Sunday, December 27, 2015

Adiós Texas!

We had to push back moving until after Christmas so we've been camping out in Austin with my Mom for a few days, but today - we're off! (I'm actually being proactive and SCHEDULING this post in advance!!!) So in honor of saying goodbye, I put together a little list of my favorite Texas-themed posts. Maybe you've read some of them, maybe you haven't. I can't say it enough, but we love, loved our time here and I'm so glad that I finally got the courage to start this blog so I can have all these memories documented properly here. We are so looking forward to exploring a new (to us) part of the country and starting another chapter of life. And of course I'm looking forward to settling back down (miss my bed!!!) and documenting/blogging/rambling about our new-to-us city. 

I doubt I'll be able to post again until after the New Year, but you can always find me on Instagram and Snapchat @ mvapfel. I'm throwing around the idea of making a little "vlog" to document the move, but we will see. I'm at least going to video for myself, but I don't know if I will make it into a production because I've never done it before. Could be a horrible idea, haha. Although John hasn't said no to it (yet lol..) he doesn't like to be on camera and has the mouth of....I don't know, but the mouth of someone who knows (and uses) every curse word in the book. So all footage may end up being void anyways, haha. But if could be fun...

Anyways, without further ado - here are some of my favorite Texas memories:

Took a Sunday drive to Galveston - That one time I asked John to take my picture on the beach for my new blog.

Yee-Haw - My entire family gets thrown off a mechanical bull.

* The Houston rodeo - Three words: Deep. Fried. Oreos. 

* Didn't like my shirt and almost ruined a good day - But got a great picture on the pier.

* "Spring" in Texas - AKA, everyone throw your shoes out the window.

* Weird and cool Austin - I went downtown Austin for 4 hours and deemed it "weird", but kind of cool too.

* Strawberries + motorcycles = a Texas Saturday night - A man in a sequined jumpsuit almost dies.

* A go-with-the-flow kind of Saturday - Not sure I mentioned it, but Ted pees in the ocean.

* Ok, I think I've had enough BBQ now - When we drove to the middle of nowhere to eat takeout in the bed of the truck.

* I changed my mind - When John compared Texas summer to living in an oven.

* Take me out to the ballgame...(and bring lots of money for food.) - A collection of the foods offered at Minute Maid Stadium.

* Ted takes San Antonio - Basically 5,000 photos of Ted walking around meeting strangers and such.

* Checking things off my Texas bucket list, one food at a time - MORE bbq + donuts.

* Literally the worst person to take to a sporting event - When we saw the Texan cheerleaders, I mean football game.
* The end is near - A serious post about how much we love Texas. 

I read this book a few years ago titled "Goodbye To All That" and it was basically a collection of short stories written by writers saying their goodbyes to New York City. Although some of their experiences were more extreme than others, they all had one common theme - they had moved there as one person and left as another. I think that not only goes for places like New York, but anywhere. I look back on who we were a year ago, and I can already see how we're different. And not only do places and experiences associated with that place change us, time does too. A year might not seem like a long time, but they add up. It might be hard to notice now, but I hope that someday we can look back on all the places we've lived and see how much we've grown. (At least I think we're growing "up" most of the time, haha.)

I know I'm getting all sappy here, and I really just wanted this to be light, but I can't help it. I'm just feeling very lucky lately for the life that we have, and that isn't a bad way to feel. (Because a lot of times I cry over this life too lol.)

So farewell Texas! Thank you for our teddy boy, for introducing my taste buds to spicy(er) foods, and for showing us what real humidity feels like. Hope to see you again someday ;)



  1. Yay moving finally!! Drive safe and DO make a vlog :) Just say it's rated R if there's too much cursing haha But for reals, it would be a fun little memory even if you don't post it :) I think you asked what I use to edit (if not, ignore this next sentence) butI use adobe premier. The software that comes with all macs is called imovie and also works amazing and there's like 100 tutorials on how to use it on youtube. k again drive safe and happy new year!!!

  2. Moving is always the most bittersweet feeling! Hope you have a safe trip and can't wait to follow along on your new adventures in the Carolina's!!


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