Thursday, January 7, 2016

Our move to South Carolina + a "vlog" or something that could better described as AN OLD SCHOOL HOME VIDEO!

...or an "amateur documentary" because I realized maybe I watch too many of those because my idea of videotaping our day is documenting phone calls, haha. But whatever. I was really inspired by Candace to make this little video because I love her vlogs and thought "hey maybe our kids would think this part of our life was cool someday!" Not the most entertaining video, but nonetheless, I made it for memories sake. (Always for memories sake!) And, I just like to document Ted. I always imagine our kids will enjoy seeing Ted. (I know we don't have kids yet, but I'd like to sometime in Teds lifetime lol.) It may have been more exciting had I documented some of our meals (had some good food!) or out in public more but I just can't be that person, haha.

(So to make up for it, here's John eating some fish/fried/spicy things lol. I had Salmon.)

I talk to myself at the camera maybe 3 or 4 times, but it's mostly me talking at John or to John. (Or to Ted lol.) John talks about ford rangers for a good 3 minutes, and then later on about fried chicken for 3 minutes. (Exaggerating, but really, a lot of fried chicken in the south lol.) It's totally home-video style of just taping things going on haha. It's a sad, sad attempt at a vlog, and I've uploaded it like 4 times and deleted it because I think it's so bad, but I figure I'll chalk it up to practice, and do better next time. I'm a big fan of videoing things because I know that I personally love to watch old videos, so I'm sure later on in life I'll appreciate these. Even if the quality is horrible, haha. But it's probably my own fault. I hadn't used iMovie since high school, and I tried watching one tutorial, got bored and just decided to wing it, haha. Oh, and it just ends sort of abruptly. I planned on asking John some questions later on that night, but decided not to. I wasn't in the mood. So you might be like, "that's it?..." yes, that's it haha.

But you might also be like, "thank god that's over!" because it's OVER SEVENTEEN MINUTES!! Sorry! I read somewhere that a vlog should be less than 12 minutes, but I just couldn't. I chopped time off as best I could, but literally I filmed almost 90 minutes of nonsense. I talked to myself a lot in the car, and then felt so embarrassed to watch it back, haha. Also totally *RATED R* because like I knew he would, John uses the f-word multiple times. But I can't blame him because so did's actually the first word out of my mouth, haha. I try to keep it mostly clean here, but I can't hide how we are in real life. There's no point in doing that. (I'll deal with the f-word and the future kids later lol.)

So anyways, the move here was different in a few ways. One, because it was the first since we've had Ted, so that added an extra element as he's kind of like a live animal that we have to take care of. If it wasn't for him I think we probably would have pushed doing the drive into two days, but we thought that might be torturous so we did three shorter (ish lol) days instead. And Usually we pack our cars f-u-l-l of crap, like the things we keep out from the movers; most of our clothes, bathroom things, air mattress etc, and we did that again only to remember...oh yeah, the dog has to fit in there too, haha. I put this story on snapchat, but I actually forgot to pack up like half of the kitchen cupboards when the movers came, and we discovered all this stuff like the day before had to leave the apartment. So long story short, two days before we left John had to get a truck cover installed on his car so we could move everything out of his car and into the back of his truck. Oh, and that same day I was driving behind him and he spit a rock at my windshield and cracked it (pretty bad lol) so we had to get that fixed asap too since we were about to drive into the cold. (Have I mentioned it's COLD here?!)

And secondly, this move was different because it was the first time I had driven myself. Embarrassing to admit...but every other time we've moved, someone else has driven my car. For example, the last move from IL-TX, John flew his Dad out to meet us because he didn't want me to drive alone. (Overprotective, but reason #167340 why I love him.) So every time we move, my hands do not even touch the steering wheel. No one trusts me, haha. And I don't exactly blame them. I have absolutely 0 sense of direction, like anytime I drive somewhere new, and even using a gps, I will take at least two wrong turns and get lost. And and I just don't do well with long drives, I get a little crazy. And I cry really easily...(in the passenger or driver seat lol.)

So this was going to be a test for me. I think I passed though. I held my sh*t together and didn't even complain or cry until after we got here. (Reason #85746 why I crawled into a hole of depression in the days that followed, haha.) I would say it wasn't that bad. It was even a little fun sometimes. It felt like I was a race car driver, or like I was driving in a video game at times because I was following John and I had to stay right behind him and it was like my mission not let anyone in between us. But the rain part was s-u-p-e-r stressful. There isn't much footage (technical wordage makes me sound like I know what I'm doing right?) on the second day as we got into Georgia because it was raining sooo bad. I get really nervous in the rain and usually drive like 20 below the speed limit, but I had to keep up with John in traffic, and we had no time to really waste. We drove almost 9 hours that day. It was one of those times where I was driving and I was just like praying that I was in the right lane because I really couldn't tell. (Would have definitely cried under normal circumstances lol.)

What I do like about this video though, is that it's happy and sad at the same time. Kind of like the whole move itself you know? I don't want to ever act like this is so easy and so fun all the time. It is, but it's also hard and sad too. So you'll notice it goes back and forth. And obviously if you read my last post, you won't be surprised it ends on more of a sad note.

So here it is! Watch if you'd like. (I really didn't want to have to use youtube, but it was too long for vimeo.) I only request that you watch it small because once I moved it over to youtube it got blurry for some reason (should have watched the damn tutorials, I know!) but if you keep it on the smaller side, it looks okay. How everyone gets these white bright videos, I'll never know. But I secretly kind of like it this way because I just love those real and not-always-so-pretty old school home videos ;)

Bless your hearts. x


  1. I can't watch the vlog now because I'm at work but I'm going to try to remember to watch it later! But I have to say I'm the same way with cussing haha. I try to keep my blog clean but in real life I cuss way too much. And I'm also horrible with directions and make wrong turns constantly, even with a GPS!

  2. haha you're right, when it was over, I was like IT'S OVER, NO!!!!!! hahah I loved every minute!!! I dunno what is is but I LOVE vlogs. It's just really cool to see into someone else's life and see their mannerisms and all that stuff. I can't get over your accents. I think I asked you this before but I can't remember!! Do I have an accent to you? Anyways though, loved this vlog and glad you decided to make it and put it up!! Random little tip, if you use too much mainstream music, youtube will ban your video. I think you had the radio on for a little bit and I don't really know "how much is too much" but I wanted to tell you cause I never want your vlog(s) (you're making more, k??!!!) to get banned cause how can i watch them then, ya know?? Anyways, favorite part was when you added "I'm not a regular dogmom, I'm a cool dogmom!" hahah mean girls is so classic! Also I HATE driving in the rain, too! It is been soooooo rainy in AZ lately which is also CRAZY weird so when you were like saying how something weird is going cause the weather has been weird I was like YES! Cause it never rains here and my complex is literally flooding. Anyways, moral is loved the vlog, make more, good luck in SC or NC (I thought you'd mentioned one but then I read the other so I dunno which one you live in now haha)

    1. Lol I do not know any of these youtube rules!!!!! Will they find me lol?? Regardless, it's saved on my computer so I'll always have it so if it gets deleted I won't be too upset. It's really just for the 5 of you that read my blog lol. I can totally hear my own accent now that I'm aware of it lol. And you do not have an accent to me, but there's this blogger I follow on snapchat, I'm sure you do too, or you at least know of her - hellofashionblog - and her voice always reminds me of you for some reason!!! I think she's from Utah, so maybe similar, but just random! Anyways, thank you for watching. And I MISS YOU! I hope we can both get back into blogging more because I need my blog friend interaction. Especially right now! xx

  3. Ahh this was awesome! I thought it was fun to watch part of your journey here. I hate to hear my own voice so I don't know if I could do a vlog, but I love watching other people's vlogs (of course). You will definitely love watching this down the road because you will also remember all of the other little things before and after the parts you filmed. I love your observations of the south: payday loan places, strips clubs, and fried chicken! Haha. There is definitely a lot of fried everything. I don't really like fried chicken, but give me some fried seafood or over. At least you made it without any major catastrophes! Our drive cross country the first time I got a BS ticket in Mississippi for "following too closely." The trip back Danny lost his wallet in Tucson and we found out about it in El Paso! I think I blogged about it? Anyway we got it back in NM...haha. Ted did so well!

  4. I feel like you have a midwest accent. Lol Also, I would die if I had to make that drive without Justin. So boring. :p Also, I can't believe Ted eats in the car. Hudson doesn't touch his food in the car, unless it's human food. lol This video reminds me of some of our moving adventures. So fun that you documented it. Enjoy your new place and all the new adventures! Are you guys set for awhile or do you see more moves in the future? Also no offense is made by this whatsoever, but I can't believe I just watched this whole video. Hahaha Your language is a bit more colorful than mine. :p That apartment is super cute. I love the floors and the kitchen is adorable. Enjoy your new state, I think you'll love it! (I'm just saying that because I personally love SC)

    1. Hahaha Teds never had human food so he has no idea. He's OBSESSED with his food lol, he'd eat it anywhere. So sorry about all the cursing lol. I feel like you probably have a very clean mouth lol. And thanks for watching the whole thing, I know it was SO long I feel like I should write a thank you card to anyone who wasted 17 minutes haha. So thanks friend :)


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