Monday, July 6, 2015


"Can I eat this? - Ted. 

Just file The 4th of July under another day that we can torture our dog for our own pleasure and entertainment.

I thought he was cute before...then I put a bandana on him and his cuteness meter just shot through the roof! (my own opinion of course) But he totally hated it. I kept holding his cute little face in my hands and saying "just for today Teddy." Then we were totally mean and presented him with this little American flag which he assumed was a new chew toy, and made him hold it in his mouth while we LOL'd and took 500 photos. I did let him chew it up a bit once we were done though, haha. 

Our 4th of July was pretty low key this year. Which was perfect, really. Last year we were in Michigan on the Lake and I lasted about 4 hours before going to bed early and missing the entire night completely, so honestly I was glad this year to be skipping any of the typical rowdiness we usually partake in on the 4th. 
(growing up is actually really awesome. in my own opinion)

I woke up early Saturday morning and baked an Apple pie. I don't know why, but I really like the idea of having holiday traditions based on baked goods. And it's been on my "life goals" list to bake a homemade apple pie AND make my own crust. So I figured Apple pie is about as American as it gets right?

My first go with the crust turned out to be too dry and wouldn't roll out without cracking, so I had to start all over with that part, but it worked the second try. John gave me a very sincere look from across the kitchen and went..."please don't cry." Hahaha, he knows me so well. On Christmas I tried homemade cinnamon rolls (because I imagine that as my x-mas morning tradition) and when it didn't work, I definitely did cry haha. 

My Mom came out for the day even though I said "we are not doing anything fun." But, we did decide to go out to the nearby outlet mall to check out the sales. 

I would hate to have to clean that up...

I know it's only right to wear red, white or blue on the 4th, but when I was at the mall I was looking around at everyone thinking about how weird it was for some reason. Like, it's the one day of the year that you are considered a real A-hole if you are wearing anything but those three colors? (which I then noticed that my Mom was wearing pink and I was like, MOM! OMG! haha) 

We aborted our shopping trip pretty quickly (but not before I bought a scarf and a sweater lol) and got home just in time to scarf down some pizza before we headed out to grab a spot for the fireworks. They didn't start until 9, but we figured we should get there early. Turns out we didn't really need to, but I suppose that is part of going to fireworks isn't it? A lot of waiting around before.. (and after..) We did get a pretty great spot though, and since it was basically in a parking lot, we were able to just sit in the back of the truck.

So funny story about Teds cute blue bandana..

   I took him out for a little walk on a grassy spot near where we parked to go "potty" aka " go pee", and after I walked him quite a ways away from the truck he squated do a #2. At first I was like, NO TED NO! But I realized it was too late...he was really doing it. And people were watching me! I didn't have anything with me, no bag, no phone, I didn't even have any pockets! So I panicked, and took the bandana off of his neck and used it to pick up his poop. Hahaha. In my head I was like "really Morgan?????????? you're really doing this????"  I had plastic bags in the truck, but I couldn't just leave it there and come back. People were watching me!! So needless to say, the blue bandana went buh-bye.  

But shortly after, some little girls came by with glow sticks and next time I turned around, John had put it around Teds neck and proclaimed him "Nightclub Ted" haha. Seriously we have so much fun with this dog, it isn't even funny. (lolz)

I know a lot of dogs are scared of fireworks, so we weren't really sure how this was going to go. (And there were NO other dogs there?) So we kind of just went with the idea that if we took him now as a pup, he might not be scared of them. And I think overall it went pretty well. We put a towel down and one of his bones in the corner to make sure he had his own spot if he needed it. I'm not sure what he thought about it, but I don't think he was "scared." It was a big firework show and we were pretty close, so it was super loud. Initially he was just very still, and staring straight up at the sky. But he eventually laid down and just kind of did his own thing. If there was a particularly loud boom he would stop and look again, but I think he was just trying to figure out what it was up there. 

Apparently the fireworks were very good, but I barely paid any attention because I was watching Ted the whole time haha. I just wanted to act like everything was fine, and kept petting him and trying to play around with him. I'm thinking his thoughts were mostly along the lines of:
"WTF's going on?"
"Why am I up so late??"
"Why is she giving me so many treats???"

I love this picture of his little glow necklace in the dark.

It took over an hour before we were could even get out of the parking lot, so once we got home it was almost midnight. We dug into the pie and ice cream, and then crashed into bed. I cant even tell you the last time I stayed up that late. And Ted has NEVER stayed up that late. Little boy is passed out every night at 8:30pm, so we were looking forward to everyone sleeping in the next morning. He slept in 20 minutes longer than usual. 20 MINUTES. What it must be like to be young again ;) 

Sorry if this is totally turning into a dog blog. Cant help it! 


  1. i love ted and I love hearing about his life haha so please keep up the pup posts! His cute bandana and falg pictures omg. I can't even rn. He is SO CUTE! And holy crap you are awesome for picking up after him. we have LITERALLY 20 dog poops around our condo at all times because stupid owners who DONT clean up after their dogs. so yeah, basically I respect you a lot haha was the pie really good? was it hard to make?! i love traditions and i need to be better at actually making them happen every holiday because baked goods= America!

    1. I KNOW that's how people are around our apartment too! It peeves me so bad that people don't clean up after their dogs. So whatever. I got him a red bandana too, so still have that ;) Whats the next Holiday...Labor day? Red for Labor Day? We will see...

      And the pie was pretty good! I would maybe try another recipe next time, the apples were too soft for me, but the crust was so easy. It's literally 4 ingredients. I want to make some more fruit pies this summer...and I still need to do a chicken pot pie!!!

  2. Agh! The photos of Ted with the flag kill me--it almost looks like he's smiling! Lol. Now I want apple pie! But idk if I'm legit enough to make it from scratch. I love that you picked up his poop with his bandana! Hahaha

    1. If he was smiling it's because we were holding a treat over his head, hahaha! Hope you guys had a good 4th! xo.

  3. Aw I love those pics and the bandana is so adorable! I always think when I'm at the store and it's particularly messy that I'd had to clean it up too. Especially on a holiday weekend! Glad you had a good holiday!

    1. I actually worked retail for a long time so whenever I see a messy store I have this strong urge to organize and fold haha. It drives me crazy!

  4. I can't with all the Ted pictures. He is the cutest thing ever. The last photo of him in his bandana and chewing the flag? SO adorable! His face is full of satisfaction.

    Oh and RIP blue bandana...

    1. Awww Thank you! I'm so glad I am not boring people to death with all my talk about him. But he is just my world ;) Hope you had a good 4th Stacie! And that you're recovering well ;) haha

  5. I love baking!! I especially love apple pie. I don't like cake, so I get apple pie for my birthday! Use several different types of apples next time. Mixing apples is good. I always follow the filling recipe from the red checkered Better Homes and Garden cookbook lol. Also, cinnamon rolls?! I tried those for Christmas last year too. I'd have to look up the recipe I used if you want to try them again (try them again!). Wow...enough about baking, Jessica.

    Good idea taking Ted so young. He is TOO cute. I spent my 4th with two upset my house, ha!

    1. Good idea, I'll try different apples next time! I used the joy of cooking cookbook, although in the book there's like 5 recipes for apple pie so I did the simplest one. But when I made cinnamon rolls, I did an Ina Garten recipe and I should know better..she always says everything is so simple and IT ISN'T! I definitely want a new one, so let me know if you find it! Now that I know you like to bake too we are in trouble...I could talk about it all day haha!

  6. I tried to make pie crust from scratch once....and ended up in tears! It's hard!! I'm impressed! And I like the idea of baked goods associated with each holiday :)

  7. Oh my goodness he is getting so big! Keep the dog posts coming, I want a dog so badly but now isn't the right time so I'm just living through you right now! Sounds like the perfect 4th!


  8. You're so cruel to that poor puppy---jk, he's adorable as hell. Also, the sales this weekend were crazy. I had to walk out of stores because people had spilled an entire shelf onto the ground. I didn't know 4th of July sales were that good.

    Another Beautiful Thing


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