Friday, November 6, 2015

The weekly report: started writing about my week and ended up ranting advice to Essena O' Neill. Oh, and that's Ted wearing socks.

John keeps telling me that I haven't wrote about Ted in a long time, but this week was mostly all about Ted, so ta-da - here he is! (And I will probably do a whole post about him soon, since Johns right, it has been a while.)

I briefly mentioned it on Instagram, but Ted had to wear socks this week. Like a tiny little human boy. (I died when I had to go buy them. My dream lol.) Basically he got an allergic reaction to something (don't know what) and started chewing at his paws. I noticed it was starting to look worse on Saturday morning and tried to get into the vet that day, but they couldn't get us in so I thought I'd wait until my next free day, which was Tuesday. But then I woke up Monday morning and discovered he had chewed up his arm pretty bad and had basically a bloody little hole (sorry, ew). So I had to take the morning off work and got it looked at right away. The doctors orders were steroids, an anti-bacterial spray for the paws...and socks. Or really a sock, since it was really only one paw that was bad, bad. I only made him wear it for a few days until it started to heal up, but it was so, so cute. I'd put it on him and he would get so sad. He did a lot of laying around this week giving me sad eyes.  But he really should be happy, because we have been babying the sh*t out of him because of it. We finally got him to start sleeping on the floor recently, and then this week we're all "Teddy you poor baby, you can come up and sleep with us" and he doesn't even want to, haha. But I have spent a lot of time on the floor with him holding his damn bone while he chews on it, and nothing in the world makes him happier than that.

The second thing this week that has been taking up all of my time, is trying to figure out how to turn the fire alarms off. I cooked bacon twice this week, and set off the fire alarm both times! (I don't usually eat bacon twice in one week, I swear.) Once was last night, and after I texted John about it, he responded with "well, it doesn't look like you should buy anymore bacon." (But, I love bacon!!!) It was embarrassing though. There's two in our apartment and they were both going off and they even say "fire" over and over again. I always imagine every neighbor can hear it and they're like, "OMG FIRE????" So maybe he's right, no more bacon. And speaking of food...and cooking...and potentially setting off the fire alarm again, I'm making Thanksgiving dinner this year! Johns brother booked his flight this week to come here, and my sister and her boyfriend are going to come over. (My Mom is going home to be with my younger brothers, or else she would be here too. Because she does not cook. Does not. At all.) So anyone have any good recipes? Or know how to cook a turkey? Just kidding, I actually made one two years ago, and it was fine. But any secrets I should know? I want easy. I actually really enjoy cooking, but I refuse to stress out about it. Like, I already went out and bought all the desserts and they're frozen because I will not be crying that day. (I'm talking like Trader Joe's mini pumpkin pies...mmm.) Although I might make one homemade pie...we'll see.

 I also bought this and hung it up over the empty space behind the couch. It combines two of my signature decorating ideas; words and banners. I use any excuse to hang up a banner. And this could totally stay up all year right? ($3 at Targer, FYI!) 

And now, I just have to touch on the Essena O'Neill conversation because it's everywhere this week, and I honestly like the discussion it's opening up. I think it's brought up some good points and some bad points, but I think it's good in a sense that it's got everyone thinking and talking about social media and what it means to us...I think she's right when she says that social media is not really "real life." It's already been widely agreed upon that it's just the "highlight reel" of life. And I think we all can recognize when we see a picture that's staged, or a picture whose purpose is to promote a product. None of that should be a secret. It's part of what social media is, and if you don't know that already, then of course you are sad and wondering why your life doesn't look like a perfect little filtered square. Personally, I like to think I use it more as documentation/story telling. Like my Instagram basically tells embarrassing stories of my life and little things I want to remember. I'm not modeling my body like she was, but I'll admit, I probably try way too hard. The context is real, but it's always in my head like, "does this filter match what I have going on" kind of thing, and that part's not really "real" but more for the fun creative aspect of it. Which I think we all like about it, right? So that part I don't totally agree with her on.

But I do think it's great that she was able to recognize that she's unhappy because of social media and was able to pull the trigger and quit. Good for her. I am all about walking away from things in life that aren't bringing you up. I could never put anyone down for trying to be happier. But, I don't think that social media is what the problem is, in her case. After watching some of her videos and reading her new blog -- see this page in particular -- it's obvious that she has some deeper underlying issues. She writes about how ever since she was 12 years old she wanted to be internet famous, and how she made that her goal in life in hopes it would make her happy. It's clear that she has very low self esteem even though she's been a successful model and admits several times that she's won the "genetic lottery." And it's clear from reading anything she's written to watching her speak, she is so very young. Of course she's just figuring herself out, she only recently turned 19 years old! It makes me feel sad for her.

And it makes me wonder about what her generation is going through. It reminds me why I don't follow Kylie Jenner, because I feel sad for her. How at such a young age she's already altered her body, and makes herself up and (I only imagine) contorts herself in the mirror taking very sexualized images of herself all day. And she is famous for it. That's who this girls role model is. (Not confirmed, just guessing as an entire generation is Kylie krazy.) Do they think their sole worth is based on their looks? I know that's not a new concept, it's pretty universal that woman want to look good, and I know I had a particularly hard time with it at 19, but I think it's gone to a whole different level. Do these young girls really think that they're only worth the number of likes on their Instagram? In this case, I don't see social media being such a good thing. But I think they could be the ones who take something away from Essena's message, that looks and fame and internet likes aren't everything.

So I guess I can agree and disagree with her on both levels. I know she's getting a lot of hate right now, but again she's just a kid. It's easy as an adult to say that she knows nothing, because we know better. I know personally that I've been around the social media block a few times to figure out what works best for me. Maybe this is what she's doing. So I commend her on trying to do what's best for her. But the problem is, I also think she's making it worse. If she thought she was "internet famous" before, she's huge now and there are a lot more eyes on her than ever. That's a lot of pressure. There's a lot she has to live up to now. If her mostly positive and "#goals" Instagram gig was unhealthy for her, than this kind of attention is going to hurt a lot. A lot of people on social media are a little pissed off, and they're not being shy about letting her know. The best thing she could do for herself if she truly wants to find her happiness is to stop with it all and "disappear" into the real world. See a therapist, uncover what your problems really are. Become a nobody.

But even if I could give her that advice, I don't think she would listen. Because one more time...SHE IS ONLY 19. I cannot imagine being a 17/18/19 year old girl in this world today. We had it easy. The only people we had to impress were our (in contrast) small group of friends. They have the whole internet. The internet is all they know. And it's glamorous and addicting and fast and there's an impossible level of something that everyone is trying to reach, and they can't quit. Which is why she didn't "quit", she just made herself a new internet persona. (I give it two weeks before she has a new insta account.) She still wants to be liked, and it's the only way she knows how. And I don't blame her or anyone for wanting to be liked (we all do, come on).  So woman to woman, I wish her the best on her journey to find whatever peace she is looking for. And I think she will figure it out. After all, every 19 year old inevitably grows up...

Thoughts anyone else? I've been dying to talk about this actually. I watched the "hater" videos in bed last night and John's only comment was when I briefly paused it he went, "thank you." (Again, they're just very, very young girls.)

So holler at me! (Does that phrase show my age or what? lol) x.


  1. When I saw your title I was so excited because, A) Ted in a sock hahah so cute!! Is he all better now? and B) I've been very intrigued with the Essena thing!! I respect her because honestly, if I was "social media famous" and it was my job and I was making good money, I don't think I would walk away from it. Obviously if it was making me depressed and only about my looks or something, then that's different and hard, but either way it would be hard!! I was surprised in her video how she says she couldn't pay rent because like if you're earning at least $400 per picture you post, where did it all go that you can't even afford rent right now?! Ahh sorry not trying to sounds judgey, those were just my thoughts on that part. Did you watch the video of her LA friends saying it was fake and based on a bad breakup she had? Dunno how true it is to her situation but it was a really good "other side of the story" type thing. But yeah, it would be really hard to give up that kind of success so good for her for being able to do that! But I keep wondering if she's going to wake up next week and be like WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Like given up everything ya know. I dunno. K i'll stop ranting. And if you make a pie for Thanksgiving, let me know the recipe! I want to be domestic and make a pie!! But I don't know where to start haha

    1. Lol I didn't even think about the money part for her...but she'll be fine. Maybe she was living an unrealistic lifestyle, like out of her means because she was making that kind of money and now she doesn't know what else to do. (That's being judgey of me..) She's clearly passionate about being healthy and vegan and all that so maybe she should run with that idea. And that was the video I was watching last night that annoyed John lol. I think it was interesting to hear their side of the story, but I also was thinking how it's just young girls bashing each other. Overall the whole thing just makes me really sad lol.

    2. Oh, and Johns requested a pecan pie....which I tried once but I think I'd need a new recipe if I do it again.

  2. Ted in the sock! Awww! Glad his paw is better!

    I so agree! Honestly I had never ever ever in my life heard of this girl until she decided to come out again social media or whatever. And I haven't even read any of the articles, just seen the headlines everywhere. And I still didn't know her by name when you just mentioned the name...but yeah I think she's getting waaaaay more media attention now. So if this is all a ploy and that was her goal, then that's good for her. But otherwise I totally agree, if she wanted to get away from it she should've just kind of slunk away quietly. I mean maybe she's trying to be a role model though? Idk, maybe I should actually read what she's actually said since I'm not sure haha.

    1. I never heard of her before this week either, but the story intrigued me because I follow so many "instagram stars" who look and seem perfect so it was refreshing to hear someone say that it isn't all perfect. But, after I read more it just made me sad. She's a young girl who thought it was real life...and now she's acting kind of crazy, going off on video rants that make little to no sense..and preaching to everyone about how social media is all fake and in some ways she's right, but she's pissing a lot of people off by grouping everyone in with her. It is pretty interesting though, you should look at her website -

  3. Poor Ted!!! That's so funny that you're trying to get him to sleep on the floor. I tried that for like a week with Hudson. It didn't last long. I don't like cuddling my own husband at night because I need my personal space when I sleep, but I will cuddle that dog like there's no tomorrow. Then Justin gets offended and I explain that if he was covered in silky soft fur I might want to do the same for him. :p

    You are going to have so much fun cooking for Thanksgiving! My fav side dish is deviled eggs, do not stand in the way of me and my deviled eggs! Also, I like ham more than turkey. I know, it's terrible. It will be just me and Justin this year because all of the family is coming in for Christmas instead, but I'm still going to go all out!

    About the Essena thing, I think you hit the nail on the head, something else is going on with her. I feel sad for her. I mean, I try to stay pretty real on social media, but you're right. It is a highlight reel. I would never go on there and caption a photo with how much I'm hating on my inlaws, or how I haven't washed my hair in three days (ok maybe I could do that one) but that's only because nobody wants to read that depressing stuff. In my opinion. People like to see people happy. Not in a braggy way, just happy. I know I do. I use my instagram almost like an online diary and I know I can probably get annoying. Whenever people unfollow me I just feel sad about how many cute Hudson pictures they are going to miss out on. :p But I guess I never felt the need to over sexualize myself or any of those things. I am heartbroken for the kids today. I know people joke about how much "hotter" middle schoolers are getting, but I think it's actually sad. In middle school I was still in between growing up and playing with Barbies. I think it sucks that childhood is becoming shorter and shorter. As for Essena, I think she needs to really do some soul searching and maybe find a trusted counselor. Woo, I just wrote a book, sorry!! Enjoy your weekend chick! Xo

    1. Oh I appreciate the book, I like to talk ;) I actually disagree about the fur in the bed because I constantly am getting hair in my mouth and on average I bet I end up eating a handful a night haha. So the floor has been good, but I'm so sad lately like, "he doesn't need me anymore" kind of stuff lol. Deviled eggs are a good idea....but I am so bad at them! It is like such a delicate process, and I would never serve anyone the ones I've made because they turn out not very appetizing looking haha. And for real, I love your instagram, you always make me laugh. That's how I try to use it. If someone doesn't like dogs, let them unfollow you! Screw that lol. But I do have some younger (family type people) girls I follow and they just want to look hot. I find it very sad. I was actually in Target yesterday and saw this girl shopping with her Mom, probably middle school age, and she was SO done up. Like she looked like how I would dress up if I was going out to the bar, and I'm pretty sure she had just come from school. I was like, wow they really care about their looks. I mean, I know I did too. But they have sooo much more to compare themselves to these days. We had it way, way easier. (Assuming you're around my age..I think lol.) xo

  4. Poor Ted! I bet he has been eating up all of the attention! Bless your heart for taking on an entire thanksgiving--I don't think I could do it! I honestly haven't heard anything about all of that drama...might have to go look into it now!


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