Saturday, August 1, 2015

What's up with Ted: July.

I know we're a day into August now, but I missed finishing this up yesterday, so here we are today with the July edition of What's up with T

I was telling John how I love writing these posts about Ted because they're my favorite to read back on and that they actually are some of my most read posts, and then he asked in the most serious voice, "ever hear of the movie Marley & Me?" I was like, WHAT? ARE YOU JOKING? WE HAVE IT! Hahaha. Basically he was trying to say that Owen Wilsons character wrote a column about Marley, and that people love to hear about dogs. So I don't feel too bad about being this annoying person. And if you don't like dogs, just don't read this. Deal? 

So onto the Ted. 

This is like my favorite picture like, ever. From 4th of July on our way to the Fireworks.

He just keeps growing and growing and isn't stopping no matter how many times I tell him to just please stay a little boy! He had a vet appointment just this morning, and he weighed in at 42.5 lbs. We love watching how he grows and changes, and we're so curious to know what he's going to look like when he's big, so we're always looking at his relatives via the breeders website. This is one of his sisters, older obviously, but twins right?!

We try to show Ted these pictures too, but he doesn't care. At all.

He's starting to become so much more aware to the world, especially sounds. It's like he just woke up one day and realized, there's a whole world around him that he didn't notice before. When he hears something, he stops what he's doing and lifts his head up to listen. On a walk the other night, he saw a plastic bag on the ground kind of moving around in the wind and he got so spooked by it, it was the first time we've seen his hair stand up. And he still loves watching and intensely staring at people. It's so fun for me to stand there next to him while he does this. (..not) He's mostly stopped running full speed at strangers though, so I guess just the staring part isn't so bad. 

But he's started to do this thing outside, where if he's far away from us and we call his name to "come" he will stop...lock his eyes on us....get completely still...and then slowly lower himself to the ground and lay flat in the grass. Then we have to tip-toe slowly towards him, and once we get really close, he pounces at us. I have no idea what kind of game he thinks we're playing, but we play along. Most of the time ;) Sometimes, I'm like NOT NOW TED!

He still loves his food more than anything in the entire world. I've started taking videos of him when it's feeding time. I love to say "Ted.......Food?" He goes ballistic. It's the best thing ever.

Speaking of food, we spell things out sometimes like, F-O-O-D or W-A-L-K. And maybe out of habit, I don't know, but sometimes John will be talking about him and say "T-E-D" and it's just stuck. So now we call him "T-E-D" a lot, or "the Ted." Basically our list of nicknames for him just keeps growing and growing...

Anyways, July was a really big month for Ted because we finally were able to start taking him more places, and introducing him to new things, animals, etc...

This is the first time we took him inside the Pet store. We didn't really get him this bone, haha. But don't feel sorry for him, he has plenty his own size.

Lucky for him, the employees were just as happy to see him as he was to be there. 

I really wanted him to see these cats. (I always leave crying if I look at the cats, but I think Ted should at least know cats exist before it's too late) This one in particular had his/her eyes locked on Ted and we were like, "aw it likes him!" Then we read it's bio, and it said "does NOT get along with dogs." Haha. Oops.

He also learned what chickens were at a rest stop on the way to Austin... 

Totally normal right?

We take a picture of him in this chair every so often to gauge how big he's getting. I will probably be a freak and do some kind of frame with them all someday. (also I bet no one even cares, but look what the sun has done to that chair?! it's falling apart!)

The boys I nanny for always ask if we can go see Ted. They are so curious about him for some reason, it's adorable. Ted is so funny around them, he's like not sure what they are, but he does pretty good. When I leave work sometimes this little one asks me if I'm going to "Ted's house" haha. (he's pretty much right though, because this is Ted's world, we just live in it too.)

And now for a few car selfies because it's all I do. (when John left for work one morning, he went "okay bye guys, send me selfies" haha)

In other news...

He can almost jump on the bed, finally. Like once out of every ten times he tries though. Sometimes John puts a treat on the bed to entice him, and he tries and tries and tries to jump up, but can't, and I'm like, "that's it, I'm letting him up!"

Almost all of his puppy teeth have fallen out now. We've been waiting and watching for those sharp ones, the "canines" (I just had to ask John what they were called lol) to fall out forever. Last week John was "fighting" with him in the bedroom (he puts on leather gloves and they push each other around, don't ask) and I had the video camera out (because we have a video camera for some reason) and all of a sudden I was like, "JOHN! there's blood everywhere!" And one of his sharp canine teeth fell out and was on the carpet. I kept it. I KNOW, GROSS, but I had to. 

And his breath stinks lately. I know people are always saying how puppy breath is so great, but whatever this stage of breath is, is not. I think it's the brand of bones we have right now. But he does let me brush his teeth with the sweetest smelling honey toothpaste, so that helps. Also, where can I get honey toothpaste for humans? I want some.

His idea of a good time is going out into the yard and smelling each individual blade of grass for hours and hours.

Other memorable moments...

-Learned to swim.  (as I've already heavily documented)

-Saw fireworks. (also documented) 

-Went to Austin twice. (somewhat documented...) 

A few weekends ago he had an allergic reaction to what we think was a bug bite and got a weird rash, and John had to take him to the vet alone because I had to work. So because I couldn't be there, I wrote down a list of his symptoms and behaviors and when we gave him benadryl etc, so he could reference it to the vet if he needed to. Apparently John read them the whole 3 pages (and he had to point out that it was written on Victorias Secret notepad paper) and he said they were laughing hysterically and said that it "made their day." And Ted was fine, no worries ;) 

He's still obsessed with all his friends "aka the maintenance guys who work here" and earlier this week one of them came over to change out some lightbulbs, and Ted was like HEY MY FRIEND IS HERE TO SEE ME! And wouldn't leave him alone to do his job, so I had to put him out on the balcony for a few, and then let him back inside once the guy was gone. Ted literally cried and checked every room at least five times looking for him. He probably still wonders where he went..

It feels like he's been with us forever, but he's only going to be 6 months old this month. We were talking about it and I said that maybe we should just take him to the park that day or something, and John gave me the CRAZIEST look. Like he could not believe I said that so I was like, "um....what??????" And he was like, " no, we have to get him something." Haha. My opinion is that he will have no idea though. He will be like, HEY WHY YOU GUYS TREATING ME SO SPECIAL TODAY? MORGAN WHY YOU CRYING? Lol. You know, because I will cry of course. So there's that for everyone to look forward too..I am sure a whole post will be dedicated to him for his 1/2 birthday ;)

Until next time. x


  1. I love Ted!!! He is growing up so fast though. He's definitely starting to look more like a handsome dog versus an adorable little puppy.

    And can we please not mention Marley and Me? Just thinking of that movie makes me tear up haha!

    1. OMG I don't think I will ever be able to watch that movie again. And why did I even buy it in the first place!!

  2. Love these posts! I wish I had done monthly ones on Brady so keep them up! Maybe I can start next month when he turns one... which I will also cry about. Why do they have to grow up so fast?!?

    1. Yes do one for his birthday!! I know it is so boring, but I'll want to remember all this stupid stuff someday. They grow up way, way TOO FAST! At least kids take a little longer haha.

  3. TEDDD! You basically are already a famous blogger who blogs about dogs. They should make a movie called Ted and Morgan and John. And it will be a hit. anyways, love this and it makes my heart continue to just ACHE for a dog! I honestly always wanted a smaller dog ALWAYS. But seriously reading your blog makes me want a golden now so bad. Literally had a dream that we got one! And i was really sad when I woke up because it wasn't true haha I didn't even know dogs lost teeth/ grew adult ones! I mean it makes since but I just never thought about it. And what does your bar necklace say?! I have one that I wear 90% of the time, it's my favorite! It's our wedding date in roman numerals on one side and the date we met on the other side. Can't wait to see what you guys do for his half birthday!!! If you ever breed ted you better give me a puppy haha :) PLEASEEEEE
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. I always wanted a smaller dog too, but I love that Teds getting so big. He is just like a big bear I can lay my head on or squeeze to death haha. But I so wish I could pick him up still and carry him around. That was the best. Anyways, my necklace has the date we were married! I never thought about getting something on the other side..I don't even remember the day we met. I really really want to get a necklace with just an 'A' on it though. I'm looking into that one ;)

  4. these are MY fave!! loved all the detail and i just miss my old dog even more! can't wait until we are settled so we can get our own!!!


    1. At least you're getting to meet lots of European dogs! And they are so well-behaved! Nothing like our Ted hahaha.

  5. TED! I love Ted posts, partly because I love hearing about Ted and partly because I love hearing how you guys treat him like a human because it makes me feel less crazy treating every dog I meet like my baby. If Ted ever needs a NY puppysitter let me know haha!

    I also actually laughed at this part hahahah " He will be like, HEY WHY YOU GUYS TREATING ME SO SPECIAL TODAY? MORGAN WHY YOU CRYING?"


  6. Oh my goodness. Ted is THE CUTEST!!!! Those paws! If loving dog blog posts is wrong, I don't want to b right ;)


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