Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Wednesday report: thankful for siblings and whole turkeys.

That sandwich right there was Thanksgiving dinner last year. Not kidding. The movers had come a few days before and taken all of our things so we were living in an empty apartment. Well, we had an air mattress, a little table that we decided to use for a few days and then throw away and two lawn chairs. (Hahaha, classy.) So basically empty. There was nothing in the kitchen, so we just picked up this turkey sandwich (+ a salad) up from Costco the day before and a tiny pumpkin pie (for me) from a small grocery store and that was it. 

Then because we had no internet and nothing to do, we waited in line at the local Target until they opened to get some dvd's to watch.

It was cold. I had never been to a store on Thanksgiving night or black Friday, but it was kind of cool. Kind of  felt the "rush." I get why people do it. They were even passing out Kind granola bars to everyone in line, haha. (The wait was worth it just for that, those are expensive lol!)

I can't say it was the worst Thanksgiving ever because I think we still had fun, but it was definitely the least celebrated Thanksgiving I've ever had. And that's why this year I am soooo thankful that we get to actually celebrate it the right way. John doesn't really care about Thanksgiving (or any holidays for that matter lol), but Thanksgiving was always a big deal in my family. I always tell John that if he lets me do Thanksgiving my way, we can do Christmas his way - which is going to the movies and getting Chinese food, haha. I don't know if I would cook if it were just the two of us, because I've done that before and it was a lot of work for just two people, but someday my family will be bigger and it's my dream to do the traditional Thanksgiving family thing. (Everything is my dream lol.) But since that's a ways off, I'm super pumped to be able to "host" a little get together this year and practice my turkey making skills. I'm sure I already mentioned it, but my sister and her boyfriend are coming over Thanksgiving day and then Johns brothers is flying in today for the weekend. Not a huge get-together by any means, but it's the best we've had in years so I'm just so, so thankful. It should be a good time.

But I guess this is all kind of a trade off because we won't be celebrating a Christmas this year. Like at all. We're (fingers crossed) moving the week before Christmas and should get into a new place by Christmas Eve, and if we're lucky have our things delivered. But maybe not. (Probably not..) So we're either going to celebrate in an empty apartment, or an apartment filled with boxes. The tree won't be going up at all, and we will definitely be eating take out Chinese standing up in the kitchen on Christmas night, but it's all good. This Thanksgiving will make up for all of that. Plus, I look forward to that Chinese food all year, haha!

A few others things I'm feeling extra thankful for this week:

Thankful that the little chihuahua girl had a successful surgery on Monday, so no more babies. Everything went well and after she slept for like 15 hours, she was up and ready to party again. I was a little worried at first because about an hour after I dropped her off at the vet, they called and said she threw up, but I told them that I'm pretty sure it's because she is weird and has to be around people so if they picked her up she would be fine. And then she was, haha. I'm so glad that we were able to get that done for her this week since I don't have to work so I was able to be home to look after her. (And keep Ted away from her, because he is insane. He seriously believes she's here as his toy or something.) Also, feeling thankful that we may have some possible homes for feeling better that everything is all going to work out fine. (Still stressed out badly, but I'm keeping faith.)

Thankful that I went into urgent care earlier this week and ended up being completely normal and healthy. I'm totally a hypochondriac and think I'm dying all the time, but I really thought I had a kidney infection or a stone because one side of my lower back has been killing me...and guess what? It's just a muscular thing. Essentially back pain. I felt really stupid and wasted almost 2 hours of my life, but hey at least I know. And not to be tmi, but I have had a kidney infection before so I know the feeling. So whatever! Better safe than sorry right? I was texting John the whole time and he was like, "you can't drink if they put you on antibiotics" and I was like, "..dang.." because our fridge is filled with tons of booze for this weekend, haha. That wouldn't have been the end of the world, but I'm still glad that I don't have a kidney stone and I can indulge in mimosas for breakfast tomorrow. And after walking Ted last night I realized, "IT'S FROM YOU!" because I really do strain my lower back every time he see's another dog or a human and pulls me as hard as he can towards them. Or I'm making things up in my head, I don't know. 

Thankful we have cable so I could watch the Pretty Little Liars fast forward special last night. I actually stopped watching that show years ago because like, EVERYONE IS A, and they dress way too good to just be going to high school everyday, but it's still such a guilty pleasure every once in a while. So who is Charlotte? I thought A was Allison...then Ezra...then Mona...then I stopped watching. Such a stupid show really. Just forget that I even brought it up haha... 

Thankful for free pajamas, AKA shirts of Johns that I shrink and then steal. Like the Guinness shirt I'm currently wearing. (I wore it outside with Ted this morning - bed head and all - and he went, "you look like a drunk." lolololol.) But seriously, why are mens shirts so much softer than ours??

Thankful that we have a small, cozy apartment that I can clean really quick because I've cleaned about three times this week. I get crazy when people are coming over. Like no dog hair allowed. If we ever have more than 800 square feet, my life will be over. 

Thankful for authors who write books so I can read them. Like Lena Dunham whose book "Not That Kind of Girl" I cannot put down this week. I know I'm late to this, but she is so awesome and honest and it's the first autobiography I've read in a while that I feel I can somewhat relate to parts of. (Besides being wildly successful by my age lol.) 

Thankful for youtube which taught me how to make a turkey this morning. I don't know though, bag or no bag? (DAD! CALL ME BACK! HELP!) I think the scariest thing about cooking a turkey is that it is just big. It's size is what's so intimidating. And the weird things inside...I'm basically going to close my eyes, reach in and throw them out as quickly as possible.

And last but not least, I am so so thankful for that John guy I'm married to. He really is just the best. He's been the sweetest about helping out this little chihuahua, and insisting that we do everything we can for her and treat her like our own until we can find her someone just as good. (He doesn't want to hear this yet, but he's going to make such a great Dad someday.) He's letting me completely do whatever I want for Thanksgiving and isn't asking why we have to have twenty different desserts and napkins with turkeys on them. He's doing more work on his end with coordinating our move, when I was supposed to do it all, because he know I'm stressed out right now about the dog(s). He just bought me the calendar I've been lusting after forever and got me some gift cards so that I can do some internet shopping this Friday. OH, and he got me the new Justin Bieber album. Still not sure if he really bought it for himself or not haha, but I've been enjoying it regardless. I need to think of something really nice to get him for Christmas. But guys are so hard, are they not?! What's everyone else getting for their husband/boyfriend/men in their lives? I need some ideas. 

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's to whole turkeys and extra large mimosas! x

(follow me on snapchat if you want to see how my turkey turns out/listen to me talk to myself -mvapfel) 


  1. I'm glad you get to really celebrate Thanksgiving this year! And at least Chinese food on Christmas is your tradition, right?! So you'll get to do that...even if you have zero furniture! Girl I am sooo excited for mimosas tomorrow. I'm so happy that little girl has some prospects for homes! I loved Not That Kind of Girl (and I love Lena Dunham in general)! Annnd I pretty much get Michael sports apparel for Christmas every. single. year. Haha! He's kind of hard to buy for and he won't give me a list because he thinks that's lame and wants to be surprised. Ugh!

    1. Lol hmmm sports apparel might work. Johns really into "athleisure" so maybe I can get him some Nike shit lol. And for real, I'm not even sure if mimosas are a Thanksgiving thing or what but it's the first thing we did in my family. (when we were 21 of course lol...) I suppose it's just a holiday thing...or a celebratory thing..or I guess just part of breakfast sometimes lol.

  2. Yayyyy Thanksgiving!! That is so great you get to do Tgiving with some family and you get to host!! As stressful as it is to host, it's also so exciting and makes you feel all important and stuff :) I've never hosted Thanksgiving but when I have family over for dinner I always feel special haha like "yay they want to come here and I get to make them food!!" I dunno, I'm weird! But also yaya for little girl having some home prospects, I bet that is a huge weight off your shoulders. I obviously knew you would have an accent cause of where you're from but whenever I watch your snaps, I love hearing your accent!! haha I dunno, I just love accents. Do I have an accent to you??? So Jason getting a truck is like his "Christmas present" cause it's a huge purchase but I also got him tickets to see 21 pilots when they come here in July! If you haven't heard of them, google their music! It's so good! Other than that I usually get him a gift card to a restaurant he loves and random clothes stuff. I hope your dinner goes perfect tomorrow!! haha I literally look to youtube to teach me everything so go you!! and that calendar is SO cute!!! And filled with words of affirmation :)
    xo C

    1. HAHAHHA I HAVE AN ACCENT?! EW LOL! Just kidding I know I do. I can hear it sometimes when I play it back. And no I don't think you do at all! I think where you're from everyone talks like normal lol. A truck is a good Christmas present...I can't beat that one lol. The problem with John though is that he knows whenever I buy something so I literally cannot surprise him. He's obsessed with checking our accounts like every day. He's always asking me from the other room at night, "Morgan what's $32 from JcreW?" Lol or whatever it is. Usually I just yell back, "it's a surprise.." meaning a surprise for myself haha. I need to think of something good. And haha yes words of affirmation! I HAD to have that calendar. And I love her handwriting!!

  3. Yay for getting to celebrate Thanksgiving with family this year!! And you are brave for taking on a turkey, I'm still too scared lol! I'm sure it will be perfect though - thank goodness for dads to call and tell us what to do ;) And seriously, I used to watch PLL (and be obsessed with it), but I stopped for the sameeee reason - everyone is A!!! Are they finally telling who really is A? Because I might watch for that, ha!

    1. You seem like the kind of person who knows how to make a turkey lol! I did it a few years ago and it was fine, like not the best thing I ever ate but it was good. I seriously call my Dad about everything to do with food, he's like a food network star in my eyes, haha. And okay, so on PLL the next season is skipping ahead 5 years after they've all gone to college and have real jobs (and of course are doing like super awesome things like Hanna is working for Zac Posen) and I guess A was Alisons sister???? I seriously wasn't even sure that Alison was back alive again? I guess I knew she was but I was still convinced maybe she wasn't the real Alison or something lol. That show has far the most unrealistic story line ever. But what really bothered me was how cool they dressed for high school kids, like what are you all millionaires???!! Lol...end rant.

  4. Well at least this years thanksgiving will be better (or at least more your style) than last year! I wouldn't know where to start with a turkey either so good luck! Haha. Also, I'm glad you're okay and nothing was wrong with you!


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