Friday, September 18, 2015

The weekly report: if you're old and you know it clap your hands.

For the record I didn't take a nap today. But that's only because I didn't have time, and I'm trying to write this out real quick so I can get to bed early. So keeping it short (& sweet).

But no really, I realized how old I am the other night when I was trying to shop online. (Also when I realized this morning that ten years ago I was a Senior in High School, but thoughts on that still developing.) I need some things for Vegas, so I set out to look "only for things for Vegas" and what did I end up buying?? A pajama set. That's it. That's all I wanted. I saw the word "dreamy" in the description and I had to have them. I would rather spend my money on a pair of good pajama pants these days than a "going out" dress, or a pair of heels. (Not that I ever really did want to spend my money on that stuff anyways. But not the point.) I read a post the other day titled something like "What To Wear In Vegas" and I was like oooh yes, I need this, click. And then I was reading it tilting my huh? I've never heard the phrase "curb-to-cab-heels" before. I don't know about all that jazz. I just want to be comfortable. It's my #1. I'm not sure if that makes me old, or just really boring. You could probably consider me both. I was also real close to getting a super soft looking long sweater, aka a house coat, but I held off. There will be time for that later this "fall" or whatever season I'm in because I have no idea. My new plan is to go to H&M or something and just buy some really cheap stuff to wear one time, and save the big $$'s for dreamy pajamas.

But maybe I am growing up in other ways, because yesterday I found myself in a little social situation - alone,  and I think I handed it pretty well. (It's really stupid.) Johns traveling again this week, so I was by myself taking Teddy for our walk last night when I noticed allllll these dogs and people at the dog park. (We have a small dog park in our apartment complex but we never go there. I'm always worried a mean dog will be come in, or mostly that I will have to make awkward small talk with someone.) And of course Ted spotted them and was like "take me take me take me." So I was standing there like, sh*t...what do I do? My mind was battling between no way and but it would be good for Ted!! So I waltzed over/got dragged behind Ted (who was being a maniac heading towards it) and was like "hey I brought the crazy one" to which no one said anything, haha. But it was fine. Apparently it was "Yappy Hour" and they had dog treats and everything. It was pretty cool actually. He got to play with his friends, made some new friends, got two giant dog treats and endless water from the doggie drinking fountain. I felt like a really awesome dog Mom. And I didn't really have to say much to anyone because everyone stands around staring at the dogs laughing and asking each other questions like, "boy or girl?" And then they chase their dog around telling it not to do something. So I was feeling pretty proud of myself for going over there, which is sad, but true. He loved it so much in fact that when I took him on a walk this morning he tried to head right back towards that way, and I was like, "no buddy not today, sorry." How did someone like me end up with such a social dog? I should have gotten one of those mean little ones who hate everyone but their owner. Kidding. (Kidding, John.)

In other news....

I made a spaghetti squash tonight. And John had this.

We were on the phone earlier and he was reading off the entire room service menu to me, and I was not listening at all until he said Haggen-dazs. And I was like yes, get the chocolate. But he also had two salads this week, so I think my "diet" (need a better word) is rubbing off on him. And yes if you're wondering we send each other a lot of food pictures haha.

We also send each other pictures every morning whenever we aren't together (we did this daily for almost 3 months when we were long distance) and I got this back from him today....

He zoomed in and cropped my face. Lol.

And that's about it for what's on the top of my head right now. And currently listening to my neighbors fight right now about how he can't ever hang out with his friends..
 So going in the other room, aka bedroom, aka night-night. Bye!



  1. Oh gosh a going out dress and heels...not so fun. Give me jeans. Or leggings. Actually no just give me pajamas and let me take off my bra and be at home away from other people. Ha!

  2. Tell me more about the pajamas. I'm intrigued. (Another sign you're old... you get intrigued instantly by the word pajamas.)

  3. hahha I love this as usual. What pjs did you get?! I want to get a comfy set for winter maybe so now I know who to ask for pj advise! You're the best dog mom and that park sounds like dog disneyland, sheesh! Yappy hour sounds so cool, like who pays for all of this to happen?! It's awesome! Jason is the social one and I'm the one who avoids seeing anyone I know in public soooo I feel ya haha Ted the social pup! I love that you send pictures every morning that you're not together!! that's really cute :)
    xo C

  4. Hahaha I love that he called it your mug shot, that's something Bill would do to me as well. We snapchat a lot because I feel like it's less awkward to send a photo that will disappear since I'm normally so awkward. I feel like in Vegas you can get away with really anything, so people might not even notice if you're wearing your pajamas haha!



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