Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life Lately / mostly reminiscing about all the things I used to eat but I'm not anymore.

This is totally a filler post because nothing much to write about current-life-wise (other than my new and improved diet, but that's to come) and like I've said, I'm in the process of writing a book (seriously) about our wedding. So bear with me...

In the mean time, here's a bit of my life lately according to the pictures living in my iPhone.

I guess this one is mostly foods I am eating right now, but we all know the best part is the homemade flour tortillas ;) We're trying to make an effort to go on more dates, so I met John at this little Mexican place for lunch a few weeks ago. I know I've said it a million times, but the Mexican food around here is so good. Like, I would never go back to Michigan now and get Mexican. It's ruined us. I mean they put orange slices on the fajitas!! We think they double charged us though, because the bill was almost twice what it should have been....but we didn't want to say anything so we just paid and left haha. Worth it.

Just a little PSA, if anyone else's favorite candy is Reeses Cups, these are amazing. And so much healthier (obviously, I know this isn't news). And, I might even say taste better. I wonder if they make them in holiday shapes like pumpkins for Halloween because I looove those.. 

Forced family selfie in San Antonio. Also a good shot of my new forehead scar. But please don't go looking closely. Thanks.

Also from our night in San Antonio. When we got back to the hotel (only slightly buzzed) we really wanted a snack, so I called down to the front desk and asked "can I buy some more of those cookies you gave us when we checked in?" and they were like "um, no but you can just come get some." I forgot, I actually wanted to look up this recipe. They were so, so, so good. It was oatmeal, and chocolate chips and walnuts, and oh man. John was like, "you only got 2?" haha.

We bought a new tv, and even though it's only slightly bigger than our old one we keep going, "wow it feels like a movie theater in here" hahaha.  For some reason when we were inside looking at the tv's, I felt so married. It was definitely not the most expensive thing we've ever purchased, but I felt like it was such an important decision. Like, will we love this tv forever??? Also, Best Buy is the worst. We had an email offer for 10% off, went to the store to buy this and they said it wasn't applicable on this brand. So we went home, bought it online, WITH the email offer and picked it up in store 15 minutes later. Things like that always make John so mad, but I've worked retail so I always have to remind him, "no one has any idea what they're doing." But still, the worst. 

Probably what I'm missing most right now. I have a problem with pancakes. This is embarrassing, but I actually wrote in my food journal this morning "craving maple syrup badly." Haha.

When we first moved in together, we bought an 8-pack of drinking glasses from Target and one by one they've broken until we were left with only 3. So recently John picked out these new ones. Himself! He did good right? I like the little bubbles at the bottom. Personally, I think the definition of "making it" in life is having all matching kitchen dishes. (Which we do not yet, haha. I'd say we're about halfway there. Maybe.)

This dog is officially half of my weight now. I can barely move him around at all anymore, but John likes to walk him around over his shoulder for some reason, haha. He was doing this and going "I'm just practicing".....okay lol. 

(More of Ted because he's 90% of my pictures.) He loves water. He will sit by the bathtub when he wants a fresh drink of water. And occasionally I let him play in the sprinklers if we happen to be outside when they're on. He goes nuts. He puts his face right in it trying to drink it. He only looks pissed right here because I was like "SIT"..."STAY" while I took a picture, when what he really wanted to just run wild around the apartment getting everything wet making a mess for me.

It's finally cooled down enough to go to parks again/stay outside for more than 5 minutes. I thought this shadow picture looked so cool, but looking at it now it's a bit creepy right? Haha. Also, why does it look like I'm wearing flare pants when in fact I was wearing leggings?...#bigcalvesforever. (Or is it calfs? I never know.)

Our friend Brittany (hey girl! I know you read this blog) was here visiting over Labor Day weekend and we hit the town. Maybe I should say my "sister's friend" but anyone with a sibling close in age knows that all friends somehow become both siblings friends. It's just how it happens. And her and John went to college together so they're very good friends too. She's the funniest. Here we are laughing over some mints (..?) or something. We stayed out way too late, and John and I ended up sharing an air mattress with her, and unfortunately for her..Ted. Haha, still sorry about that Britt.

From date night last weekend. We were seated right between two tables, like really close where you know everyone is watching and listening to each other. So I was like, great this is going to suck I'm going to play with my phone the whole time because I don't want to speak. But we actually had the best time. Our food took forever which was actually kind of nice because we got to stare at each other for an hour. And no phones even came out, except when I said "hey look I can get a selfie of us in the mirror." Oh, and when I had to take this one of the cannoli, of course. (And John is really beardy here because he only shaves after he gets his haircut, which he did right before this. But I was actually kind of into it...)

Until next time...



  1. I kept seeing sugar and was like, wait?? What?? Obviously a recap. Duh, Jesscia. I am super intrigued how that is going because...I can't! Oh, and we will never "make it" in life. My dishes will never match because I can't justify buying new ones to match when the old ones still serve their purpose, but then I complain. I have three different plate patterns! The bad part about not having a wedding I guess!

    1. Yeah I wish it was now! I would do anything for pancakes. And for real about the wedding, I think that's the only time you can get all matching kitchen stuff because buying it all on your own is like 1,00,000,000 dollars.

  2. I was literally about to come to your blog to make sure I hadn't missed a post when this lovely post popped up on bloglovin. I've missed you!! That Mexican food looks amazing but I so would have said something about the bill! Lol. I would have been livid at best buy!! In fact, I probably would have gone and bought it elsewhere just in spite. Lol.

    1. Hahahah yes I'm totally not here, I'm not even reading blogs right now (besides like 5 maybe..) I'm so behind lol. About the food, I didn't even know it was wrong until we left and John said something, but he was kind of sweet about it, he was like "well I'd rather leave my money there at a small business than spend it somewhere else." It was cute. But he was not happy at all at Best Buy lol.

  3. I totally agree about matching dishes meaning you have your life together. And our dishes are all over the place. So obviously our lives are not together haha!

    1. Lol it's really hard too because I have no idea what my style is or what I like, so whenever we buy new things they never match the old things because I don't like the old things anymore! I thought growing up meant I would know all this stuff. I'm kind of just going for a color theme now..and even that will probably change within a year haha.

  4. I'm glad that maple syrup cravings aren't completely weird. I've seriously been wanting a waffle every day this week. You better believe that will be happening this weekend!

  5. I love maple syrup too (sorry for bringing it up haha) but so good. You are stronger than me! I was going to do no sugar this week and then someone brought paradise cookies into work and I had to eat one.... so I did. oops. yay on a new TV! I have those "married" feelings lately because we are trying to get a new couch and we've never bought one before (our current was his parents) so it's exciting and sooo married of us :) I'm glad I'm not the only one with lots of broken dishes! I always think dishes are supposted to last forever but I've broken like 5 of ours this year and i felt dumb about each one.and lastly love your mirror selfie!! haha you guys are my fave!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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