Thursday, October 22, 2015

Anniversary weekend in Las Vegas! (part dos.)

Okay, this half is slightly shorter, but only because I took about half as many pictures as the first half and it seemed to go by so much faster. (click here for part one.) And I have to start off with an apology to anyone who reads this, because it is all over the place/really horribly written, haha. But I'm trying to get this recap done with before I forget/so much time passes it just becomes irrelevant. I'm super busy right now (..more on later) and if I don't finish it this morning, I don't know if I'll ever get to it. 

So I left off around midnight of our anniversary...

I'll be honest, waking up the morning of our anniversary, we were tired of Vegas at this point. The main activity being "spend all the money", we just felt over it. So we weren't in the most festive of moods about the day we had come here for in the first place. We were sick of eating, but we decided to go get some breakfast and then try to hold out for the rest of the day because we had a really nice dinner planned (where we know we were going to eat A LOT). So we shared a breakfast sandwich and coffee, and actually had a really, really good talk over breakfast. We hashed out why we were each in a bad mood and talked about cowboy boots forever because our waiter would not bring by our check, haha. But by the time we left, I was excited about the day again.

We walked down the street to Walgreens, where we had been going like at least twice a day to stock up on very large bottles of Fiji (again lol) and a bag of pretzels which for some reason I was dying for. Then we got back to the room where John watched some football, and I crashed hard. I fell asleep for almost three hours, despite the fact that on our way back we had each had two shots of espresso. (We battled alcohol-induced tiredness with espresso every day. Trick we learned in Europe, haha.)

Let me just skip ahead a bit because this post desperately needs a picture already...

 This is the card I got for John. (I love, love cards.) Last year on our wedding I had given him a very similar card, I believe it even had the same words- "you are the bee's knees." Which is a phrase I have never said in my life, haha. But when I saw this one, I was like, "no way!!" It was a sign. I had to have it. I don't know if I can make a bee theme card a "thing" ever year, but I thought it was too cool to do it again. (Also, John totally did not even remember that I gave him a first card, haha.)

Okay, so where was I?...waking up from a deep hibernating nap. Then I ate some pretzels and told John, "I'm going to the pool without you" because I was mad at myself for falling back asleep and wasting part of the day, and I was sliding back into my bad mood...and really wanted us to go to the pool for some reason. John is not a hang-by-the-pool kind of person. In fact, he hates it. It isn't that he doesn't like the sun, but he doesn't like being out in the sun/on the beach/at the pool bathing suit style. He blames in on some bad sunburns he had as a child. And yes he does burn easily, but he also refuses to wear sunscreen most of the time. ( But he said he would go with me, so we went..

There were like ten pools at the hotel so we went to the largest one, but for some reason it was "closed." Like we got our towels and the guy told us, "this one is closed right now, but you can check the other ones." We didn't even ask why, but we walked around to the smaller ones, and it was just too close for comfort to be in a little hot-tub size pool with other people. (If you ask me lol.) So we found some chairs around the larger pool, and decided to just lounge. Where I took a great picture of the sky..

..? Told you, I did a great job of picture taking, haha. 

Anyways, so John immediately went to the bar to get us something frozen to drink, and about ten seconds after he left and I started to feel the sweat on my face, I knew this was a bad idea. John wasn't even going to last two minutes, haha. I was laying there like almost laughing about how stupid this was, because even I hated it. We're used to the heat, somewhat, but this was different. It felt like...the sun was closer. Like it was blazing right above my face. (True/False?) It was bad. So, like I predicted, when John got back we stayed on our chairs for about two minutes before he was like, "..want to find some shade?" So we finished our (super ridiculous expensive little plastic) drink (that I even got mad at John for getting me the wrong one) and I was like, "..sorry." At this point, I felt like our anniversary wasn't going so well. But isn't that what always happens when you put pressure on one day to be perfect???? (Wink wink, weddings lol.)

The tiny plastic cup of tequila actually put me in a better mood though, so I was feeling happy again. (Bipolar much?) I ate more pretzels, showered, and hung out in this bathrobe for as long as I could. I took this robe selfie and John without even knowing that I did, John made a comment that "bathroom selfies are gross" and I was like, "wait, how did you know!?!?" Hahaha. So I have to include it. Also I need my own vanity and chair and huge mirror someday to make myself pretty. I think it helps ;)

Fast forward past a bunch of football watching and more pretzel eating, and we are ready for our anniversary dinner. I kept joking that this restaurant was the whole reason we came back to Vegas. (I think it kind of was!) I also kept joking that I looked like I was on my way to a business meeting in this outfit, but whatever. I saw this girl at the restaurant wearing the cutest like T. Swift-style black two piece jumpsuit and I was thinking like, THAT GIRL knows how to dress for Vegas! But, I'm not T. Swift, I'm more like, ...well I don't know, but someone who dresses more boring. Anyways, enough of that rambling. Onto dinner...

When we sat down and they handed us our menus (which are printed because the menu changes), I noticed it said "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" across the top and I freaked out. I was like, "OMG, that's for us?!" And the waiter was like, "would you like to keep it? I can have the chef sign it if you'd like?" And I was like, "OMG yes please you have no idea, I'm crazy and I love to keep every little memory in a shoebox to someday show our kids, who probably won't even care at all!!!" Just kidding about that last part, haha. I didn't say that. I just said "yes please" I think. 

We ordered Johns favorite appetizer again, the "louie" cocktail. Pretty right? The whole dinner seemed to move much faster this time compared to last years because we pretty much knew exactly what we wanted to order this time. (Most of the same things lol.) 

Just staring at Johns 

I don't think anyone wants to see a picture of a steak, (not really that exciting) so here's something pretty. Possibly my favorite thing in the entire world. I had a hard time, but I finished it. If I could eat this once a year forever, I would die a happy person.

Afterwards we changed into some more comfortable clothes, and walked down to watch the Bellagio fountains like we did after dinner on our wedding night. I don't know why, but I find it so magical. These little kids kept pushing into me though and pushing me away, haha. Not that I really minded, but they were like trying to get rid of me or something. It was funny. 

I don't even remember what we did after that, but I do know for breakfast the next morning, we had cronuts. I was feeling really bad about all these food choices still, and was so sick of eating, but this was our last day, so I decided to just keep going..

Which was fine, because we ended up walking more this day than any other day. We went all the way down to the other end of the strip, and then cabbed it back because we were starving and craving a cheeseburger at a particular restaurant back at our hotel. (+ fried pickles.)

Here's one picture while we were out and about. I did such a bad job of taking pictures. Really sorry to my blog. I'll do better next time.. 

And another random thought here (because why not lol), I think need these boots. I tried them on at Steve Madden, and have been thinking about them non-stop. They have to happen. They would make all my boot (bootie?) dreams come true. 

So anyways, we got our cheeseburgers (and beer because this was the last day of vacation d*mnit!) and then we decided that we had had enough of Vegas and  were ready to say goodbye, so we headed to the airport a little early, to just hang out. 

 We had more beers (slightly drunk at this point, to be honest) and about two more plates of these brownies, and more espresso. We read Donald Trump magazines (he happens to come up in a lot of our conversations lol) and listened to our new favorite Justin Bieber song. (The beginning of that video actually makes me kind of uncomfortable, haha.) It was fun. Sometimes it's these little moments that I love more than anything else. 

Our flight was really late, and then because of the time change going back, we weren't landing until almost midnight. We flew Southwest, which isn't ever our first choice mainly because you can't plan your seats together. Both times, Johns "number" was way before mine. So on the way to Vegas I tried to just get in line behind him because I highly doubted the guy was actually checking the number order, but he did and I got an, "excuse me ma'am, no you're way back there.." I was like, "OMG, I thought this said 13, not 52!!" (lololol.) So that was embarrassing. Then the flight home, John got on first and literally went in the very back row of the plane so he could save me a seat, and by the time I started to get back towards him there were like multiple people who were trying to sit by him. He was like, "hey my wife is literally, RIGHT THERE." But I made it to him, and then just had to deal with the woman on the other side of me half sleeping on me. But it was fine, we survived. 

And here is Houston...

And that will conclude our first anniversary weekend! Like I already said, I think we're probably done with Las Vegas for a while, but it was good to be back. It brought back a lot of memories that I never want to forget, and we got to do some of the things we didn't get to do the first time. Being married is one of the best feelings in the world if you ask me, and I think making it fun is such a priority. Especially when current life isn't always so much. (John works 5000 million hours right now.) And the timing was perfect because life is about to get so much busier (not pregnant, just moving soon) so we aren't going to be relaxed again/have time for vacations for a while. (Well kind of, we're going to Chicago in December.)

Award for worst recap post ever...? Probably. But thanks for anyone who reads. I try to mostly write this for my own memories sake, but I have to say that I appreciate all the friends I've made through this blog, and for anyone who stops by. Thank you guys. And that will conclude my last random thought for today...

Until next time, x.


  1. Yay for recaps! It made me laugh because it sounds like what we would do in Vegas! Lol. Okay, I'm not normally one to pay $25 for a plate of food, because I'm cheap, but you have made that restaurant sound so amazing that I really want to try it now! Those boots are super cute, you need to get them! You're right, Vegas sun is totally hotter! I think because there isn't as much wind as Oklahoma and Texas so even though it is the same temperature, it seems way hotter. Same with Arizona! Stupid deserts! Where are you moving?! You sure you don't want to be pregnant with me? Lol

    1. Hahah, no if you would have waited a few years maybe!!! I think the wind is what was missing. It was like just hot, dry air. I need a breeze. And seriously..the food was good. We don't normally spend that kind of money on food either..(like it was my whole months grocery budget lol) but it was a treat. And then we come home and eat burritos 3x a week like we normally do, haha.

  2. Okay I know you're like, "I never take pictures" but the pictures you do take are always really good! Like the strip, the one that you were like "a random picture of the sky?" and even food pictures! Also...those boots!!! I am dying. I think you need them, and also, now I do too!

    1. AW MATTIE you're the nicest! Someday I'll get a "real" camera lol. But, I don't really care at this point. But the boots, I really, really need them. I love the look of shorter booties, but my calves are too big for my body it just makes me look really weird to cut the ankle off like that. So I was on the hunt for an in-between ankle/knee boot.

  3. Get the boots, do it!! haha but chances are if they're steve madden they're really expensive, right?! But they're super cute and they'll last forever so it's basically worth it! Anyways, this was a great recap and it's safe to say I NEED pretzels now haha it sounds like a pretty good last day and I love how real your writing is! Like, you tell it exactly how it is and don't skip details, love it!!

    1. Uhh yeah exactly why I don't have them yet, hahahaha. Potentially a Christmas present ;) And seriously, you are so sweet. That's probably why I like yours so much too, I need to know every detail lol. Plus you have the best pictures ;)

  4. I wish there were more places like this, because it was simply too amazing for words. I came here with my boyfriend the other night, and it was absolutely fabulous. The use of wood throughout the Seattle venues adds a very warm and inviting feel to venue.


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