Friday, August 7, 2015

Weekly report: two sick adults seeking homemade soup maker and dog walker.

(In an attempt to document normal life better and do more consistent posts, I might start doing a weekly report about all the randomness that makes up the days of our lives. And I say "might" in case I don't..)

Being all married, and adult-like and living on our own is great. Love it. But, from time to time it isn't all fun and games. And that's when the sickness comes around. If only one person is sick, it's manageable, the other one steps up and becomes the caretaker/ do-everything-else person. But when two people are sick, it's all "you do it" haha.

We should take the dog out? you do it.
What's there to eat? you do it.
Is the fan on? you do it.

I think we have colds. So no one's dying or anything. But we're tired. And lazy. And throat-achy and head-hurty, and it would just be so much easier if someone else were able to run to Target for more medicine, or take Ted on his long evening walk, or make dinner at night. Because even though we're not sick enough to stay home from work, when we get home we're exhausted and want to go to bed at 7pm. But we have lives to keep up with, and mouths to feed and a dog to entertain...and honestly, that's about it. But it's still hard!

Thank God for Dayquil & Nyquil.  

On week days, I always wake up at 6am with Ted. I take him outside, feed him, and then afterwards I make coffee, press play on my latest episode of Gilmore Girls and make lunch for john. Twice this week there's been no coffee, no Gilmore Girls, and no lunch because I decide to sleep in for an extra hour instead. And before anyone suggest that he makes his own lunch, I like to do it!!! I do it because I want to! And he has no patience for it anyways. He opens the fridge and goes "there's nothing to eat" and I live my life like I'm on an episode of Chopped, so I enjoy the challenge. Just not when I'm sick. So thank God for Subway too..

I did however do a little bit of meal planning (as far as dinner goes) before this week, so there was that. But I didn't consider how our throats would be on fire, so that spicy tilapia wasn't about to happen. Instead we had frozen pizza. (healthy diets going really great) We really could have used some soup, (homemade please) or popsicles. But, we have neither of those things. Sure I could have picked some up during my speedy quick Target run, but I didn't. Mostly because I've given up sweets this month- including popsicles. Even though I've had enough cough drops that basically qualify as what would a popsicle hurt?

Random question- how much fruit is too much fruit? I've been replacing sweets with eating tons of fruit. Good? Bad? I have no idea.

Anyways, when I get home I've been like, "can't talk. throat. hurt." So we've been taking Ted on his walk and barely speaking, and when he gets out of bounds I'm like whispering "ted!! ted! listen to me! can you hear me! ted!" Just kidding, John has a whistle so he comes back. But he's been bored with us. So I picked him up a new friend and he's been somewhat occupied by that.

Then before bed we both slam a shot of Nyquil and say, "eww! what flavor is this, cherry? ew." And then we drift off into our sweet, sweet dreams...not. It makes me have the worst dreams! I had a dream I threw up off the side of the bed (and not my bed, at my parents house?) and 5 of my teeth in a row fell out, and landed on the floor, still in a row. It was really a horrible dream that I'm actually shuddering thinking about now. I know it was totally because all Ted's are falling out, (like I found one in my car yesterday) so I must have been thinking about that, but not cool. I usually never remember any of my dreams, and I like it that way. I can slightly remember one night drifting off to sleep and John asking me in the dark "do we need Tide? do we need Bounty?" and I was like thinking in my head "what's a bounty?" (paper towel. he was apparently thinking about the Costco ads lol)

Getting a cold in the summer is just weird. I always find it so bizarre. Maybe because it's labeled  a "cold" and it is nothing but cold outside. But I'm pretty sure that I'm the one who caught it and carried it home though. Thanks to places like this..

 I always think I'm immune to little kid germs, but maybe not so much. ( also, you can pass over that nanny of the year trophy now Candace)

But enough of my exaggerating, because we're both feeling fine now. It must have been some 48 hour thing that we just dragged on a little in the name of drama. We're mostly back to business.

So in other non-sickness related news this week...

I've been slacking on the posts. Not because I haven't been writing, but because I have too many thoughts, no time management skills, and the attention span of a 3 year old. I'm trying. I keep jumping back and forth between like 5 posts. I have a problem finishing things I start. But I've been feeling a little re-energized lately so hopefully I can follow through on some of the many drafts I have going on.

I am SO close to finishing my second round of Gilmore Girls. At this point, I'm over it. Like I just want to finish it as fast as possible. I forgot how mad/frustrated I got at the whole Luke/Lorelai drama for never working out. JUST BE TOGETHER ALREADY, IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!

I had to take a sample of Ted's poop to the vet this week. (for some testing I didn't really ask, I just do.) And of course, I had to make it as awkward as possible. "Um hi. I'm just dropping this off...I know I was here like 4 days ago, but I couldn't get back until now.. I was's from this's fresh..and I know it's probably a lot, but I just shoved it all in there..and I put it in another little baggie for know..because it's gross...right?" Young kid behind the counter -"...okay. thanks."

(should I start an awkward stories post? I have a lot of material. A lot, a lot.)

I've been feeling in a total rut as far as putting myself together lately. I chopped my hair off thinking it would be easy and I could style it all cute, but no. I can't even stand the blow dryer for more than 1 minute so I've been going to bed with wet hair, and waking up and either throwing it up in a bun or french braiding it. Which makes me just look sloppy. I got home last night and realized I had been walking around looking like this all day..

 I know the whole "messy" look is in, but not this bad. So I'm excited to be going to the salon tomorrow. Maybe it will get me more motivated. For a day or two at least. Other than that, we're planning on going to the dog park with my sister, John has to work Saturday so we will probably go hang out there with him, and hopefully a little bit of resting in between. (you know, because we're sick lol)

Happy weekend!


  1. Summer colds are the worst! I hope you feel better soon! Maybe that fruit will help, it's gotta have a bunch of vitamins right? :)

  2. Oh no, I hope you two feel better soon!! And the poop funny!

  3. Oh no! Usually one can take care of the other but when you're both sick it turns into survival of the fittest haha I humbly hang my nanny OTY trophy over to you because nothing can beat a bounce house. A bounce house made of crayons, none the less. Please share all awkward stories haha it will help me justify my awkward life just a little bit! Plus awkward stories are the best kind!! are you guys better yet?! GET WELL SOON!

    1. I never proof read when I obviously need to. HAND over the trophy***


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