Saturday, January 9, 2016

A weekend in Chicago <--- REWIND.

Before I go on to posting about life in real-time, I thought I'd better back up a little bit and catch up on what I missed while I was MIA... (traveling, without a computer, being lazy etc.) I know it's kind of late to be writing about this, but I don't want to leave it out because it was the best part of December! So the weekend before Christmas we went out to Chicago for my cousin Laurens wedding, and although it was cold (cannot handle the cold!! like barely wanted to leave the hotel!) it was so good to be able to meet up with my whole side of my Dad's family and celebrate Christmas and there was a special family suprise ;)
So, I don't know about anyone else, but I write so many notes in my iPhone. Anyone else?? Like, especially when we're on a trip, or I have an idea for a blog post, I'll start taking notes in my phone about things I want to remember and for some reason I took A LOT at the beginning of this weekend, haha. So let's start with those...

- Uber driver. Fast talker from NYC.  Said like "Dawter" and when we said we were going to Chicago he was like "oh hey pizza!" and we were like oh good idea. Then later we said we used to live near Chicago and he still kept talking about how we HAD to get pizza lol. Wakes up at 3am and drinks coffee everyday.

- John was mad I forgot his headphones and wouldn't take mine, but then he finally did. Then halfway through the flight he puts one in my ear and plays Justin Bieber "sorry" and I mouthed "me too." But, tbh I did forget a lot of his stuff. Needed coffee so bad I chugged down the worst airplane coffee in like 3 gulps. And ginger cookies. And John kept insisting that I dip them in the coffee and I kept saying no, but then it was really good. Then John bought beats. 

- Then I was coming out of the bathroom and the woman at the sky lounge yelled "Morgan" and I pretended like I didn't hear her then she came over and asked what my maiden name was because she said she thought she knew my Mom. 

- Then on the second flight, John was in the very back and I was in the front and had my headphones in and this older woman dressed in all black and a fancy black hat comes up to my aisle and yells "MORGAN" and scared the sh*t out of everyone surrounding me and was like "your husband says hi" and then left lol. Then the guy next to me was like, "she was on my last flight from Charleston and was handing out pineapple to everyone." Then he told me all about North Carolina and how I could go hiking and find these special tea leaves and sell them for lots of money. I just keeping saying "that's crazy" over and over again.

Haha. Maybe that's embarrassing to admit, but I do take a lot of notes because I love to remember these little things. So I guess first of all, we had a lot of interesting uber drivers this weekend. That first guy was like w-i-r-e-d at 5m and I could not handle it. I wanted to be like, "hey buddy, not all of us have had our coffee yet so could you please bring it down a couple notches" haha. No really, he was pretty interesting though. And I love a New York accent. But I'm convinced that they do that job because they like to talk. Every driver we had talked, and talked and talked. And I feel like most of the time John was initiating it by asking them questions so eventually I had to ask John to stop talking to them after one driver was telling us how hotdogs were made and went into great detail about kosher meats and how to properly drain an animal of blood....

So yeah, moving on...just a lot of interesting people that first day. True story, a woman did chase me down and ask me my name because she said she knew a woman with a daughter named Morgan but she said she hadn't seen the daughter since she was  about that was very strange. Then there was the woman who yelled my name on the plane, at the request of John haha. I think she was drunk to begin with, but her and John got drunk in the back of the plane. Fun fact about John: he loves old ladies. He's been known to find the Grandmas at weddings and pick them up and dance with them. So that was kind of the funniest thing ever. And I did forget headphones, which is like the #1 priority on a  flight, I know, and I only had these old ones in the bottom of my purse, so John ended up buying beats at the airport. Which he's wanted for a long time anyways, so it was like "Merry Christmas" haha. (I'm going to steal them all the time though. Even if they look ridiculous. Which they do lol.)
So apparently the hotel had called John the day before and asked if we needed anything, and John was like, " yeah, could we get some champagne?" so when we got to our room this was here, haha. I really don't know why they did that for us, but it was fun. We drank the whole thing, and then took a nap, haha. 

Then later that night we met up with everyone for the welcome dinner and here is where my screw-ups begin. For some reason I was assuming this was going to be a more "casual" wedding. The wedding itself was at a brewery so I took that as the first sign, and then when I rsvp'd it said something like "our short and sweet ceremony" so I was thinking like, cool, no church, no fanciness, awesome. Then I looked up where the welcome dinner was and it seemed like a mexican place, so I was like, "COOL, AWESOME, CAN GO CASUAL." Wrongo. Apparently I skimmed over the part that said "cocktail attire" so we looked this this... 
That's me, in a turtleneck. (And skirt I might as well add.) And John is wearing a sweater AND JEANS! (But like nice dark ones and nice shoes I might as well add.) Meanwhile, the 60-ish other people there were are all dressed AMAZING. Like, they were dressed better than we were going to be dressed to the actual wedding the next day, so I was like, "oh sh*t..." I felt so dumb. But I feel like we always overdress for weddings so for once I was like, okay let's just be normal, but boy was I wrong haha. Oh well. I apologized to my cousin and my aunt like ten times, so as long as they know I had a little misunderstanding then I guess that's fine. (They really didn't seem like they cared at all, and I'm sure I cared way more than anyone else.)
So anyways, the food and the "entertainment" was so good. The brother and sister of the groom acted like the "hosts" of the whole thing and were basically standing up at the front story-telling and being comedians throughout the whole dinner. I kept saying they could totally host an awards show, haha. But it was cool because the dinner was like 4 hours long. (It was a tapas style menu.) And like I even have to say this, I ate so much. I think I had two of the flan desserts that were meant to be shared just for myself. By the time we were leaving I was saying "my stomach hurts" over and over again..(WHY Morgan, WHY?!)

OH! And we got the best surprise that night...
THESE TWO ARE HAVING A BABY!! I don't know why I was so surprised, because I've been saying "I bet Kristen (my stepsister) and Jason are going to have a baby this year" but when she told me I was like so, so surprised. It might have been the way she told me though, because there was this little baby boy there and he was dressed in like a little tie or suspenders or something, I can't remember right now, but I was like "oh my god look how cute that baby is dressed" and she said something like, "yeah, we're having one." Hahahaha. And so I was like, "wait...WHAT did you just say?" And then my sister Jordan got there after me, so I was like standing by and watching just waiting for her reaction to it, and I captured this video. (On her instagram, so I don't know if anyone can watch it, but it's funny.) 

So we didn't really make any plans to do much while we were there because it was a short trip, and because it was cold. We didn't really want to be outside unless it was to catch a cab, haha. I know that's lame, but not really because I've been to Chicago about a million times. But on Saturday we did go shopping for a bit, where I took this note in my phone...

- Went to J.crew to get John some jeans because he never has time to shop otherwise lol. I feel like the most unfashionable person on the planet. Like every single person was a certified J.crew model. 

For real, I was like feeling like very self conscious for some reason. I felt like everyone was so super stylish and cool. And I was wearing that same turtleneck from the night before, haha. (BUT IT IS ACTUALLY JCREW!!) Anyways, so John got some new jeans and I really didn't want to be in there anymore but he was like, "just pick something out" and basically forced me so I was like..."uh this" and it was like a flannel type shirt and the first time I wore it (like a week later) he was like, " that an extra small??" Hahaha. Because it's like huge. (IT'S CALLED STYLE! I SAW IT ON THE MODELS SHOPPING INSIDE JCREW.) 
But yeah. Shopping lasted about 3 minutes, and then we went to Portillo's for lunch to meet my parents. 
At this point I was starting to finally feel the effects of the 4 vodkas I had the night before (to try and calm my embarrassment for mistaking cocktail attire for a cotton turtleneck), so I ate an entire large french fry. Which fun fact: I had given up french fries for New Years 2015 and had survived 11 months without. But whatever, I figured I did good enough. Also look at my Dad's style...
Booties and cuffed denim. I swear, he's cooler than me. Then they gave us our Christmas gift which included two gift cards to BBQ places here in Charlotte! I was freaking out, because we love (well, mostly John, I "like it a lot") bbq. It was just such a cool, thoughtful gift. 

Then we went back to the hotel, and napped again before it was wedding time. 
So like I said, it was at this big brewery. And again....we were a bit underdressed, but to be fair I think we fit into the whole bar/brewery thing. But John might have been the only guy not wearing a tie. (I kept apologizing I felt so bad because I'm the one who plans and packs his outfits lol. Yes that's right, I do.) And again....everyone was dressed like we were at the presidents ball. Just kidding, but it was a fancy bunch. 
The boys.
The girls. Kristen really didn't like this picture because it was still a secret a this point, but I just think it's so funny. (Also, not a secret anymore. It's Facebook official and everything!!) Why I'm always making this face? I don't know.
John and I. Dressed like we're just at a fun party, haha. So I was wearing tights and these like rose-colored open toed booties, and I thought it looked kind of funny so I googled "tights and opened toed boots" and the first picture that popped up was Sarah Jessica Parker, so I was like, "yess, I'm doing it" haha.
So, my cousin Sean (the brides brother) right there officiated the wedding. I was standing behind my Dad, and thought it was so cute he kept zooming in and taking so many pictures of him, haha. 
I never want to ask the bride at weddings for pictures because I feel like that has to be so annoying so here's a picture of her dress, which was so beautiful. It's too bad I didn't get her face because she is the most adorable person ever. She looks exactly like an Olsen twin. (Pre-weirdo Olsens.) 
And I guess I never really had any idea how they met, I just assumed it was through friends or work or something, but apparently they met on Tinder, haha. I've never used Tinder because I'm married obviously and also spent like 1 day of my life single, but I always thought it was kind of a joke, haha. Guess not! It was funny too, because the night before at the welcome dinner the sister was telling the story about how she basically made his Tinder account so she's really responsible for everything. And then there first dance was to a remix of Rihanna's "we found love in a hopeless place" which I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure it was a joke about meeting on Tinder. She also made a joke in her speech (they didn't have a wedding party so they made speeches themselves) thanking him for swiping right, haha. (It is right, right?)
They had the cutest little details too. Like this cardboard cutout of their pug, Stanley. I have never met this dog in person, but doesn't he just look like such a little character? They actually moved to Israel (Tel Aviv) a week after their wedding (crazy right) and my cousin got him certified as her emotional support dog so they could take him, haha. (I wonder if I could get Ted certified as mine lol.) By the time we had left the wedding I saw that they brought this out on the dance floor and were passing it around dancing with him, haha. 

So there was the wedding, a brewery tour, and then dinner and dancing...and then we were so lame and called it a night pretty early. I think we were just tired and surprisingly not in the mood to drink. (Or mingle because most of my family also left early-ish and we didn't know many other people there.) So we snuck out (I'm the worst at that lol), went back to our hotel, slept, and left early to head back to Texas....

....and that was our quick weekend in Chicago! Uber drivers, food, turtlenecks, and pregnancy announcements! It was just so good to see family because who knows the next time we'll all be together. With my sister Jordan still in Houston and us here now, we're getting more and more spread around. So here's to hoping for more weddings and babies to bring family together ;)



  1. The wedding sounds like a really good time! I love the cutout of their dog. And Tel Aviv?! That is really crazy!

    Uber drivers are so weird sometimes. I think we're actually the ones that usually weird them out though haha. We went out with Michael's sister and on the ride to the restaurant Michael started playing the pope's album (which is just music with some of his speeches played over so so weird) on Spotify...

    So exciting that your stepsister is having a baby!!!

    1. Lol what! The pope has an album?? That is so funny. I love stories about Michael lol. John seriously just thinks it's polite or something to keep a conversation going but I would much rather sit in silence. I like uber and all, but I also miss good old taxis with the drivers who could care less who was in the backseat and making them happy haha. And yeah, we are all so excited about the baby because it's going to the first in our family. And it's a GIRL!!

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