Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ted takes San Antonio.

Post title c/o John Apfel. I was going to go with "Ted checks in" you know, like Dunston Checks In ...(that's a movie about a chimp living in a hotel for anyone not around in 1996) but his might make more sense. 

Anyways, we went out to San Antonio this past weekend because we've been talking about doing it all summer, and decided that we better just go before life gets any busier. Johns traveling a lot this month and I have a feeling the end of the year is going to go by super fast, so now's the time. Plus, we thought it would be a good experience for Ted. Plus, we can't really go anywhere without Ted so we had to take him. Just kidding, it really is all about Ted (all the time.) I could have taken this in a way that talked more about San Antonio and what was cool there and blah blah, but I always say I'm no expert just because I visit a city one time. And since I mostly have pictures of John walking Ted, let's just keep the focus on him. Talking about my dog is kind of my speciality anyways ;)

Besides just getting out of our normal routine, the number one priority of this trip was to take Ted to a hotel. We wanted him to experience staying overnight in a hotel because it's going to happen quite a bit, with moving around and just traveling in general. And we happened to be talking to a neighbor not too long ago who told us about a really great dog friendly hotel right across the street from the Alamo. So we packed up Saturday morning and went for it.

I wasn't too worried about doing this because he doesn't chew on anything (but his own toys obviously) and he doesn't have accidents, or really misbehave much in a 'home' setting. What I was worried about was him being around a lot of people. He loves people. A little too much. He could probably win a contest for friendliest dog in the world. Which is great, but he could tone it down just a notch. He thinks that every person on the planet is his best friend and that he must say hi to everyone. It's super embarrassing, especially for someone like me who wants to do the opposite of hi to everyone. So I fully pictured us walking into the hotel and him going crazy wanting to say hi to everyone and jumping on them, but he actually did so good. I don't want to jinx it, but we left this weekend going, "Ted we are so proud of you!!!" He was a little angel. (I wish I could think of a better word besides angel, but that's what comes to mind right now.) Sure he still wanted to say hi to everyone, but he wasn't nearly as bad as I thought he would be. It was like he knew he needed to cool it. Or he's tricking us. Time will tell..

When we walked inside I was cracking up, like I could not stop laughing because here we were, walking this dog into a nice hotel lobby like it was totally normal behavior. It seemed so hilarious to me. And part of it was nervous laughter because I felt like we were doing something wrong and would get in trouble any minute, haha. But he was totally cool, like he's done this a million times before. He behaved for the most part while we checked in, and once we got to the room he made himself right at home. I brought a few of his toys with us and scattered them about so I think that helped. (I think, who knows.)

Contrary to this picture, he actually did not sleep in the bed. Mostly because he was filthy dirty by the end of the night, and because he really didn't try to. He chose to sleep in front of the door instead, which I thought was cute even though it was the first time he hasn't sleep with us and I somewhat missed him. Johns dogs used to do that and I always took it as a protective thing so I felt like Ted was trying to protect us since we weren't at home. (Could also mean nothing lol.) 

 The only thing he was a little weird about was the elevator but understandably so because he's never been in one before. I'm sure the first time I went in an elevator I was wondering why everyone was cramming into a little box too. We would walk in and this woman's voice (in a british accent) would say "going down" and he would slowly walk in like, where is she? And we found out he really isn't a fan of heights. We were on the 12th floor, and John set him up on the windowsill and he was terrified and whined to get down immediately, haha. 

Family selfie and possibly the only picture I'm in haha.

First stop, obviously. 

We walked right up with the dog, like oh hey Alamo! Only to be told he'd have to stay behind the curb. But that was fine, because Ted could have cared less (true Texan or not.) John and I went back the next morning alone, so maybe part 2 Alamo pictures? I know nobody cares, but I need to remember EVERYTHING, sorry.

This picture could probably sum up our whole weekend. I knew he would probably get some attention because he's pretty cute, and everyone loves a puppy, but he got so much attention! Everyone commented on him. It made Johns day when one man came up to tell us that "he's in really good shape" haha. It made my day when a Dad chased us down with his two little girls to ask if they could pet our dog because they missed theirs. He got to meet a lot of little kids and I'm always a little nervous that he's going to knock them down because he's a jumper (...because we sort of taught him it means hugs) but so far he hasn't tried that with any tiny persons. He did walk right past a toddler though on a busy sidewalk, and turned around then licked her right on the face and kept walking. I couldn't help but laugh at first but then was like, "OMG I'M SO SORRY!" but the parents were laughing too thankfully, so no big deal.

We mostly hung around at the Riverwalk and it was so nice. We really liked the whole scene a lot. I had looked at pictures online during my very brief research in the car, but it was a lot cooler than I thought. I would say it was awesome. And I don't like to use the word awesome lightly. John kept saying that he felt like he was at an adult amusement park. It definitely felt a little touristy, but I wouldn't say it was like an amusement park. Maybe it was because everyone was walking around with frozen margaritas like it was Vegas, haha. There were these tour boats going around the river that looked fun, but we usually skip things like that. We probably explore new cities all wrong, but we prefer to do our own thing. We just like to wander. Plus, we had the dog.

John told me that we walked over 3 miles Saturday (some app on his phone) and although maybe that doesn't seem like a lot, it was a lot for little T so we tried to stop every so often to let him rest and drink some water (not from the river although he wanted to badly.) The other thing I was a little worried about with him, is that he is horrible on a leash. We probably did this backwards, but as a baby we taught him to just follow us, and he does but he prefers to stay like 10 feet behind us and follow, neither of which is okay in public obviously. When I put a leash on him he usually just sits down and won't move, or he'll only walk if he gets to put part of the leash in his mouth and then it turns into tug-of-war. But turns out, he doesn't do those things with John. (Of course.)

Blurry, but cool right?

Then we had our first dining experience with a dog, and it was what I imagine going out to eat with kids is like. (I know I nanny, but fast food places don't really count) It was definitely not the kind of laid-back date I was used to. We always ended up meeting every table around us because they would either comment on him, or Ted would sit and stare until they commented on him, haha. For dinner later that night we went to a nicer place, where we sat outside by the river and there really wasn't much room for Ted except basically under the table, and I was kind of freaking out about it because I knew he wasn't going to stay down there. He has a bad case of fomo and hates to be left out from where we're at. I seriously considered just letting him climb up and sit in the chair next to me. And just like I thought, he definitely didn't want to stay down there. First, we looked down and he was making mud pies in the dirt next to the river. So we moved him more towards the sidewalk, and then he kept creeping out further and further until he was basically laying across the sidewalk and in everyones way. I was getting so paranoid, I was eating so fast and just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. But, we actually didn't get any dirty looks (that I noticed) and most people stopped to see him. A group of like 20 teenage girls came over and asked if they could take a picture with him. Some other woman came over and was freaking out saying, "I haven't seen a dog in two months" (no idea why) and she was letting Ted jump all over her, after he had been playing in the mud and she was like "I don't even care!"...

See those muddy little paws haha. I do have to say though that this whole experience made me so happy. I was worried the whole thing was going to be a disaster. I just don't like to bother people, and I take everything way too much to heart. Like when the morning that we left, Ted chased down some woman who lives near us and she said rudely "they're cute when they're little right?" and I took it like she was implying that I got a puppy because it was cute and now it's big and I can't control it. I always assume everyone is criticizing me and that people are annoyed with our overly-friendly dog, but I think everything this weekend proved that wrong. If the worst thing Ted does is want to be best friends with everyone he see's, then so be it. What's so bad about that, right?

We went out for a drink after dinner, and sat outside at this corner bar where he literally greeted every single person walking by. It was hilarious. I'm pretty sure he had the time of his life. In this picture here he was sitting and staring at these men waiting for them to say hi. And the funny thing is they had already said hi to him before sitting down haha. He was seriously such a hit. Drunk people love dogs, haha. (I should know, I had an old Facebook album titled "I like to get drunk and play with dogs"..)

And here's a little clip of Ted going nuts in the hotel room before bed, just in case you thought he was totally behaved the whole time, he wasn't. That 3 mile walk was obviously nothing to him ;) 

I have no idea what that music is, but we were talking in the background and John dropped an f-bomb at the beginning so I had to drown it out, haha. 

 Last picture, I promise. I don't know what this awkward lean is, but the other two are cute. Probably going to frame it anyhow.

Just kidding, this is the last picture. I mean, come on, how cute is he? (You are too John.) We took him to breakfast with us the next morning at the hotel and I think he started to get the hang of how restaurants work, like just lay down and chill and the nice lady will bring you water. I have to say though, I have a big admiration for city people (with dogs) now. I guess I never thought about it, but it's got to have a lot of challenges. Like taking him to the bathroom, we had to walk across the street to this tiny little patch of "grass" that was actually mostly wood chips. That part kind of sucked, but we all survived. Ted could totally rock being a city dog if needed. Never could happen.

We also went to a Mexican Street market on Sunday, but it was one of those things where I insisted that we had to go, and when it wasn't that cool I had to keep pretending like it was because I couldn't admit I made us go there for nothing. I mean, I did get a fresh pineapple juice for $6 so it almost made the $5 parking worth it, haha. But since I really didn't need an embroidered nightgown or a sombrero we could have skipped it and slept in instead.

So let me bring it back to the point now. San Antonio Texas was pretty cool. John keeps saying he would go back and that he liked it better than Austin and Dallas (he went solo so I don't know) and maybe even better than Houston. (T/F John?) I think he just really loved that riverwalk ;) And Ted is just the coolest dog ever. I love that little guy so much and I love figuring out how to do life with our little third wheel. It was nice to get out of town for a night and have some fun with John but most importantly, I think the hotel part was a success. And wouldn't you know, they forgot to even charge us the extra pet fee. He must have been THAT good ;)

Part 2 - pictures of The Alamo to follow. Maybe. x


  1. This post was so good, I felt like I was there with my anxiety trying to keep Ted under the table haha! How exciting though that you can bring Ted places with you now since he's getting so good at it! I also would have felt so strange walking into a nice hotel with a dog but they should be invited in! When I get a dog I'm definitely having my doctor say I need him/her around to calm my anxiety so they can get a little service vest and come with me everywhere. A girl can dream right?


    1. Hahaha everyone keeps telling us to get one of those service dog things, but he acts so crazy most of the time it would be hard to take him seriously. And I don't think people are allowed to pet those dogs are they? That would not fly with Ted lol.

  2. I love everything about this! Ted reminds me so much of Brady - friendliest dog in the world, playing tug of war with his leash, and the bedtime zoomies (every freaking night)!!! So glad you guys had a great trip and you better frame that family picture because it's adorable!

    1. Seriously, I would die to get these two together. I loved how you said everyone is his long lost best friend, I was like "THAT IS TED" he drives me insane. I was just outside with him and the lawn guys are here cutting the grass and he was dying to go say hi to them. I'm like Ted, these guys do not want to meet you, stop it lol. It's something I kind of hope he grows out of..but kind of don't because it's pretty cute.

  3. Ted is such a cutie! And his name suites him! He looks like a lady magnet!


    1. Lol he definitely makes himself a magnet for anyone and everyone.

  4. Love love love this!!! And of course Ted did great, he's like the most perfect dog ever!! That is SO funny that lady hadn't seen a dog in two months (ok why is she telling you this?) and that she didn't even care he was all muddy haha I wonder what the back story to being so excited about a dog is. And that's awesome the entire town (basically) wanted to meet Ted and loved him. It wouldn't be a comment from me if I didn't end with I WANT A DOG!! so there you go. Can't wait to see Alamo pictures (you better post them!!)

    1. Seriously why was she telling me that lol. I didn't want to ask too many questions in case she got really personal or something and I wouldn't know what to say.

  5. San Antonio looks like such a beautiful place! I've heard nothing but good things about it. I'm loving the Ted Checks In adventures. He's such a little model.

    1. Haha I know he's the cutest thing ever and I tell him that 300 times a day. It was a really nice city, I'm glad we decided to go check it out. John was just saying the other day how he wants to see Geogia, and I was like yes!!

  6. That looks like an awesome weekend getaway! Even better because Ted got to tag along! It looks like you guys had a great time. We definitely probably go on vacation wrong, too. I don't really want to talk to people, but having the dog around as an excuse always makes things easy if you have to talk to people! Also, zummies?! Is this a word? I need to Google this now because Danny says this, but he makes a lot of words/ songs/ phrases up and I thought he made it up too. But he uses it in the exact same context for when the dogs go crazy and run around!! Ha

    1. Hahah yes! Zoomies is a real thing! When we first got Ted I was doing all this research and it's when a dog just starts flying around the house with crazy energy lol. Apparently it means they need exercise, but Ted does this almost every night after we take him for a walk, so who knows. And you are so right, the dog does make it easier for someone like me to to talk to people. Although I always get really weirded out when we're standing around with strangers staring at our dogs, I'm like "should we be talking?" lol. But it's definitely a nice ice breaker/or reason to stand around not talking.


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