Friday, November 20, 2015

So, who's the chihuahua?

I've been quiet this week because my world was turned a bit upside down due to this here "little girl" as we've been calling her. We have no idea what her real name is, or really anything about her but she's been staying with us this week after John found her wandering his job site on Monday morning. (Or she found him?)

So I was working on Monday morning when John started sending me all these pictures and videos of a little chihuahua following him around...and right away I was like, "shut up WHO IS THAT?!"
Because little known (or known) fact, I love chihuahuas. I used to dog watch a friend of mines and I fell in love with it. I got a chihuahua calendar one year. At my parents house I even have a chihuahua ornament that goes on the Christmas tree. I used to want a chihuahua soo bad. I just assumed that someone took their dog to work with them and John was just messing around with me, but no, he found her there. So of course, first thoughts were that she was lost. She had to be right? There is a small road nearby with 5 or 6 houses on it so we were hoping that she just belonged to someone in one of those houses and got lost. But...the problem is that John works on 80 acres in the middle of nowhere, so besides those 5 or 6 houses, that's it. And apparently she was originally found up on a trailor, like she was strategically placed here.  (Someone moved her down, fed her some bread and then John found her.) So it was looking pretty doubtful. He put her in the back of the truck and then went door to door to the nearby houses asking if anyone lost their dog...and nothing. He talked with a lot of the neighbors (one even fed her!) and they all said that it's not uncommon that dogs get dumped around there because it's the edge of town. John said they all had about 6 dogs each so they couldn't take another. And, she isn't spayed. In fact, she's had puppies before. (I like to call her mama lol.) And I'm learning that's not a real "adoptable" trait for a dog.

It was pretty clear after that, that she had been abandoned. And the humane society is currently only holding found animals for 3 days and know. And so far the rescues I've tried to contact are also full. Apparently Christmas is a bad time. So, I'm guessing the owners couldn't hand her over to anyone else so they left her where they knew she'd be found. I won't even get into how much that infuriates me...

So she stayed with John, sleeping under his desk most of the day and basically John fell in love with her. Which really says something because if you would have asked him a week ago what he though about chihuahuas he probably would have called them rats or something worse. But it isn't hard to love her because she's the sweetest little girl ever. So we decided we would take her to the vet that night to see what kind of shape she was in, and then we'd take her home until we decided what to do with her. I had to work until 3, but as soon as I got out I ran home to pick up Ted, grabbed some wet food to bring her and then met John at his job. Ted went nuts, obviously. (He is a maniac.) And she ate that dog food like there was no tomorrow. I didn't have much time before the appointment, so after she finished eating, we had to leave. I tried to get the dogs in my car but Ted was just sooo curious and wouldn't leave her alone, so I took Johns truck where she could sit in the front and Ted was blocked off and stuck in the back, haha. (Where I left him while we went into the vet because he is a complete maniac when he goes into the vet. He loves it there. Weirdo.)

At the vet, they determined she was about 2 years old. Was treated for fleas, tested for things like heart worm (negative, which I guess is rare) and she got a bunch of vaccines. The vet also cut her nails which were super long. And she was a little on the skinny side, but not too bad. Overall, they were really surprised by how healthy she was, and how sweet she was. I think chihuahuas get a bad rap, especially around here...(not judging, it's a warm weather state, they're everywhere!)...there's quite a few that live in our apartment complex actually and they are little terrors. They stand on their balconys and bark at Ted and I every day like they're going to come down and rip us to pieces. But this little girl is nothing like that. She reminds me soo much of my friends chihuahua that I used to watch because she's so chill. I haven't heard her bark once, and all she wants to do is curl up in a warm spot and sleep. And she's constantly on my lap trying to climb her way up to my face and kiss me to death.

So anyways, then John met me at the vet to swap back cars and he took Ted to Petco to get her some food, and I took her to Walmart (left her in the car though) to get her a crate. I bought the tiniest little crate and I was standing there in line like "is this really happening right now?" haha. We got home and gave her a bath with Dawn soap (per the vet), which she haated and then dried her off and put her into her little crate where she passed (the f*ck) out. Poor little thing had obviously been up all night the night before.

So, that was 5 days ago now and she's still here. Still don't know her name. Still don't know what to do with her. I've been basically crying on and off for 5 whole days. Thinking about my life with two dogs and crying. Checking out rescue websites and crying. Hugging Ted and telling him how much I love him and crying. Kissing her little head and telling her it will be okay and crying.

I just don't know.

It was weird timing (or perfect timing) because I only had to work on Monday this week, then only a few hours today, and not at all next week. So I basically get to be home for two weeks. The coincidences just keep lining up, and it's hard to ignore them. (You guys KNOW I'm all about signs.) But I really do not know what I'm supposed to do. Are we supposed to keep her? Are we supposed to foster her and give her a good home temporarily until we find her a permanent one? I wish I knew. I'm so torn up about it. This was not something that I wanted or planned for at all. We're just getting to the stage where Ted is a little easier, and that being said he is still a handful for me. (Like a big handful..) He's a good boy, but he demands a lot of attention and exercise and gives me a run for my money every single day. He's my life that guy, and it's been all I can handle. I know we talk all the time about getting Ted a brother, but I know that deep down John and I both know that it would be too much. It would put us over the edge. Maybe if we were settled down more, had a bigger house, a yard, weren't moving all the time, etc. But that's not us right now. We live in one bedroom apartments. We take Ted with us everywhere we can. We've trained him to be our traveling/road-tripping/apartment-living little companion and it wasn't easy. The truth is, I am good with just Ted and I don't want to exhaust myself.

But on the other hand, she is not that hard. She's pretty low maintenance. Besides the fact that all she wants is to cuddle with someone all day, she's so easy. She sleeps a lot. She doesn't need a lot of exercise. She's tiny so it wouldn't be hard to travel around or live with her. And I repeat, she does not bark, so she's basically a perfect chihuahua.

But she's (rightfully so) not a fan of big dogs. She probably shook for the first 48 hours she was here because of Ted. Of course, Teds just Ted and he gave her absolutely no personal space so she hardly had a chance to get used to him. He was all up in her face from the moment she got here. They're doing much better now, but still, I don't think she's a great "partner" for him, if you will. She'd probably be better off as an only pet. And all I can think of is all the places we take Ted and how we wouldn't be able to take her, or would have to carry her and protect her. (John wants to wear her in a backpack lol. He's serious.) We went to the dog park the other night and there was only one small shihtzu there so we let little girl down and the stupid shihtzu went nuts on her and chased her down and little girl was like crying and it was horrible. And because it looked like fun, Ted even started chasing because he's just a big dummy. (Sorry Ted lol.) Then we went again the next night and because there were a lot of dogs there, I had to hold her in my jacket and stand outside of the fence because she was just shaking. And all I can imagine is how that would be my life. Like, will I always be protecting her while we're out. I think of how we went to San Antonio and to the beach with Ted. She won't be able to do those things with us. And I think about how in a few years I want a baby. Will I have a stroller and a giant lab and a chihuahua in a backpack?

So as much as I like her and sometimes I can imagine the 4 of us, I just don't want to make my life any harder. Basically I'm stuck between being a really good person and being a selfish person. And I feel about 50/50 right now on keeping her/not keeping her. It's so hard. (By the way, this is so therapeutic to write this out right now.) I called my Mom yesterday and full on broke down about it, and she's trying to help me out now and so is my sister, so I'm starting to feel more optimistic that everything will be okay. For 3 days I just stayed home and cried but today, I finally started to get serious about trying to find her a good home. And because the internet is the best place to share information - anyone know of anywhere I can look, or anything helpful at all? Anything - please, send my way.

So that's where I'm at, and that's who that sweet little chihuahua is that was mentioned in my last post. Also on my NEW SNAPCHAT today. Yes, I did it. Sue me. (Or follow me - mvapfel)

And to end this on a lighter note, look how cute she is. Seriously. 

My first thought when I saw her was, "she looks just like that little doby elf from Harry Potter" hahaha. Her ears are way too big for her little head. We've also heard a lot of comparisons to the Taco Bell dog. (Duh though.)

Stealing Ted's bones. (Or whatever that is. Some kind of antler?)

When I sit at the computer she climbs up my leg (basically) to try and get onto my lap. And she is always cold so she's always wrapped up in a blanket or towel or whatever. She's made this chair we have here "hers" and I even put a heating pad on it for her. She loves it. See what I mean about her being low maintenance but kind of high maintenance at the same time, haha?

And here's a video of what my days consist of lately...

(*Ignore my mess please, and the loud tv in the background..)
Basically telling Ted to be "easy" all day long. He does not give up. Ever. I can't lie, it's all just so exhausting. Or it's all just catching up with me now. I thought Ted was a full time job before. This is a lot now. (I know, I know it's not even that bad, but I'm allowed to be honest here right?) I told John that I feel like a dog walker because I don't take them outside at the same time, so it's one after the other over and over and over again. And we aren't totally convinced that she's potty trained after she had two accidents in the house now, so I take her out a lot. Could be accidents though. Giving her the benefit of the doubt since she's in a new place and I don't know her pooping/eating schedule just yet.

So that's my life right now. Prayers, please.



  1. So I just had some time to read the post about Ted and the cliffhanger! First of all, I love the Ted posts! He is your little (little? baby so of course you should include him! He is definitely still a puppy and he will be for awhile but it is so fun to watch dogs grow! The Chihuahua? That is a tough one! I don't have much advice because I don't even know what I would do! Well, my husband would make us keep her, but that is besides the point. I can't believe she doesn't bark! Also, the shaking for a little dog like that is normal. Ralph shakes on the daily and he isn't even as small as she is. I don't think you a leaning toward keeping her, and that is ok. You know what works for you and your lifestyle! I will say life with two gets easier and you don't always have to take them to do the same activities. Both of mine hate dog parks. Ralph hates the car, but Penny basically runs out the side door every time she knows we are going somewhere in hopes she can come too, while Ralph stays home. You guys are in a tough spot but you will make the right decision! You will be awesome pet parents if you keep her, or you will find the best home for her possible which is already evident since you have had her for 5 days instead of taking her to the pound!

    1. Lol yeah so John basically would like to keep her...because he comes home at night and things are easier then because there's two of us and we all lay in bed together and it's cute. But I'm home with these two all day and they're driving me crazy. She's starting to get a little feisty with him actually lol. But he kind of deserves it. I just don't think they would be great house mates...

      But that was a good point you made, they don't have to do the same things. For some reason I feel bad leaving one out. Like we're going to Austin today....and taking them both lol. I don't know if she likes or dislikes the car so far since she was like like tramuatized the first time, but we will find out..I want to meet this little Penny girl she sounds sooooooo cute.

  2. I'm sorry but I'm gonna NEED you to keep her. This story is precious and so is she!!!

    1. LOL how about I mail her over to you???? She is a special little thing...I just know my limits lol.

  3. I have always despised yippy little chihuahuas but I do feel a little bad for her! I'm at a loss for what you should do. Maybe post her on a buy sale trade site or craigslist?

    1. I despise most of them too lol. They have a bad rap for a reason...I haven't posted anything about her yet because I just stayed home and cried all week lol, but I'm getting on it now.

  4. K she is so so so cute!! I've never been a huge chihuahua fan but after this post I am totally #teamC haha (didn't feel like spelling it again so I'm going to refer to her as C) Anyways, I wish I could help but I don't have any animals (and I never have, fish don't count) so I really have no clue what you're going through!! I know you're not "supposed" to give dogs away on craigslist but people do it ALL the time anyways so you should check craigslist!! Or maybe you're just not aloud to sell them on there? I dunno! haha I just know people who get dogs from there a lot so it's safe I think! It sounds like you do love her BUT having her is not worth it to have you feeling so torn/ sad/ anxious about having her, ya know? But I guess whatever feels right! It's all new to you so I bet it gets easier but once again, I am clueless and just trying to think of things that sound good to me. IF you have facebook I would say post it in those for sale groups in your area (get one so we can be FB friends!!) (haha jk I know it isn't your cup of tea) but yeah ahh I'm sorry!!! At least if anything you got to help this poor pup in her most desperate time of need and you're a good person! Wanting to possibly give her away isn't selfish at all. What if you give it to someone who couldn't afford to buy a dog and they give it to their kid for Christmas? Yeah, then you're a HERO!!!! :)

    Also, do I delete your other snap chat from my friends list? Cause both say Morgan so I just keep sending stuff to both because I dunno which is which haha

    xo C

  5. Ahhh she is so cute! We have a dog who's super terrified all the time and shakes pretty often when stranger people or dogs are around so I know what that's like! haha. She sounds so sweet! If you put an ad in the paper or do Craigslist don't list her as free!!! I took an animal law class and the professor was really knowledgeable about animals and this stuff and she said that these horrible testing companies look for free animals and then get them and use them in their labs. She said a fee of only like $25 will usually keep them away. Don't want to freak you out, just want to make sure she gets a good home!!

    1. I have heard that before, that's super scary! Basically I feel like no one can give her a good home except me, which is ridiculous but I always feel like I take care of people the best lol. But she isn't a person. You know what I mean lol. I'm glad to know the sharing thing is normal, and she's stopped doing it so much now. She's actually getting a little feisty with Ted now lol.....ah I don't know, two dogs just seems like one too many.

  6. Aww shes so cute! My best friends family has a chihuahah,a shitzu, and up until last year they also had an irish setter so I've basically grown up around a chihuahah and because of Pina (thats her name) i've been a fan. She is super sweet and just wants to cuddle and sleep next to you, but I also know shes scared of everything. She's known me for years and it always takes her a few minutes to get used to me again but I know those three dogs love each other and would all cuddle so maybe she will start to get used to Ted as he gets older and then it'll be easier for you? Really the only wisdom I have here because I've only ever had one dog before I'm sorry!


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