Tuesday, June 9, 2015


 I had all intentions of finishing this post yesterday, but we got home super late Sunday night so I was struggling badly yesterday. I was basically still recovering from a wild Saturday night, haha. I wanted to reflect a little about how I felt about the trip, but I was finding it hard to find the right words..

It's a weird feeling, returning home...from the place you still refer to as "home." 

Michigan will always be home to us, but each time we go back it feels less and less like home. If that makes any sense at all? Everything is all still so familiar, but there's little things that change each time. An old favorite restaurant is closed, people have moved and live in different houses now, and everyone's asking "DID YOU SEE THE CONSTRUCTION ON 23??" But some things will always be the same. The drive home from the airport where we don't need to GPS because we just know the route by heart. Immediately turning on old favorite radio stations. Getting off the exit and driving down the main road in town where we both first learned how to drive. Going past the "downtown" and the old high school and thinking everything looks smaller than we remembered it. But the tree's look the same...the air even smells the same. Pulling into Johns parents driveway I still get that warm familiar feeling of being "home." But each time we go back I feel myself letting go more and more.

It's funny how everything from wherever someone grows up is "normal", and everywhere else is different. No matter where I go I will always say "you guys" and I will always complain that there are no "coney islands." I will always hold Michigan up on a pedestal. But it's like my eyes are too big now. Like what I thought was normal isn't enough anymore, and I'm searching for more. We spent most of Friday driving around town saying "what do we do here?" and "what did we do here?" It was weird. Have you ever felt like you don't fit in anymore where you used to fit in so perfectly? I used to think that the whole world existed in that town. Now I wonder if it changed, or if I did. 

But this isn't to say that we didn't have a good time. We absolutely did. I just left this time with some mixed feelings. Feelings I'm still trying to work out in my head...

But enough of that. No one needs to hear me go on and on with my unprocessed thoughts. Here's some of our weekend in photos  ;) 

I was super nauseous on the flight in because I was sitting right next to this loud thing...and the man in front of me reeked like cologne so bad, it was burning my nostrils. And then I would try to breath through my mouth and my throat would burn. I swear he must have reapplied it mid-flight because it kept getting stronger and stronger. It was a long flight for John because I complained the whole time and kept turning my head towards his arm and making gagging noises haha. 

I was teasing him for wearing his cowboy boots home. Never in a million years did I think I would see him wearing these. Life is funny isn't it ;)

And he claims he can't drive a car anymore, haha, so this was our rental for the weekend. It was good though because it was probably the highlight of his trip. I tried to drive it once and almost took out a bunch of mailboxes so we decided not to try that again. 

I always get really excited when we first drive into town. (and then I'm over it by the second time lol)

During summer the line is always out the door/around the block for the Dairy Queen. I actually don't even think I've had it since Michigan. It's one of those things that remind me of home so I don't want to ruin it. 

Same goes for Jets Pizza. They're primarily in Michigan..maybe they have Jets in Texas now..I know they did for sure where we lived in Illinois, but same thing, I'll only eat it when I'm home. It's just one of those things. 

Isn't the view from Johns parents house pretty?

We started out Friday morning being super lazy. Slept in way late, and after I sat patiently while John finished a little work, I requested we go to two of my favorite places.

Biggby Coffee. They have amazingly delicious sugary lattes with cute names like "butter bear." But I just got a plain old black coffee. Proud? 

And Leo's Coney Island. I never knew this was a "thing" until we moved to Omaha years ago and people were like "what the hells a coney island?" According to Wikipedia - "A Coney Island is a type of restaurant that is popular in the northern United States, particularly in Michigan, as well as the name for the Coney Island hot dog after which the restaurant style is named." But I don't go there for hot dogs...I go for Greek food. Sounds weird probably, haha. And I promise John isn't as unhappy as he looks right here. We were both in a weird mood. It was another moment where nothing seemed as good as we remembered. And one of the things we both hate about being at home is trying to avoid anyone we might know...haha. So since this is a very popular place we were like, looking over our shoulders the whole time. 

John told me I looked country. "It's not country if I have on converse!!" duh.

The tree's! Every summer when we come back to Michigan we are in awe about how green it is. 

I went to my Dads for dinner one night and I didn't get a picture of it, but how cute is this little dessert he made for me? I miss his cooking more than anything!

One of the best parts about the weekend was that Johns brother and his girlfriend were staying at the house too because they also had a wedding in town Saturday night. So it was a little sleepover of sorts. Well, not really "little" because we all had tons of stuff of course and made a huge mess around the house. And they brought their dogs! I wish we could have brought Ted...I missed him so much. I seriously went to bed every night looking at videos of him on my phone haha. But it was really fun that we could all be there at the same time. We watched movies. Ate tons of junk food. And on Friday night we hauled out all the nail polish and the girls had a big manicure party at the kitchen table ;) 

Saturday morning it was 64 degrees outside and I was basically shivering, I felt so cold! (we're in the high 90's here in Texas now) I didn't pack anything but shorts and t-shirts so I decided to run to Target to find a sweater in case I needed one for the wedding later. Luckily I found something that worked perfectly. And then I found these..(on sale)..do they look ridiculous? I am still contemplating on taking them back..

It warmed up by noon so we decided to go out on the boat for a few hours. Hands down the best part about Michigan is that EVERYONE lives on a lake. Even if you don't personally, you basically grow up on someone else's boat. My family lived on a different lake, but I had a really good friend who lived on Johns parents lake so I spent a lot of summers here too. (it's so weird we didn't meet until after high school)

Winning over the pomeranian ;)

We pulled up on an island and let the dogs out to swim. His brother has a little bulldog puppy that's so funny!

Look at that little guy! 

There's things I will always love about Michigan. It will always be where I grew up. It shaped the first part of my life. And everything from now on is being shaped by other places, so maybe it's not home thats different, it's us. Maybe we won't ever fit in anywhere again. Maybe we won't ever have somewhere that we permanently think of as "home." But thats okay, because whatever changes, we will always have Michigan for that. 

I'll post later this week about the wedding itself. Until then...x.


  1. It sounds like it was a great trip home! I've never been to Michigan but definitely want to visit there someday!

    1. You should! Just don't go in the winter...it's the worst lol! (unless you are already a snow person)

  2. I for sure know what you mean. It's such a weird feeling but as much as your childhood home and neighborhood feels like home, you've started to create a new life somewhere else, with someone else. And I totally get what you mean about avoiding people hahah, small talk is the pits!



    1. Right? I hate feeling like I need to say hi to someone just because I kind of know them. It's the best feeling living here where literally like 5 people know who I am.

  3. Oh man John's parent's place -- with that view?! Oh man, so jealous right now. I am super proud of you for just getting a black coffee, good for you for sticking with it with all that temptation! I don't know who the guy in the picture is eating the popcorn, but is that Chicago mix? How do you feel about it? Honestly, my fav. Glad you had such a good weekend!

    1. Hahah yes it's the Garett's popcorn! Sooo good. The dogs were loving it too haha ;)

  4. first, KEEP THE SANDALS. they are so cute and I have been eyeing them in White for weeks now haha they're super popular in AZ and I always see people wearing them. and I know what you mean about the home thing. even though I literally live 10 min from my parents house where I grew up, it's still always weird driving around my old neighborhood and the old parks where I used to hang out. I was in my old neighborhood last week and I literally said to my friend "it's so weird driving around this neighborhood" haha so yeah, conclusion- I 100% agree
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. I feel like they just look so funny on me because I have short legs..I don't know. Maybe I will keep them because they were cheap..I don't know if I could justify the real things if they looked funny ;)

  5. I'm from Michigan and this made me homesick. Nice to read!

    Sincerely, Jennie


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