Thursday, June 11, 2015

Leslie & Lindsays wedding.

For anyone who doesn't already know, we went to Michigan last weekend for the wedding of two of my girlfriends. I have some boxes of old things at Johns parents house, and the morning of the wedding I thought to myself  "you know, I bet if I look I can find some old pictures of Lindsay and Leslie from back in the day." 

And sure enough...

I put this one in with their card. It's from 9th grade Homecoming. If you look closely, you can see hearts drawn on both of their hands in black sharpie. I can't remember if that was on everyones hand or what, but it makes this picture even more significant. The date on the back shows October 2002. Over 12 years ago. They were just friends then...and in fact, both had boys for dates lol. What I love so much about their love story is that they were friends for so long. They basically grew up together. I come from a large group of girlfriends. Even though some of us have moved away, and don't talk often anymore, I think we will always consider each other best friends. There's just something about the friends you grew up with that can't be replaced. I remember meeting Leslie (blue dress) in 6th grade. Her locker was next to mine. She was hilarious and once we found out that we lived near each other, we were instantly friends. I remember meeting Lindsay (red dress) in 6th grade also. I thought she was way cooler than me because she was a model and wore millions of butterfly clips in her hair. The first thing she actually said to me was "isn't Morgan the name of a horse?" haha. But soon enough we were all friends. If I were to categorize them in our group, Leslie would be the carefree tomboy and Lindsay would be the artsy one. Leslie was the person you would skip school with to smoke cigarettes, and Lindsay was one you would want to team up with for the talent show. 

When we got the invitation to their wedding, I knew I had to be there not matter what. Not only because they are two of my best childhood friends, but because their story is just of fairytales and I couldn't imagine not being there to witness the wedding itself. 

Full disclosure here: I drank way too much at the wedding so my documentation of the night ends a little abruptly, haha. It's like because I was back with all my friends I thought I was 21 again or something? (I'm an idiot) But funny story, I woke up the next morning in Johns clothes. Like I went home, got in the suitcase and strategically picked out what to sleep in because it all matched, down to my hair tie... which is actually kind of impressive, haha. But anyways, here it goes!

First, the obligatory pre-wedding pictures. 

John and his brother Jimmy (who was also on his way to a wedding)


"Now smile like its 1889!" - John.

Jimmys girlfriend, Catherine and I.

And one dedicated to my hair. ( insert hair flip emoji)

The wedding was held at Lindsay's parents house, and it was all outdoors and had a beautiful "vintage-y" feel!

How amazing is this bathtub next to the bar??!

I have no idea how they got their hands on this old typewriter, but how adorable! John and I tried to leave them a note..but once it got to the end we didn't know how to get the lever back to the left side, haha. Oh well.

Both with their Dad's about to walk down the aisle.

Probably my favorite part of the ceremony was their dog. She was just wondering around the whole time doing her own thing and greeting the bridesmaids as they came down the aisle, haha.

And I loved the sunlight coming in through the tree's.

Seriously, how beautiful! 

Coincidentally, Johns two best friends were also in the wedding. The one on the right was Leslie's "best man."  (did I mention we come from a small town lol? Seriously, how we didn't meet in high school is beyond me)

A few of my favorite ladies. My shoulders got seriously fried from being out on the lake earlier in the day. whoopsies.

Her dress was so beautiful. She was like a real life princess! ;)

A little wine for a toast to the parents...

...and spilled all over myself. If this wasn't a sign as how my night was going to go I don't know what was, haha. (thank god I was wearing a dark color)

This cake was such a cool surprise in an otherwise pretty "traditional" wedding! I think by the end of the night I had 3 pieces..

Their first dance was to Bright Eyes "First Day Of My Life" I have this video on my phone of Leslie singing all the words to Lindsay while they danced. It was precious.

And then.....the rest of my pictures look a little something like this..

Obviously it was a great time ;) Congrats to the newlyweds!



  1. What a beautiful and creative wedding! All of the details are amazing! Their story really is a beautiful one, must make it a little easier to stay in touch with your hometown friends when they get married! Also, I agree how did you not meet John earlier!? How did you guys meet if it wasn't in high school? That last photo is great, really shows the night haha!


    1. Well, we knew of each other in high school but we never met face to face until we were 19 & 20. It's pretty crazy!

  2. that is sooooooooo nice you put that picture in their card! seriously if it were me I would have cried (of course) because I would be like OMG US!!!!!!! YOUNG US!!! haha and I have to know, was that cake like 10 different flavors or just one flavor that was dyed 100 colors?!?
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Haha good question!! I actually didn't even think about it until you just asked, I'm pretty sure they were all vanilla flavored. I'm really more of a chocolate cake person though lol.


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