Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The most boring memorial day weekend recap you'll read all day.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with celebrating memorial day. And has absolutely no entertainment value, but in honor of documenting our life via this blog, I will go on..

(this towel is about as patriotic as it got) 

I was super lucky and had a FIVE day weekend, and John had three days which for him is amazing because he's lucky if he gets two day weekends. We had no plans. Well maybe we did, but we got rid of them because we really wanted to have no plans. Our weekend was full of rainy weather, movies, sleeping, errands, shopping, ted time, more movies, more sleeping, and...that is about it.

I don't know what it was, but I literally could not stop falling asleep. I'm always the one who wakes up with Ted (when his internal alarm clock tells him its 6am) and on Saturday I just like, could not move. So John got up with him and for the next two hours I kept trying to get up, but would end just falling asleep in a different position. Eventually John came in and made the bed on top of me and I had to get out because I couldn't breath anymore because of the pillows on my head ha. So many naps happened.

And we watched about 100 movies. Maybe that's what caused the naps...I don't know? But definitely the best movie by far that we watched was Monsters University. Anyone see that? I loved it. I really loved it. If I was an actor I would totally do cartoon voice overs. But if I had a different voice because I can't stand to hear mine haha..

Somehow we ended up doing a bit of shopping, or attempting to shop this weekend. I went out solo Friday to get some things, and check out the Nordstrom sale. (but holy busy I had to leave that place fast) I ended up having to return something at J.Crew, so on Saturday John headed there with me in hopes of finding some new jeans as he desperately needs some..

But, no luck. Everything is all too skinny. We've been looking for a good pair of jeans for him forever. Anyone have any suggestions for good mens jeans???? I really wanted John to try on this getup, but he said no he isn't an 89 year old women. (I'm kidding. I didn't even ask him to, but seriously who's wearing this stuff?)

And then John learned what a romper is...and he wasn't a fan. This one was so silky and so comfortable I could have lived in it forever, but I had to be real with myself and the truth is I would probably never wear it, so didn't buy it. I was trying to justify buying it by naming off all the places I could wear it to..

.."like to lunch?" LOL, no Morgan you wouldn't wear that to lunch you would probably wear the same thing you are wearing right now, shorts and a t-shirt. (that was me talking to myself)

But we did have some better luck food shopping. We always used to go to the grocery store together, but lately he's been too busy so I mostly go by myself. It was fun and all, but I think I'm starting to like my own routine now. First of all, I can never find him. If I turn around for even one second, he is missing. And then I am checking up and down every aisle looking for him.

Constantly chasing him around. Worse than a child I swear, haha. And then these kinds of things get thrown into the cart...

Because we all need Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce right? Actually, it does sound kind of fun. Maybe some pulled pork sandwiches are in our future ;)

Then right before I was about to check out he goes, "hold on" and after about 5 minutes of "holding on" I just decided to get in a line and he can meet me outside. Then he comes back, out of no where and tells me he went to the pharmacy to do the self blood pressure test. He really is something else. But I love him. A lot. (I love you John)

The weather was pretty crappy. Sunday morning we woke up to our phones vibrating alerting us that there was a tornado warning. It literally said "take shelter." We were like, WTF we live on the 2nd floor, where are we supposed to go? We discussed all sitting in the bathtub together (ted too lol) and watching a movie on the iPad, but we must have forgot because before I knew it, it was much later in the day and I was like "what happened to the tornado?" Haha.

We wanted to get Ted in  some good exercise since he is feeling much, much better. But he still can't really be around other dogs, so taking a long walk here wasn't going to happen. So we took him to Johns job site (because it was empty) and let him run around. We are trying to teach him to play ball. He gets it sometimes, but sometimes he forgets the ball part haha.

Afterwards we took the long way home and did some house creeping like we like to do...we drive by nice neighborhoods and talk about which ones we would like to live in. I didn't get any pictures of the actual houses, (that would probably be weird) but I did get this...

It was a little out-in-the-country-ish so huge, huge houses with yards of animals.

And can I please talk about Game of Thrones real quick. Seriously, if no one comes to Sansas rescue or if that girl doesn't get a damn break soon, I give up on the show. Done forever. I have no hope anymore.

That was random, but Sundays = Game of Thrones.

Then yesterday morning the sun finally made it's appearance, and it was nice enough to lay out at the pool for a while.

(SOULMATE) ...hahahaha

Afterwards we went home and made taco's for the 500th time this month. And watched more movies. And I fell asleep again. Then the weather turned and before we knew it it was crazy lightening/thundering/raining outside and our phones were alerting us again. The power was going off, and the t.v kept warning us to "get to higher ground!" It was nuts. If anyone is interested. here's USA Today talking about the high floodwaters that happened in Houston last night. Could you imagine being stranded in your car on the highway overnight? 

Let's keep our fingers crossed that maybe 4th of July will be more exciting. (for our sake and for anyone else who reads these posts) 
Until next time. x


  1. hahah I love your freaking blog. seriously those naps sound so good. naps and movies are seriously the best. I actually have been wanting to see monster university! I used to nanny and I would always try to make them watch it so that I could watch it but they never sat still enough to even get 10 minutes through. k tornado warning?! Fun fact: Jasons biggest fear is tornadoes Funner fact: he has never seen one in person hahah
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Thanks Candace! I am glad someone likes it haha. I don't think I have ever seen a tornado in person either..but I've seen them in the movies and they look pretty terrifying! But I don't really get scared about things like that..I like to be that person who thinks "it will never happen to me" lol.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. 5 day weekend - so jealous!! I think it sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend and relaxation is always needed! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. I know..but 5 days was like 1 day too much. I felt like I had a lazy person hangover or something today lol.

  4. You win for the best blog title I've seen all week! And I don't think your weekend sounds boring at all - it actually sounds kinda perfect. But then again, I do get majorly excited to go grocery shopping haha


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