Sunday, July 12, 2015

Is Nordstrom having a sale?

I had no idea...

Just kidding. I actually have a love hate/relationship with Nordstrom ever since I secretly got their credit card when I was 18 without any parental permission/advice and then spent the next six years paying it needless to say, I'm not shopping their early access thing. 


Anyways, the real reason I'm sitting here tonight in front of my computer (besides to break up your Nordstrom sale feeds) is to quickly jot down that I just had an awesome day today. In that totally random unexpected kind of way. You know those days where you just wake up happy and smiling?(plus it was the only day this week John didn't have to work so that was a big happy face right to begin with)

 I did actually start off my day with a little online shopping though. The lifeblood of my wardrobe, J.Crew is also having a decent sale right now. If you're still into summer clothes. And apparently I cannot rest until my closet is full of heathered v-necks.

Then John took me to his new favorite donut spot. Convinced him that we needed a dozen. 

Ate 3 donuts.

Watched a Zac Efron movie. (John kept himself entertained by counting how many different jackets zac wore throughout the movie. It was probably a lot)

Sister and her boyfriend came over. Convinced them to eat donuts too.

Went to the dog Park with my sister and her golden retriever.

Got a sunburn.

Went to Rita's. (watermelon/pear combo, trust me.)

Ordered pizza. 

Had a bath with Ted. (it's not weird, I wear a bathing suit)

Took a TWO HOUR nap. 

Booked part of an upcoming trip we're taking. (well, John did. I was napping)

Ate the last donut. 

Felt guilty about todays menu, so forced myself to do a late night trip to the store to get some real food.  

A little boy whispered to me that he liked my tattoos. (lol thanks)

And now I'm about to crawl into bed with my two best friends, shoulders covered in aloe vera and wearing one of Johns most softest t-shirts to comfort my burns, stomach ache from all the sugar I ate today...

And still smiling. x


  1. I actually knew nothing about be sale! Haha. Small town Oklahoma It sounds like you had a great weekend! I got sunburned too and my shoulders are dying 😞

  2. All I see is Zac Efron and that's all I need to see. What movie did you watch? There's so much goodness to choose from after all!

    1. HAHA I spelled his name wrong, omg, just corrected it. Anyways, it was "that awkward moment." Have you seen it? Kind of stupid, but pretty good.

  3. Your posts never fail to make me laugh! I have avoided half of my bloglovin' feed this past week because of all the Nordstrom sale posts. I have ZERO self control and am not in the place to be doing any shopping right now so avoiding it is the only option I have haha! That is such an amazing text to wake up to, add in bagels and I'm sold! That picture of your pups was hilarious, that is such a photo that if they could speak would say "Mom you're embarrassing me please delete it!". Hope you have a great Monday!


    1. I'll be honest, I got on and started clicking around one time and immediately was like I CANNOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! I can't seem to get away from it though! I follow too many fashion bloggers who have lots more $$$'s than me lol

  4. It seems like every blogger is going on and on... and on about the Nordstrom Sale -- or whenever a store is having a sale LOL. Great post though, I love going to the dog park with my little guys, always makes me smile to see them happy and playing with the other dogs. Glad to hear you had a great day :)

    1. I'm sure it is helpful to some pull out the "best" of the sale...but it's just a little overboard for normal people like myself ;) Love/hate fashion bloggers. And I know, I LOVE the dog park! It was really only the third time I've been maybe, but he just gets soo happy. Melts my heart! xo.

  5. hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that sale tho! seriously. but for reals, if i was getting paid to talk about a sale I might just sucker up and do it. but it literally is annoying because i don't have the credit card so I have to wait till the 17th when it opens up to common folk like me. and then i won't even buy anything because I'm poor. omg where are you and John going? Arizona!?!?!!? haha seriously if you ever come here we have a guestroom!!! is that weird to offer? i don't even know. we are basically real life friends
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. I know. I'm poor too. Boo. I could justify my little j.crew spree because I was getting my favorite t-shirts for like $8.99..but I can't buy leggings on sale for $50. Someday ;) Or probably not haha. And no, we are not going to Arizona...but I did tell you we have a small (probably very small) chance of moving there next year so we will see! We're going back to Vegas for our 1 year in October. And, NO NOT WEIRD AT ALL WE ARE REAL LIFE FRIENDS!!! Of course! We don't have a guest room but we have a super comfy air mattress if you ever find yourself in Houston ;) xo.


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