Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's up with Ted: Novemberish. (+ a cameo by a new friend!)

I'm aware that these sort of posts are annoying, which is why I skipped it for a few months. Trying not to Ted overkill here. I follow quite a few new Moms who do monthly posts (about their babies obviously) and I'm like, "ENOUGH ALREADY! No one cares that your baby tried avocado!" But then I remembered that there are a few I do read every time, and that's because I'm genuinely interested. I think it's just that I like some and not others. (Moms, not babies.) So maybe it's the same with some of you (whoever reads And I do like writing about him because he's still my little baby and I know that someday I'll appreciate it that I wrote down the little things, so whatever. If you're anyone other than Candace or Susie or my Dad (lol), feel free to leave now because it's about to get a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g.

So, Ted. My sweet boy. Or my "big boy" as I've been calling him lately because he is just a monster. He's getting huge and so strong and is just a bulldozer when he wants to get to something (or someone, or some dog). We weighed him yesterday and he clocked in at 65 pounds. We were guessing he would end up about 70, so almost there. It's funny though because he doesn't seem that big. He hasn't grown much height-wise, but he is a big boy. Like, he's alll mid-section. John joked one day that if he doesn't grow any taller, we can breed him and market the pups as mini-labs. "Perfect for apartments!" he said, hahaha. I laughed fooreveer at that one. But no really, he's on track to look exactly like his Dad, so he'll get a little bit taller. I have no idea when they're considered full grown, but today is actually his 9 month birthday! (Planned this post accordingly, of course.)

He's been in the car with me a lot lately and finally learned what it means when we say "car ride???" and now he gets all excited to go somewhere. He's making my car so filthy though. When the windows are down, because he HAS to have them down, the hair flies around and I feel like I'm in a snow globe of white dog hair. The 3 yr old I watch was with me the other day and he went, "uh Morgan? Your car's disgusting." LOLOLOL!! So I try to lint roll it a lot (it works lol) but I just prefer to take Ted with me if I can, instead of leave him at home, so it is what it is. And since it's been cooler out, I can leave him in the car while I run in and out of places. I've learned it's actually a really smart way to grocery shop because I literally run through the store when I know he's waiting in the car, haha. So I only buy the things that are on my list instead of browsing every aisle and going, "hmmm I could try this." (and this and this and this.) 

He's also been visiting John at work a lot because...I visit John at work a lot, haha. Sometimes John takes us on trips to Lowe's to pick up SIX dishwashers. (Just kidding, that only happened one time.) We didn't get weird looks or anything that day.

We haven't been to the swimming dog park since it's cooled down, but I have been going to the dog park here at our apartment a lot more. That up there is him and his bff Stella, a black lab two months older than him. We've been lucky that there's actually quite a few puppies here, so there's usually someone there for him to rough-house/roll-around play with. It's a great outlet for his non-stop energy, but not always so fun for me because he almost always requires a rinse-down afterwards because he just goes nuts. 

This day in particular I had him off leash throwing his ball for him, and then he took off into a wet, muddy area and I had to chase him down like a crazy person for a good fifteen minutes. I was so mad. Sometimes when these situations happen, I come home and cry immediately after I close the door behind me, haha. (And then text John 100 times re-telling the whole story.) Needless to say, he really keeps me busy... 

Which is good...because like I've said 5 million times, Johns always at work lately so I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Ted around. I feel bad though because I think Ted misses him a lot too. We're still unsure who's the favorite. We've known for awhile that Ted definitely knows Johns name, but we aren't so sure he knows that I'm Morgan. I'm pretty sure though that Ted only knows his name because before he comes home everyday, I make a big deal out of it like, "Johns coming home!!"

Video proof. I know I shouldn't tease him like that, but it's just so funny. And we're working on teaching him my name by making him cry when Johns goes, "where's Morgan?" Just kidding, haha. He really does cry a lot though. Which is fine by me because I'd rather have that then a barker or something worse, and Ted's barked like three times in his life. So I keep a running note in my phone of quotes that John says (I've always done this, I just think he's the funniest), and talking about Ted crying just reminded me of this one from last week:

Me - Talking to Ted one night and asking him repeatedly, "why you crying??"
John - "You sound like me."
Me - "I've never heard you say that to him."
John - "It's not him I say it to."

Hahahaha. Yes, I cry a lot. I've accepted it and I admit it. But moving on...

This really isn't anything new, he's kind of always been like this, but he follows me around e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Like, you know how Moms are always saying things like, "oh once you have kids you'll never poop alone again." I'm always thinking like.."yeah, but do they sit on the floor in front of you and watch??" Hahaha. Really, though everywhere I go, he is there. I'm always telling John that he makes me feel so guilty because the look on his face says "I'm bored," and he just follows me around all day looking at me with those eyes saying "Morgan, I'm bored." It actually makes me feel really stressed out sometimes, haha. But when he isn't following me around 24/7, his favorite place to stop and lie down right now is in front of the refrigerator for some reason. Which gets inconvenient when I need to get in there, so I'm constantly trying to push all 65 pounds of him away with the refrigerator door. And he doesn't budge. So I'm learning how to barely squeeze my arm in the door to grab a bottle of water. Jerk. He just keeps ruining my life, and I have to learn how to deal with it. (I'm kidding.)

I've already talked about the week he had to wear socks, so ignore those, but notice what's in his mouth. It's a pheasant. It even makes pheasant noises. No one in this family hunts or is even outdoorsy, but Ted. It's just so funny because he has a ton of toys, and he prefers the more "hunting" ones. He has all these deer and elk antlers he chews on and everything. It's just what he likes. We laugh about it all the time. 

And in the biggest news (that I don't have a picture of): he finally sleeps on the floor now! It took a lot of pushing him off the bed over and over again, but we did it. For the most part at least...once in a while I'll wake up and find him next to me. And he still jumps up about 5:00 every morning and attempts to wake us up by standing over our faces and whining. One morning after he whined in our faces for a good thirty minutes before our alarm went off John went, "he needs his own room." Hahaha. But seriously, it's so much better than him sleeping on my head all night long. I can deal with the wake-up call.

For a while now, we've talked every single day about getting Ted a little brother. He just seems soo bored sometimes, and he's so obsessed with other dogs. I ask him like ten times a day, "Ted, do you want a little brother?!?" And I don't think he has any idea what I'm talking about, but by the tone of my voice he gets really excited like he's going to get something so he's like, "yes yes yes yes I do!" And it makes me feel like he really needs one. We've been checking his breeders website like every night, and Ted just had a half-brother (same Dad) and we keep pretend-talking about getting him. (Really, just pretend.) He's actually kind of ugly though...I hate to say that about a puppy, but he's a fat little guy with like droopy eyes. But what's more concerning is that he was the only puppy in the litter, which I've always heard is not a good thing. I was googling about it and people say things like, "they think they're the center of the universe." And I started laughing because...Ted thinks he's the center of the universe. He see's a person and he's literally like, "oh hi! you're here to pet me right???!!?" Like I can't imagine how that fat little puppy would act. So that's obviously a no, but I'm still stalking the website because they're expecting two more litters from Ted's Dad (different Moms). 

But in the mean time, we're busy over here with someone else. To keep things interesting, I'll leave this post with a little cliffhanger...

I'll get to explaining her later.  Until then...x


  1. Way to leave us hanging!!! ;) Love these Ted updates -- he reminds me SO SO much of Brady. They even weigh the same amount, ha! And seriously, puppy play dates are the best thing in the world. Nothing else can tire Brady out like romping around with another pup, it's the best. Now if only we could teach him how to sleep on the floor... I don't think I've slept with my legs stretched out in weeks because he prefers to lay right where my body should be!

  2. He has gotten sooo big! Can you even lift him anymore? I don't think I could! Lol. What in the world did you buy six diswashers for?! I bet you did get weird looks! Also, I was hoping the cliffhanger was that you were pregnant, but judging by the picture I doubt that's it. Lol

    1. Lol I can lift him if I want to break my back. So he had to pick up these dishwashers for his job and I thought we were going to Lowes so he could order them, and then next thing I know these guys are lifting 6 dishwashers into the truck and I was like, omg. It was just funny because Ted had his head out the window crying because he wanted out so people were probably looking at us weird for many reasons lol. And no...NOT pregnant! I told you 2 years lol.

  3. Yay, Ted has a mystery buddy! Umm, can I just say when you said, "He's on track to look exactly like his Dad" I legitimately thought you were talking about John. And then when I realized I cracked up hahaha. I also love the "why are you crying?" thing haha. I can cry out of nowhere. I used to never cry, I was like a machine, and now i'm a blubbery little baby haha.

    1. Hahahahahaha, as I was writing I realized I kept saying "he" and "him" and I was thinking that was going to confuse people lol. John might be on track to look like his Dad too! I don't know! I probably cry 3,4 times a week. Sometimes I get really proud of myself when I realize I haven't broke down in a few days. But that's rare lol. I am too emotional.

  4. I'm so honored I was mentioned in a Ted post!!! One of our Goldens was 100lbs, he was huge and just solid muscle..okay fine I also fed him people food but he loved it! Little kids are so freaking honest haha, I love that he told your your car was disgusting. I think anytime someone wants an honest opinion we should ask a child. You need to print that picture of Ted in the bathtub and hang it in your new bathroom like people do with pictures of their kids in the tub, he just looks so cute! So that story reminded me of a photo so I tagged you in it on Instagram. I know you'll get that notification first but at least it'll make sense when you see this. Also, it then made me think of another funny dog one that I actually laugh out loud every time I look at it. Partly because Bill tagged me in it and he was kind of being serious and partly because it's amazing. You need to find out where you're moving soon, the suspense is horrible! Okay enough rambling for tonight haha!


    1. Omg if Ted got to 100 lbs, I will die. He is already so much stronger than me lol. I'm pretty sure I'm the laughing stock of the neighborhood with the way Ted drags me around outside lol. I MIGHT just do that bathroom picture lol. I actually have a lot of him in the bathtub for some reason. I LOVED the instagram pics. Like that one in the grocery cart is so true lol.

  5. Ok I find it so weird that you say your real names to Ted. Like if someone said where's Justin or Brittaney to Hudson he would be like who the freak is Justin or Brittaney? We are totally Mommy and Daddy. So maybe that makes me the weirdo here. haha
    We have talked about getting Hudson a little brother or sister too. But I just don't think I can do it. He's such a happy guy and I think 1 is my limit. I'm so nervous about smells and messes I give him a bath weekly, wipe his feet everytime he comes in from outside, brush his teeth, and the list goes on and on. I don't think I could do this for two dogs. lol Oh and ps still dying to figure out where you're off to next. I hope you have a great rest of your week!!! Xo

    1. Hahahaha when we first got Ted the vet was calling me mommy and it made me soo uncomfortable lol. But now I tell Ted all the time that I'm his Mama. It's growing on me, but I think the words Mom and Dad would just freak John out. And YES I'm the same way with Ted so I think that's why one is my limit. I'm not kidding he went to the dog park the last 3 days in a row and got baths afterwards. He is always clean. He has his routine where we walk three times a day, we get the mail every night. He's a lot to handle because he's still a puppy I know, but I also like to be able to give him all of that attention. I always say that I don't even know if I'll be able to handle 2 kids someday lol. Although I do want 2, I'll probably freak out like this just the same.

  6. Yay a Ted update!! He really is the cutest little guy ever. Seriously he is just SO CUTE! You should get Ted a girlfriend and then breed them (did you get him neutered? I can't remember if you mentioned that) And then I'll buy on of their puppies haha But yeah these are so cute and Ted IS your baby. Personally, Ted updates are 1000000 times more entertaining to read than baby ones. Probably cause I'm not a mom yet but still. I didn't even think dogs got bored but it makes sense! If we had one, it would probably be so bored cause I just sit and make signs all day haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. Hey, I know Candace!! ;) Ted is sooo cute!!! Makes me want a dog of my own (someday haha) I love the video where you ask "where's John?!" and Ted starts crying a little, he is just so cute! I bet he would love another friend to play with alllllll day!

    1. Hahaha I know who you are! Well I didn't at first, but I do now! I don't remember if I followed you or you followed me first on instagram, but I was thinking like, "hmm those kids look familiar" (probably because I LOVE their names so I remembered them) then I realized it was because of Candace! So if you want a dog, would you like the chihuahua??? Lol, kidding. I don't know if this chihuahua likes kids. I get anxiety just thinking about having a dog and then kids someday lol. I can only handle like one thing at a time.

    2. Haha yeah, Candace is great at bringing people together:) And I'm kinda the same (but opposite?) because we already have the kids but I'd love to add a dog into the mix someday, but it is a little nerve-wracking not knowing how they'll all do together.

      p.s. let me know if you ever need a dog-sitter!


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