Thursday, July 16, 2015

Confession: I'm a dog mom.

I tried to deny this for a long time...

I cringed the first time I took Ted to the vet and the girl kept referring to me as "Mom." I rolled my eyes at couples who called their dogs "fur babies." I laughed at people who included their dog in professional family photos. I used to think my sister was a weirdo to let her dog sleep in her bed, or sit in the front seat of her car. Dog hair used to gross me out. I didn't particularly like dogs. I considered myself more of a cat person actually. I even remember making a goals list once in High School English class and "become a dog person" was one of them. (obviously I took that list very seriously) I really wanted to get a puppy for John. And I mentally prepared myself in case I didn't bond with it and knew there was a chance I would become the odd man out.

but now....

..I think he is literally the cutest creature in the entire world.

..I talk to him in that annoying baby voice. 

..And tell him that I love him every 5 minutes.

..I start to get paranoid when I have to be gone for more than 4 hours.

..And then hug and squeeze him to death when I get home.

..I have dog treats in my bag at all times. 

..And dog bones. 

..And poop bags.

..I wash him in Johnsons baby shampoo. 

..And dry him with the blowdryer.

..I can't sleep without him in the bed.

..There's something that resembles dog snot all over my pillow and I'm not even grossed out about it.

..My camera roll is 99% him.

..Not only that, but I have a box filled with printed photos of him also.

..I use the word potty at least 25 times a day.

..I'm trying to remember things like brushing teeth and cutting nails.

..I found a hair in my coffee this morning and just continued to drink it.

..Things fly out of my mouth without even thinking like, "you're going to have no friends if you bite!"

..I start to miss him if he's in the other room.

...My google history includes questions like, "how do dogs make friends?"

..I take him everywhere with me, and prefer that he sits in the front seat.

..I even do that thing where when I come to a fast stop, where I reach my arm across.

..I'm already pinning Christmas card ideas.

..He is my best friend. After you John  ;)

Hands down, no questions about it, I am completely obsessed with him. And then yesterday, after sitting in my car for 15 minutes, more or less making out with him and snapping selfies, I looked up to realize that people were watching me and that I've become that weirdo. I am so a dog Mom.


That's all. x


  1. HAHAHA!! People don't get it unless they join the club! Obsessed is the only word I have for how I feel about my dogs. They are everything to me. I also may or may not cry on one of their birthdays (I am a bit more attached to one). <-- Just wait for that ridiculousness.

    1. LOL! Teds 6 month bday is this Saturday and I'm already thinking like, do we get him something special? Will he even know? HOW DO I TELL HIM!?!

  2. Too funny! I don't think I could ever be a dog mom, but you used to think that too so I guess we shall see...

  3. Ugh this makes me really miss my old dogs! I was a dog sister then so I can't wait to one day be a dog mom haha! I do this to peoples dogs on the street. When I was living in the city I would walk with my headphones in talking to Bill and whenever a dog passed me I would get down on the ground and say things like "you are just the cutest ever" and "i just love you so much!" and once I walked away Bill would say how he wishes I said that to him hahah.


    1. HAHAHAHAH SUSIE that is so awesome! John always says that he's glad we got a dog because now I don't treat him like a baby lol. But I swear he misses it.

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. YES!!!! I am dying. This is so so so me, too. You aren't alone girlfriend!!

    1. Good!! I know I'm crazy, BUT I DON'T CARE! I'm glad I have some dog moms to relate to ;)

  5. hhaha yay Ted is back! seriously this post makes me yearn for a dog even MORE! Last week someone at my father in law's dr office was giving away their dogs! Jason was like "k if we get one we have to figure out how to keep it a secret from our landlord" and we started making a plan! But didn't get the puppy. because it was a chihuahua. sooooooo yeah. I want to be a dog mom someday! if you ever breed Ted, I will pay big bucks for one of his offspring :)
    xo Candace


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