Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I changed my mind.

I know I said I wanted this.
And I did...

But I don't like it.
Not at all.

This is not cool...
 o-v-e-r it.

I know I said that I would be totally fine with never seeing a winter again, but I changed my mind. I want it back.

When I took that photo on a visit last winter in Michigan, I hated that view. I was probably "freezing," and bundled up in a sweater and fuzzy socks, about to crawl up on the couch wrapped in a heated blanket with a cozy cup of tea and some leftover Christmas cookies.

That's what I want right now. 

This summer here in Texas has been brutal for us. Specifically the last few weeks. It's been 100+ every single day. I got in my car yesterday evening and it was 109 degrees. ONE-OH-NINE! And whatever the thermometer says it is, it feels even hotter than that because of the humidity. I keep checking the weather in our home town, just out of curiosity, and it's usually somewhere around 75-80. That's the kind of summer I'm used to!

If I had $1 for every time I said "it's so hot out" I would probably be able to buy...I don't know, something really expensive (like a new camera.) John was on the phone with his parents the other day and he described it to them "like someone turned the oven on and forgot to turn it off." (he forgot to add that they also left the broiler on...) We invited them out to visit us this month, and they politely declined, because they aren't crazy. Instead they are coming in October when hopefully it will be cooler here...or at least we hope.

I hardly ever see anyone outside, unless it's before the sun comes out. I find it so sad that I can drive past an outdoor playground in the middle of the day, and it's empty. When we walk past the pool at night, it's usually packed, like everyone only comes out to play once the suns gone down. The heat of the sun is just unbearable. Even Ted, who is a true born Texan hates the heat. It's bad. I don't even sweat easily and I had to buy stronger deodorant. I have a growing collection of sunscreens. We had to get those foil shades for our (black) cars that go on the dashboard to block the sun out. (what are those called??)

I used to always say that I wished I could just sleep through winter. But now I'd like to fast forward through the rest of summer, to winter. I've always thought winter to be so miserable, but I'm not sure that this is any better. Is summer like Texas's version of winter? I was at the hair salon last weekend, and three different people asked me "have you gone anywhere this summer?" and I was like, "no....was I supposed to?" Where I'm from you stay home in the summer, enjoy every minute of it, and then when it gets cold plan a trip somewhere warm. Maybe it's the opposite here.

I'm not sure what's worse: A Texas summer, or a Michigan winter?

-Feeling depressed because the sun doesn't come out for months...or feeling depressed because the sun comes out, but you have to keep the blinds closed to intentionally block it out.

-Not being able to go outside without a knee-length down coat on...or not being able to go outside unless dressed in (minimal) workout clothing.

-Watching t.v marathons inside because it's too hot to go out...or because it's too cold to go out (but there might be soup in the crock pot and cookies in the oven.)

-Having to lug around a snow scraper in the car...or having to lug around a huge sun shade. (figured it out haha)

-Waiting ten minutes for my car to warm up and feeling like I'm going to die...or having to wait ten minutes for my car to cool the f*ck down before I can even touch the steering wheel.

-Frizzy hair from the humidity...or frizzy hair from wet snowflakes and hats.

-Not being able to shave my legs in the morning because it's freezing from it actually being winter...or not being able to shave my legs because I've discovered that John cranked the AC down to 63 degrees the night before.

(I think it's obvious, but they both suck!)

Maybe this Texas experience is good for us though because now that we've lived through both extremes, hot and cold, we should be able to live anywhere right?

Last week I found myself browsing the internet looking at winter coats, and I started daydreaming about putting my arms in the thick puffy sleeves, zipping up the long zipper, and pulling up the cute fur trimmed hood (because the hood is the most important part.) I've had the Frozen soundtrack stuck in my head. I've been craving hot chocolate. This little voice, who I assume is winter, is going "hey I'm not so bad huh!" All those years of wishing away winter, is coming back to laugh at me. We're slotted to be out of here in December now, and I never thought I would say it, but I'm okay with seeing winter again. I know winter. I'm used to winter. I think I even like winter. I take it all back.  Maybe we'll move somewhere just in time for a white Christmas ;)

*And future Morgan, remember- you asked for this.


  1. Haha. My husband went through the same complains when he moved to Oklahoma from Arizona...our hottest day here is a mild summer day for them. Lol. He actually loves it when it's cold here and he gets snow instead of heat year round!

    1. Oh I think Arizona would be way worse than here! Although, I don't know because of the whole "dry" heat thing. I think a little snow is good...but sometimes in Michigan you literally cannot leave your house because you're snowed in..and that is not cool. So I would just like to move somewhere with a mild winter lol. If possible!!

  2. This was interesting to me because I always think that I'd be fine if I never saw another winter! But I guess I never stopped to think about how terrible summer could be when it's that hot out, haha. That's a hard one... But yay for moving in December! Do you have any idea where you'll get to go?

    1. When I found out we were moving here last November, I was soooo excited. We totally got to skip winter and I kept saying how great it was and that I never wanted to see winter again. But maybe it's just something I'm used to, but right now winter sounds sooo nice. I also think though that because Christmas is tucked in there, it helps with the "good" memories of winter ;)

  3. This heat has gotta go!! I don't think I'm quite cut out for a Michigan winter either now. But at least with winter you can always put more clothes on. I've been told on several occasions that it's not ok for me to walk around without clothes during the summer. Basically, I'll sum up my feelings for summer with this: if you are at a beach or live near a beach then I can deal with the hot weather. If you happen to live in land-locked Georgia, then the heat has gotta go!

    1. I walked outside (well, just on the balcony) with just a sports bra on and was like I DONT EVEN CARE!! It's too hot!! Oh Georgia would be least we are close to some water here in Houston!

  4. I think I'd be okay not having a super hot summer or a super cold winter, basically give me early fall any day. Where it's not too hot but you still don't need a cold and you're sure as anything not shivering all day! I really cannot even imagine the heat in Texas right now, I'm sure they have a great winter though, I picture it to basically just look like fall. I can't wait to become a snow bird and live in NY for the summer and Florida for the winter. Yes I did just say I can't wait to basically be 80.


    1. I know! Where can we live that is early fall year round?!?!

  5. Haaaa welcome to AZ like year round (kinda) Our winters are like 50 degrees at the coldest. Maybe a little lower but not much and our summers are like 120 degrees (not exaggerating) So I feel ya. But I did grow up in the heat so I guess I'm more used to it. But it is sooooo hot, especially when you get in your car and you literally feel like you're going to cook because it's sooo hot. If there is a breeze, it's a warm air breeze. Literally feels like you're in an oven (John's description is perfect) So are you guys moving somewhere else in December?! Like I dunno........................ Arizona? There's pools every 10 feet down here to help sooth the heat a little.

    ps don't buy winter coats yet! If Texas winter is similar to AZ ones, you literally just need a zip up jacket and you're good. A big coat would be way too hot!

    1. Haha, if we move to Arizona you will be the first to know ;) I think it's probably totally different if you grow up in this heat, just like if you had to live somewhere that was 0 degrees for 4 months you would die lol. And don't worry, I didn't buy a coat because I already have one...and my luck if I did we would totally be sent to Arizona and I would have two winter coats with no where to wear them.


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