Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's up with Ted: May.

If you want to meet your neighbors, get a dog. 

Literally, we've met none of our neighbors ever, and all of a sudden we know everyone. Because of Ted. And I am queen of antisocial, so I'm being pushed a little out of my box lately. Whenever we're outside or anywhere, (on a leash or not..depends) when he see's a human he zero's in on them, eyes locked and waits until they notice him and when they finally do he takes off running at them, tail wagging like it's the happiest moment of his life. And although 9/10 times people want to say hi to him too, not always the case. I'm always standing there like "um, can my dog say hi?" Usually they have to stop whatever they're doing, and twice this week he has interrupted someone talking on their phone, and I'm like "um, sorry I see you're on the phone, but can my dog say hi?" It sounds funny, but not funny in the moment. It leads to a lot of small talk which I am horrible, horrible at. (queen of awkward..) Not to mention half the time I am in my pajamas or holding a bag of poop, haha. 

So anyways, now because of Ted we know a lot of people. Which really is good thing for Ted because a lot of people have dogs, and he's making a lot of dog friends. John calls it his "wolf-pack". But, the hardest part about having a puppy (besides having a puppy in general) is knowing what to do... because there is a lot of conflicting advice. Get them socialized early, but don't let them near other animals because you don't know if they are vaccinated. It's a little stressful. We just went with our gut and pretty much let Ted say hi to whatever humans he wants and most other dogs.

He LOVES that huge German Shepard.

But, our parenting plan backfired. I won't go blaming anyone, but last week he met a new dog that was just adopted from the shelter. Like literally the day before. And then a few days later Ted was up all night "coughing." I thought he had a hairball or something, but John did some middle-of-the-night googling and figured out pretty fast what it was...kennel cough, which I had never heard of before. Apparently it's a respiratory infection that is super contagious and something like 50% of animals from shelters have it. And we have since then found out that this particular dog he met did have it, but they didn't know at the time. So no ones fault really...but maybe mine? I should have researched a little more maybe about socializing puppies. I don't know, I'm being hard on myself about it..

But really, the poor little guy. It was breaking my heart. It sounded so painful. But coincidentally that same day we already had a vet appointment scheduled so we got it taken care of right away. He was already vaccinated for it so she wasn't totally concerned and said it should go away on its own. And after a few bad days, it seems to be passing and he is doing much better now. It really felt like we are parents with a sick little kid. We had to tag team him to get him to drink children's cough syrup (vets recommendation) and got him a humidifier to help him sleep. One night Ted was sleeping in between us and I woke up because of his coughing, so I started rubbing his back and I looked over and John was awake facing him doing the exact same thing. Is this embarrassing to talk about? Haha, I don't know but we just really love that little guy.

We keep saying to each other lately, "what did we do before Ted was here?" or sometimes I'll get a random text from John that says, "I just really love Ted." Believe it or not, I've scaled way back on my picture taking so I actually had to take some while we were outside this morning to go with this post.

Here he is attacking some flowers. 

And now for the stuff that no one will care about except for us...

He is growing so, so fast! Almost 18 pounds now. And his face is finally starting to fill out. And his arms are getting strong. And his chest is getting big. Someone actually called him chubby the other day..but I disagree ;)

He is doing so much better in the car. He finally learned to chill the heck out and just lay back and relax. He's even getting big enough to almost see out the windows in the back of Johns truck.

He just starting shedding like, literally this past week. And it is everywhere! I almost forgot that was going to happen. A super dog brush is en route to us right now actually, so that boy is going to get brushed everyday. And lucky for me, last Christmas I got a Dyson so I've been putting that to good use.

He loves to sleep on our pillows, and spends most nights going back and forth from my pillow to Johns pillow. I didn't think it was possible, but you really can get used to an animal sleeping on your head..

He is getting better at being left alone, like he isn't peeing wherever he feels like. But he did chew a big hole in our bedroom carpeting. We pretty much already know we are going to be paying big time in damages for this apartment. But thats okay, I suppose he's worth it ;)

He loves to stand in the refrigerator door and will run to it whenever someone opens it. (John says he's a northern pup at heart)

He loves to sneak into the closet whenever possible and grab the toilet bowl brush and run away with it. He's also found an old snow scraper he loves to drag around. (maybe he really is a northern pup?)

Ok, I'm going to stop now because no one needs to know how much Ted eats a day, or how many poops he has, or what his favorite tv show is (obviously Game of Thrones)..

So, until next time. x


  1. He's so precious! Don't worry, I have a million photos of my dog on my phone. My boyfriend keeps saying, "We can't keep showing every one every picture of our dog!"

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

    1. I totally did that to someone I met last week...I was like "want to see our puppy?" and then showed her about 25 pictures before I even realized I went too far lol.

  2. If I saw you both, I'd want to meet you & Ted too! He's adorable. I guess I need a pup to become less antisocial. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. Your pup is the cutest and I love that he is helping you meet people
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