Sunday, October 4, 2015

So it's basically fall?

I mean this title in two ways. Like, it is October so it's basically fall now even though we're still in the 80's right? And am I new to this, or has fall always been basic...? I don't get it. In my very small understanding of cool lingo I thought that basic meant boring. Or simple. Like, basic cable. But if everyone loves fall so much, why is it basic? Is this some kind of ploy sponsored by Starbucks? I thought the red cup got all the attention? So confusing.

But anyways, it is October now so I will agree that it is fall. Even though, like I said, it's still pretty warm for what I like to think of as "fall." It was 83 on Friday and I wore a sweater. You wouldn't find me in a sweater until it was 63 any other year prior, but Texas has definitely changed my blood. I was cold. But today we're going to the pool. So this fall is confusing, basically.

There's been a lot of other noticeable changes in the air though that tell me it's fall. Fall always reminds me of school, and I was also reminded to stay away from the schools when I got stuck driving near one and took about 40 minutes to navigate around all the mini vans. There was that red moon thing, that I forgot to look at, but I could have sworn I saw an orange moon the other night and maybe it's nothing to do with fall, but it would seem that the moon is celebrating it.  There are a few crunchy leaves here & there on the ground, which Ted is slightly terrified of. I smelled a scent outside the other day that I could have sworn was pumpkin spice, but come to think of it, it was probably just the vent of someones drying machine wafting in the wind. Unless they started making pumpkin spice scented laundry sheets? (....don't even tell me.)

I haven't made anything pumpkin yet, but I actually really, really love pumpkin so that time will come. I could eat an entire pumpkin pie by myself. And pumpkin bread?! I love it all. But as far as buying pumpkins, passing. I'm not into decorating, and carving a pumpkin as an adult doesn't get any better than it did as a kid. Still will look like sh*t. Pumpkin seeds sound good though...

The most I come to decorating for fall is pulling out these two tiny sparkly pumpkins I bought a few years ago when I thought I could be the kind of person who decorates for fall.

But I like candles. And I've seen candles all over Instagram lately like it's a new invention. I was never really one for candy corn scented candles, but you better bet when Christmas comes, I need a cookie one.

Speaking of candy, I about died when I say the Halloween candy display at Costco. It's the first year I'm not buying any. that I am thinking about it, I wonder if any kids will come around here so I better get some just in case. (Also, we say that every year and never happens.)

And speaking of store displays...Trader Joe's. You're killing me. I have to shop with blinders on lately or I would come home and need to make a shelf in the pantry just for pumpkin flavored foods. Also, I took this picture of pumpkins at Trader Joe's without buying any, but that's normal blogger behavior right? It confused John very much because I actually forgot my phone so I had to ask to use his. But it was worth it. Double worth it if I instagram it.

Let me see what else is fall about...oh duh, Starbucks. The last time I went to Starbucks I started a note in my phone called "avoid Starbucks." It went something like this:
  • All the employees are lazily moving around chit-chatting about their lives to one another, while one person is hustling the cash register and making all the coffee. 
  • Women keeps coming back to the counter "I thought this oatmeal came with granola!!!! Where are the napkins?????"
  • Watched a lady throw a fit because she's been here for 30 minutes and she's threatening to "never come back!!" 
  • Someone else, "are you SURE you put sugar-free vanilla in here?" 
  • Not kidding, "I asked for light on the ice" hands drink back. 
So I actually haven't been to Starbucks this season because I have this reminder on my phone that goes off every morning and says "avoid Starbucks." Kidding. I'm avoiding sugar and coffee. But I do like the cup. And I've actually never had a pumpkin spice latte. I have no doubt I would love it, but I save all those $5's and buy things I really need... dark nail polish. I am down with the dark nail polish. And booties. I have been on the hunt for booties. Light brown, leather preferably. Recommendations appreciated!!

But can I ask a question about these blanket scarves. Is there a baby wrapped in there? Are you covering up a neck brace? Just tell me, is that really comfortable? Who would have thought that basically a blanket could become the next big accessory. I love a scarf as much as the next girl, but just a thought...if it's cold enough to be wrapped up in a blanket, why not just put a coat on?

No I'm just kidding. I think they're cute. And if I happen to buy a blanket scarf, I'm really just kidding.

So that's basically it for today. No real point to this post so I'm just going to leave like I prefer to leave a party, without saying goodbye...



  1. I love summer (I live on the beach, so...duh) but the one thing I hate about this time of year is the inconsistency. Like once I come to the realization that beach days are over and I get into the mindset of sweaters and boots and hot coffee (bye bye iced!) I HATE when the weather flip flops. Last week we had 100% humidity and I was sweating balls every day, and this weekend it was literally 50 degrees and raining. OCTOBER, YOU ARE BIPOLAR. Knock it off.

    1. So bipolar!! I like the whole idea of sweaters and boots and all that, but I will always be a spring/early summer person. Winter just doesn't do it for me. Unless it's the two weeks around Christmas, then I love it haha.

  2. Oh my gosh YES Trader Joe's is really going for the whole 'basic' market. I don't go super often, but I went yesterday and every single display was pumpkin this and pumpkin that. It was kind of overkill. But I do love pumpkin things, particularly baked goods, so I was cool with it.

    1. I only started shopping there recently because one opened near me and I go like 2/3 times a week haha. I actually can't wait to see what they have for Christmas. But the pumpkin stuff all looks so good. I want to buy one of everything. I think I'm having some people here for Thanksgiving so I might just have to do that haha.

  3. A candy corn scented candle sounds like HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    1. Hahahah I never liked those things for some reason!

  4. haha seriously the candle epidemic is like crazy lately! I've seen more candles on instagram than there are in the candle isle at.... a candle store... ? Anyways, here are cute booties I've found! (ps i dont work for groopdealz or get a commission haha I just am on their site 24/7 looking at cute clothes and saw these)

    Not leather but super cute still! love trader joes but I'm actually not a pumpkin food/drink eating fan (omg!) so I keep seeing all this basic pumpkin stuff everywhere and I'm like eh.

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Did I win the groodealz or what?! Just kidding lol. I'm just thinking more of a leather-ish because we may or may not be moving to snow states and those will make it through winter, suede will not haha. (also sad, but like 0% chance of Phoenix for us now.) I like pumpkin, but if I start eating all that crap I won't like it anymore. I don't want to ruin it. Which is totally what is going to happen if they keep this up!


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