Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life Lately.

Saw this out shopping one weekend. It was actually painted on the side of an Anthropologie. Anyone else go inside an Anthropologie and just want to stay there and live forever? Last time I went, there was actually a bed in there. I don't think that's a coincidence. 
 50% off at J.Jill?
One of our neighbors asked what my license plate was, then said they thought I was from Canada. I hope it isn't my accent.. hahaha.
John got me new Nikes! They are amazing and feel like literally nothing on my feet. No, I'm not a "runner" (obviously) but I enjoy walking and the occasional workout. And I like to look sporty. Sue me!
Obsessed with these two products right now, and bonus that I smell like a pina colada. The body butter is amazing! (and cheap!) I put it on my legs every morning and Ted will come running to me from wherever he is and start licking it off, haha. Probably explains why I'm going through it so fast..
WE FOUND JOHN NEW JEANS! Big deal people! Stylish, don't "feel like pajama jeans" and they look really great with his cowboy boots ;)
Can't stop eating granola. I'm pretending it's healthy...(it isn't)
I don't know why, but I tend to eat almost all of my meals standing over the counter. Ted has become my little shadow and HAS to lay his head down on my feet wherever I'm at.
This is actually from a few weeks ago, but I (used to, haven't for a long time) subscribed to Birchbox for just one month to get this box. One of Johns favorite lines is "life isn't cupcakes and cashmere Morgan." Haha. And the thing is, I have no idea where he learned that from!
I've been averaging this t-shirt about three times a week. It's the softest thing ever! And unisex for any men interested. I'm dying for their donut tee now. (John???) And I don't know what it is, but every time someone will ask "is that a pineapple?"....
I don't know if it's because it's summer or what, but I am craving hot dogs so bad! And strictly Costco hot dogs lol. Best hot dogs in the world, I swear.
One awkward trip to Walgreens. (FYI- Pedialyte is THE hangover cure. Trust me)
Following John somewhere the other morning...see that little puppy in the window! BAH!
The neighborhood that I nanny in has this amazing "beach" pool. I'm adding this to the list of things I want in my dream house. 
I've been repeating these three colors for weeks now. My favorite is the far left, "tart deco." And say hello to Teddy! Always and forever photobombing everything I try to do. 
I know I talk a lot about the bugs and wildlife around here (lol) but these tiny little frogs are EVERYWHERE! I'm talking hundreds of them. I threw my keys down to really show how teeny/tiny they are. I'm really hoping they aren't going to grow into hundreds of big/huge frogs...

And this is what it looks like around here for the past two days..apparently there is a tropical storm coming? So far just a ton of rain and a little wind. Hoping that's all that will happen..

Happy Wednesday! x.


  1. We have trouble finding jeans that fit Jacob, too, so I fully understand how exciting that is! Also, Jacob has the exact same truck except his is the Oklahoma edition.
    That pool is awesome!! I'm jealous!

  2. I love this round up! I feel like it's so different than the normal round up people do, yours was interesting haha and not just I wore this and ate this. Your dogs are too funny jumping in every photo, such cute additions though! And idk, I'm pretty sure any hotdog is good!


    1. Hahaha thank you! I'm not in the business of telling anyone what I wear..I just like to document funny things. And I'm sure someday I will find this all horribly embarrassing but it's my life lol ;) And your post on Nathans hot dogs didn't help my problem!

  3. Teddy is seriously so cute - I wish we could have a puppy playdate!!! Brady is all about licking my legs too after I put on lotion! And that pineapple tee, I need!

  4. Omg I totally need to pick up that body butter at Trader Joe's next time I'm there! The pineapple tee is also super cute :) Love all three essie polishes, I have the purple one and it's also one of my favs. Those frogs are soo teeny, I've never seen such small frogs before!


    1. Get the body butter! It's so good! And it smells just like "summer" lol.

  5. Your life is so cute! And I would love to have that beach pool where I live! Cute snaps!

    Shae @

    1. Haha thanks, but I think YOUR life is cute! I wish I had that pool too..I've never seen anything like it before.

  6. I love the inspiration side of the building at LuLu! I posted a pic on my Instagram and Facebook doing a handstand in front of it. Now that I think about it, I think it was my blog post/pic for New Years!!! Great pics ;)

    1. That's where it was!! I don't even let myself into LuLu Lemon because I will just feel the amazing fabrics and cry that I can't buy them lol

  7. awwww cute dog!



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