we have this talk a lot like, where do we really want to live someday) and then we got home and outside our apartment (outside but not directly near our door technically) there was this  HUGE spider. Like, HUGE, like TARANTULA HUGE. (can anyone from Texas tell me is this for real?!) We freaked out. And decided no, not living in Texas forever. We got inside and John said to Ted "I'm getting you a plane ticket and sending you to the North Ted." Haha.. 

Anyways, back to festivals. I decided that they are super fun. Super weird, but super fun. I think we should definitely look for some more to go to around here, you never know what you will see ;) 



  1. Was that piece of cake from the world's largest strawberry shortcake?! I feel like that cake could feed a million people! That movie you linked looks awesome, how have I never heard of it? Def watching it this week. Also, that circular cage things looks terrifying!! Why!!
    Have a good day girl! XO, Beth.

  2. That sounds amazing! I had no idea this event even took place!!


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