Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's up with Ted: June.

Thought I would do a little update on our Teddy boy today! I know some people might totally over me talking about him, but hey, it's my blog. And it's all about remembering the little things right? 

I just love this picture of him and John.

As usual, I have to start off by saying HE IS SO BIG! He's pushing 30 pounds now! I can hardly lift him up anymore and last weekend we had to buy him a bigger crate. I don't think I'll ever get over how fast he's growing, but he's still cute as ever even if he is becoming a man dog. How old is a 4 1/2 month old dog in dog years? We keep calling him an 8 year old for some reason haha. Seems about right though ;)

He's starting to tear apart some of his smaller toys so we have to keep secretly throwing them away when he isn't paying attention. For about two weeks he was obsessed with this old leather boot of mine that he pulled out from underneath the bed. He carried it all around the apartment, and he finally started to tear it apart a little bit so into the trash it went. Hoping that he doesn't remember that there is another identical boot still under the bed haha ;) 

He's lost two teeth this past week! We had to hold a treat over his head in order to get this picture, haha. He will literally do ANYTHING for a treat! It has worked wonders. Our biggest accomplishment so far is that we trained him to walk/stay near us without a leash. It took a lot of positive reinforcement, whistling and treats though ;)

 (by the way, totally learned how to whistle finally. only took me 27 years)

He's finally done with all of his puppy vaccines and those things (although there is still some more they recommend so I'm sure we will be back again soon..) and the last time we went I noticed that they put his name on the wall! See top left? We keep lobbying for him to be the "pet of the month." (it's a real thing) John was literally trying to bribe the receptionist last time, haha.

Since I'm the chief errand runner in our household (because I'm the one who doesn't work a million hours a week lol) I try my best to take Ted with me whenever I can. Now before anyone judges- I only take him on the quick errands and I do not leave him in the car for more than a few minutes. It's hot out, I know. Mostly I take him places like the bank (drive-through) to pick up dry cleaning, car washes (he hates) etc. And we always end up stopping somewhere so he his "business."  Lately I've taken to sending John pictures like this whenever we're out and about. 

First pee at Costco.

At Sonic.

Taco Bell..

And then a lot of pictures like this..

And like this..

And this.
 Usually I find him sitting in the drivers seat when I get back, but at the post office last week I came back out and he had his head out the window people watching. (got that bad habit from me) 

Some of this favorite things right now are:
 ice cubes (last night he awoke from a dead sleep when I asked John if he wanted ice lol)
ripping tags off of anything that has a tag
 ripping out flowers on our walks (John thinks it's the funniest thing ever and semi encourages it lol) 
belly rubs
giving kisses (the one thing I taught him lol)
when we say the word "FOOD"
 catching treats in his mouth
treats, treats, treats, treats, treats, 
climbing on top of the couch like a cat
fighting with water in the bathtub (I have great videos of this if I can figure out how to post one)
 jumping on people 
 and scaring little children (not really, but he did make some cry recently..another story lol)

Going through my phone right now it seems as though I only have pictures of him in cars lately, haha.   But we just try to include him in everything that we do. Last weekend we took him out to Austin with us and he had the time of this life following around my Moms dog all day.  

A few weekends ago we took him to some High Schools practice football field to run around/play catch and after about ten minutes he was only interested in hiding in the shade...

.../under the truck. Have I mentioned before that he hates the heat? (it's probably because we keep our apartment 65-68 degrees..haha)

This weekend we're hoping to get him out to this dog park that we found that has actual pools for dogs to swim in. Based on how much he likes to get in the bathtub any chance he gets, I think he's going to love it. We're also trying to plan a trip to take him with us to San Antonio soon. There is a really awesome pet-friendly hotel that we found. 

If it isn't obvious, we just really love this dog. The other day John actually said to me "I don't like to call him a dog because that sounds derogatory" haha so "puppy" it is. We just really love this puppy ;)

Until next time. x


  1. Oh my goodness he is adorable! I don't blame you for wanting to post about him! I am dyinggg for a golden retriever puppy but it just isn't the time right now, but I for sure will be doing the same thing! Please keep sharing photos haha!


    1. Ah goldren retriever puppies are theee cutest! My sister has one and it was the most adorable little fluffball ever as a puppy. Waiting for the right time is hard, but definitely don't do it until you're's so much more work than I thought!

  2. AHH! He is sooo cute! Nothing beats the cute factor of a yellow lab puppy. We take our dogs everywhere we can too, and almost all my phone pictures are them! I love each photo at a particular place.

    1. It just kills me to leave him at home for too long. I know this girl who has two smaller dogs and she gets to take them to work with her everyday, and she works in an office! Isn't that crazy?

  3. Awww, he is so cute! I have an 8 month yellow lab and he is HUGE! Obie is about 70 pounds and still going!

    xo, Jordan

    1. Oh my goodness, I want to cry thinking about my Ted being 70 pounds haha! I will be so sad when I can't lift him up anymore, but he will definitely be at least 70 by the size of his parents. How cute is the name Obie!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I think so too, but I am slightly obsessed haha.

  5. Omgosh he is so cute I can't stand it!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    1. Thank you! I mean I know any puppy is cute, but I think there's something extra adorable about yellow labs. There's a reason they are featured in so many commercials ;)

  6. So so so cute! And I felt like I was reading about my own puppy - they do all of the same things, haha! Love all of the pictures. I'm totally going to start bringing Brady everywhere with me now!

    1. Labs and Goldren Retrievers are just so similar! I love their funny personalities!

  7. I LOVE TED. is that weird??? Ted is the cutest dog and if he doesn't get voted as pet of the month soon, I'll call there myself and be like "ted saved me from a burning building" if that doesn't make him pet of the month then the whole system is fixed. haha seriously I WANT A DOG SO BAD

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. HAHAHAHA! Not weird at all! If you get a dog I will love yours too haha. You're so funny. I would actually be kind of embarrassed if he got pet of the month because they make a big sign with his face on it and the name of the vet and stuff for people to put on their people who have a house I assume..and if we put that out in front of our apartment building I would just die lol. People would be like WHAT FREAKS lol

  8. okay i am SO IN love with him!!!!!!! we have always had yellow labs so i have such a soft spot. we are dying to get one once we settle somewhere!!


    1. My husband grew up with labs too, so there was never a question that when we got a dog it would be a lab. We were always saying "someday" and waiting for the right time, but of course it will never be perfect timing, so we just did it one day. A yellow lab would look soo cute in your family! Maybe when you settle back in the states ;)


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