Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ok so, we're *probably* moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I say "probably" because I still don't have that set-in-stone confirmation I've been waiting for...but it's getting a little close to change, so I hope it won't...

 I feel like I've been unintentionally keeping this a big secret on here and looking like I'm trying to be dramatic or something, but really Johns just been telling me to hold off. Everyday I'm like, "did you get a relocation letter yet? Can I tell yet? When can I blog about this?" Hahaha. But I've already told a few of you, and our families know, so why not just let it out? If all keeps going the way it looks, we'll be leaving for Charlotte in two and a half weeks. The movers are coming a week from tomorrow to pick up our stuff. Johns flying out there next week for a training and to lock us down an apartment, and so once thats done, it will be as set-in-stone as it can get. (Until we actually get there..)

Also, I've never been there so that picture is from a puzzle I was doing while babysitting yesterday, haha. Weirdly and coincidentally enough, the family I work for is moving to Charleston about two weeks after we're moving, so we were doing this puzzle of the United States and I was like, "I'm going to live here, and you're going to live there!!" (I hope we can road trip to Charleston!) 

Anyways, we've known for a while now that it was probably going to be Charlotte. Like that text is from the beginning of October. John had requested over the summer to be transferred from the Chicago office to the Charlotte office. For a few reasons...but basically, he's become really close to some of the guys he works with here and would like to continue to work with them on future projects. And also because wherever his "home" office is, is most likely where our "home" will end up being someday. And we decided that we didn't want that to be in Chicago. Or to even be sent back to Chicago temporarily. Nothing against it, we like Chicago and all, but the cost of living there compared to somewhere like Charlotte is just ridiculous. Also...winter, haha. No thanks. And of course because cowboy-boot-wearing-John loves the south and would like to stay. Even though Jessica already told me that Texas isn't really considered "south" hahaha. So we're excited to see what it's like there. I've been calling around for apartments, and I can already tell that the accent is so much stronger there. I think we're going to stick out a bit more...haha.

So, once we found out that he got moved to that office, we had a feeling we would be going there for a while because there's some down time until the next project starts. (Hopefully "down time" means less hours...but we'll see.) But still, being in Charlotte will be somewhat temporary. This time at least. It's just until another project starts, unless there happens to be one in that area soon. (I know this is super confusing, trust me, I'm confused.) John says we should be there about 6 months...but that's also what he said when we moved here haha, so who knows! I try not to think about it too much. Just call me Morgan go-with-the-flow Apfel...

We actually went back and forth with the idea of maybe buying a (small, very small lol) house there since we know we will be back to Charlotte often now since it will be his home office, but the thought of that honestly terrified me (I was crying a lot) and I still want to travel with John. At least at this point in my life. I know someday I'll want to stop, and maybe we get a permanent address at that point...but not ready for that just yet. So we're packing up this little apartment to move into another little apartment, but that's just the way I like it for now.

So hopefully the "probably" will drop from this title at some point...but I had to "probably" it because there was a rumor about Richmond, hoping that's still just a rumor. Although I'm sure it's nice there too, my heart's kind of set on Charlotte now. (Princess Charlotte, Charlottes Web. All the greats.) But no really, I hear it's nice. No snow right....? Jessica please confirm???? But actually, there's a chance we'll end up living just over the border into South Carolina because I'm having a hard time finding a place that allows break-leases..which we almost always need.

So updates on that soon, but I'm probably going to repeat this scene from "A Walk To Remember" every day..

...except that she's straddling North Carolina and Virginia in that scene. You get the point. I guess I don't know my geography very well, but I never realized Charlotte was right on the border to SC like that. It actually reminds me of when we lived in Omaha, how we could literally walk to Iowa. John actually worked in Iowa half the time we lived in Omaha. So no big deal if we don't actually end up living in Charlotte. Both Carolinas look cool to me. (via movie scenes and google lol.) I texted one of my friends recently about moving there and she was like "oh cool! Can I visit? That's some Notebook sh*t!" Hahaha.

Aways though, it feels good to get this off my chest finally. Even if it's not completely "confirmed." For now, I'll be in my apartment stress eating hershey kisses and throwing everything away.

I hope to keep up with blogging during all this, but we'll see. Once the movers come, I will most likely be blogging sitting cross legged on the floor with Ted running circles around me, so forgive me if I do take an absence.

Until next time....



  1. Ohh I so want to go to Charlotte one day! I hope you end up going there for sure! I grew up in Oregon on the Columbia River...and Washington was right across. So, I couldn't straddle a line since it was a river haha, but I always forget not everyone can just drive to another state in like 10 minutes. (And my town was super tiny so we had to drive to the town in Washington just to buy groceries, see movies, go to Target, etc.) Also, once there was a car accident on the bridge and me and a bunch of my friends coming back from the movies got stopped on it (for like an hour) so we got out of our cars and stood in the middle of the bridge so I guess we were kind of straddling the line?? Hahaha.

  2. Ahhhh sooo exciting!!! I've been waiting to find out where the move was to! South Carolina is soo cute! I've gone the past two summers and have been half trying to convince Bill to either move to North Carolina or South. The movie theatre from the Notebook is actually in Charleston! I was so excited to find it but then I had a crazy girl moment and got mad at Bill for watching it with another girl before we met...who knows what goes through my head haha! But that is so exciting and I'm happy for you guys that you'll be out of the cold still! If you decide to head up to the North east I'll be in NY!


  3. Ah isn't it fun never really knowing where you're going to be until you are there? We've been going through a similar situation over here, so I know exactly how it feels. I've always wanted to visit the Carolinas so I'm jealous! Some of my favorite bloggers live in Charlotte too (one I know in real life, one I do not). Being from Houston it's weird to think about just walking over state borders.

  4. Yay (but boo cause it isn't Arizona) but yay for new adventures and a cool place to live! One time the Bachelorette was filmed in Charlotte cause the bachelorette lady was from there haha so fun fact #1! But I guess since it isn't 1000% set in stone I can still hold out hope for Arizona haha No snow here! Oh and obviously that Walk to Remember clip gave me chills. So cute and I love that movie and soundtrack haha We have been looking into buying a house maybe soonish, too! Cause like, we pay all this rent so might as well pay the same rent for something we own. But I get it, it's so stressful/scary/ once you buy, you're kind of stuck there until you sell it to someone else. I bet NC will be so fun, though and Ted will love it :) But for real, one of these moves, I hope it's closer to AZ, we are probably going to be here forever haha I wouldn't mind moving somewhere new but Jason never wants to leave here ever. I just want to meet and be real life friends, is that TOO much to ask/!?!? :)

  5. Soo I have been a terrible reader (ha...blogger?) lately. Your Thanksgiving recap is saved in my queue to read!! But ahhhhh! You will LOVE it! We are very nice people here too ;). I hate to break it to you but it can snow. When it does snow we get REALLY excited around here, but you won't see it in December, maybe not even January. If it snows it will usually snow around February. We get more ice than anything but it shuts everything down because only highways are salted and we just don't really have plows. You won't be far by living in South Carolina like the Fort Mill area I am guessing? I will say the gas in SC is wayyy cheaper. NC has some of the highest gas prices because we tax it a lot so if you live in SC that would be a benefit. Also, you will HAVE to visit Charleston it is so nice and pretty there. All Nicholas Sparks books are set in NC too haha. The movies are all filmed in either NC, SC or GA. How exciting! Also, our home prices are really great too so if you ever do end up being in NC as your home office it is an affordable place to be! How exciting!

  6. Woohoo! So excited for you guys! I bet it's so pretty there and the weather will be great and you will be close to an ocean (jealous)!

  7. That's awesome that you're so down to go with the flow! It sounds like it will be another great adventure.

  8. Oh my gosh! That is amazing!!! North Carolina is such a chill place to be. Everyone is super nice, you still kind of get your taste of seasons and the homes are super affordable! You guys will love it!!! We live in the Boston area now and I think I would be really happy transferring to Chicago. I think it may be a step down when it comes to cost of living too, which would be the best thing ever. lol but still give us the big city feel we're used to. And the midwest, ugh I love it. Anyway, I can't wait to hear all about your new adventures. If you guys buy a house let me know and I'll come help you decorate it. :p

  9. Ahhhh!!! SO exciting!! Nick and I always say if we moved it would be to North/South Carolina - you guys are going to love it! And def make a trip down to Charleston when you have the time, it's amazing. Hope packing/moving goes well!

  10. My best friend lives in Charlotte; it's so cute there! Best of luck... very exciting :)

  11. I totally know how you feel. Before we moved to Charleston, we were waiting on the official word for months. I wanted to tell everyone so bad, but couldn't. Blah! Anyway, congrats on your move that is most likely happening! I've only heard good things about Charlotte. And I love Charleston and Charlotte isn't that far away. You'll have to come to Charleston for sure and do all the Notebook things!

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