Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowed in, ish.

This is so typical of me, but I had NO CLUE that there was a winter storm coming at us last. A friend from Michigan messaged me on Thursday something like "are you getting prepared for the blizzard????" nd I immediately thought like, she totally meant to send that to someone else so I didn't respond right away thinking she would be like, "sorry! not for you!" or something, haha. But no, she meant it for me. And then I started seeing things like this pop up on Instagram. I'm still not totally sure where I fall on this map still but looks like I'm somewhere in the 6 bottles of wine ring, so I was like uh-oh. I texted John this information and he was already like, "yeah they're probably calling off work tomorrow..."

But still Thursday night, everything seemed fine. Cold yes, but no sign of rain or snow or anything, so I was really convinced nothing would happen. Fact: I NEVER believe things. Ever. I was trying to explain this to John and my example was how I NEVER believe celebrity couples are going to split up. Until they do. I just don't believe "rumors" especially when things get all "hyped up." I was convinced until the very last moment that Bruce Jenner was not going to become a women. I was sticking up for him left and right and shaming those magazine covers in the grocery store, and then he went out and admitted to Diane Sawyer that he was a women. I was like, thanks a lot "Bruce!" Point of the story is, I just don't believe anything until I can see it. And since I grew up in Michigan, I never believe the weather, haha. (YOU GUYS KNOW THIS!) You know how many times I planned on snow days that never came? I know better than to get my hopes up. And by hopes, I mean my hopes for John not having to go to work, haha. 

So Thursday night I slept horrible. (I've never had insomnia but it's how I would describe my sleep recently.) So Friday morning I stayed in bed while John got up at 5:30 like he always does, and I usually get up with him too (for support lol) but I was so tired I thought I'd try to get a few more hours of sleep. So I hear him leave and lock the door so in my head I was like, "HA-HA must be no snow." 

Then I hear him come back 4 minutes later (approximately, obviously) and I can hear him talking to Ted all excitedly and then he turns on every single light. Like comes in the room I'm still trying to sleep in and turns on all the lights. Like, I really did want him to stay home from work, but I was really mad he was waking me up now, haha. I told him to turn the heat up and I would get out of bed once it got to 70  degrees in the apartment and he was like, "okay deal, it's already at 69." (Felt like 39 I swear.) So I woke up. And there was snow. 
The Michigan girl in me laughs at this, because it doesn't look like much, but people were right. It's less about the snow and more about the ice. The ice was pretty bad. I didn't even drive anywhere, but I can see why they had to cancel school. Our entire complex was ice, and even though they did salt here, they salted very lightly. The sun's melted it a lot but even this morning some of the sidewalks were still a solid sheet of ice. I'm really questioning, like if I fall and break my neck, whose fault would it be? I mean, I remember this job I had when I was younger at a store and when it was icey we threw that salt down on the sidewalks like hourly because if someone got was on the owner. I always thought that was the rule?

Anyways, John was supposed to work Friday (obviously) and Saturday, but both were called off because of the road conditions so we had an extra long weekend at home together. I won't go though ALL the boring details, but I'll hit some the "highlights."

John worked from home all day Friday and I watched Netflix. I feel like everyone has a "genre" on Netflix, like the movies that they always watch and mine is really, really bad emotional movies. I just made that up, but really in the past week I've watched a movie about a man whose Father just died and he's dealing with it ("Beginners" actually really good) and then not one, but TWO movies about someone who attempted suicide, and then Friday morning I watched a movie that I would not recommend at all about a girl who found out she was adopted, but not only that she was a survivor of a failed abortion and she goes on a search to find her Mother....who wants nothing to do with her. The end. Biggest waste of my life. (And sorry that I just wasted anyone else's time with telling you about it.) I've also been watching a lot of Mad Men. I'm well into season 2 and I still don't know how I feel about it. It's okay, but more than anything I just think I'm bored...

But more important and interesting than any of that, was that Ted saw snow for the first time!!
I REALLY was convinced that this wouldn't happen unless we took him back to Michigan this year (might do) but, as this all already proves, I was wrong. (I cannot express how much I thought snow would NOT happen here.) And I thought it would be like really cute to watch him frolic around in the snow for the first time, but that is not what happened at all. I guess I don't know what he did the first time he saw it, because John took him, but I know all the times I've taken him outside I'm like - "hurry up, hurry up, PLEASE HURRRRRY UP" because it's not cute watching him take 20 minutes to find a spot to potty. I don't know if he likes it or if he doesn't like it, but I'm going to guess that he doesn't because it's taking him forever to go to the bathroom and he is only getting like 2 out of his usual 10 walks a day and he can't figure out where all his beloved sticks went. We even took him to the dog park here and he didn't know what to do. (And people probably thought we were crazy.) And the ice is obviously hard for him to walk on. Yesterday we had him out (no leash like the good dog owners we are) and John took off running and Ted took off after him and I'm not kidding, he slid right into a brick wall! I was like, "JOOOHHHN OMG!!!!" Don't feel bad though, it was actually pretty funny. And he's a brick himself, he's fine. So yeah, it's just not as cute as I imagined. I keep telling him, "don't worry Ted, we will skip winter again next year." (OR WE HOPE!)
What I thought was really funny though (besides this ice covered palm tree haha) was that the entire place was covered in snow and ice and there was the pool in the middle, acting like winter didn't exist. When I was looking for apartments around here I kept coming across places that had "salt water pools" and I thought that was just like a "luxury" type thing or like a new trend, but John said it's so they don't freeze up. But if it does get cold here for however many months each winter...why not just close it up for the season? I could understand why they kept the pools open year round in like Texas, but this one just doesn't make sense to me. I guess I don't really know anything about pool maintenance though, so maybe I should just shut up...

So after Netflix ALL DAY Friday, I needed to get out. At this point, I actually hadn't left the apartment, besides walking around outside, since I was feeling like a real piece. So I put on real pants and mascara and we went to Costco. John drove, but I don't think the roads were really that bad. I think the problem here is just that some roads are bad. The freeways were perfectly fine, but pulling into Costco it's like a hill and that part was kind of bad, not sure my car would have made it. But I was laughing when we pulled in because the parking lot was so empty, no one was there for once. It was awesome. And now this sounds really sad, but going to Costco is like a really fun day date to me. One of the things I really miss sometimes was that back in the day...when John didn't have to work 500 million hours a week we would always go to Costco together and get a whole pizza and eat it right off the cardboard. So we did that on Saturday and I was like, "this is fun." (I don't remember what John said to that but probably like, "sure" lol.)  No one cares or needs to know these things, but something I am really grateful for here is that we've had more time like this together. 

Then we needed some little things so we went to Harris Teeter, and John was sooo happy because he found his favorite Texas beer. He keeps trying to order this when we go out (ALL THE TIMES WE GO OUT) and I always laugh because he'll go "shiner bock?" and they always like blank stare at him like...what? But it's not because we're not in Texas anymore and they don't know the beer because he has gotten it here, it's because he says it sooo fast for some reason, like "shnr bk?" haha. This has nothing to do with the snow storm, it's just something that makes me laugh.

Anyways, then we came home and enjoyed the beers. Very much so. Quite honestly, being cooped up inside is hard enough because we have no life here anyways, so add this weather to the mix and we were just like "screw it" so we drank a case of beer. Not even embarrassed to admit it. 
This picture is really weird if you notice the hand shape on my right leg? Also, NOT leggings. Black jeans. Swear. 

And of course, we watched more Netflix. But John picked a really funny movie this time. And I played this game where I would eat two chocolate chips and then have a sip of beer, and then repeat. And then I started episode 1 of True Blood for some reason, and fell asleep. (Or tried to, again..insomnia?) 

Now I'm feeling like my title wasn't very appropriate because we got out again on Sunday, so we weren't really "snowed in." But it felt like it because we didn't really want to go anywhere if you know what I mean. But John has been saying like every weekend that he wants to sell his xbox because he sold all his games a while ago and really he never, ever played it to begin with, so I went with him to Gamestop on Sunday. I could not feel more out of place than in a Gamestop. (But I went, because we're weird and do everything together lol.) I spent like 20 minutes pretending to look at games. Then the guy was like "do you want store credit?" and John was like, "can I use it for gift cards?" and they guy was like, "oh yes of course." And I was super confused at the time because I thought John wanted cash, but apparently you get like $100 more if you use store credit, so we picked out a bunch of gift cards. Mostly gas cards, so not very exciting but hey.

Then I came home and spent like five hours making chocolate chip cookies. 
And now I have 300 chocolate chips cookies on my counter, and nowhere to go and nothing to do...

So guesses are what I'm doing today? I swear, if anyone gets their moneys worth of Netflix it's me. I keep telling myself that it's almost February, and that February always goes by the fastest, so it's really almost March meaning it's almost spring. I just hope that this snow/ice mess was a one time thing here, because it really made my sad life right now even sadder. (Someday I'll stop being so depressing, I swear. If you can't take it, come back in March.) 

Happy week people! xx


  1. Costco is a SUPER FUN date. Except now that Michael's gluten free he can't eat anything but like, froyo. So we don't normally get food now (unless it's froyo) and it's depressing.

    I watch way too much Netflix too. Honestly, I get up extra early because I take the dogs out (sometimes they take 10 minutes, sometimes 30+...) and because I want time to watch Netflix before work hahaha. And I go home at lunch so after taking the dogs out and making my food I watch Netflix with the like 15-20 minutes I have left.

    I also never believe stuff. Especially the celebrity rumors. Like 90% of the time they're soo out there and not true so when there are actual true ones I'm like, what?!

    1. Lol Mattie, I do the exact same thing..I like getting up early because I like to take like an hour to drink coffee and watch something. And I used to go home for lunch too and I would always sneak in some girl more girls or something after Ted was taken care of. So glad to know I'm not the only person that does that!!!!!! And sometimes I think about making like extreme diet I really want to do this stupid program where you only drink shakes for lunch or dinner, but I know I can't because John and I have to eat the same foods or else life will get too complicated. Obviously unless someone is allergic or something.

  2. Umm that sounds like an amazing weekend! I would have been really out of place at a game stop too but I'm glad you got gift cards out of the deal! I definitely get my money's worth of Netflix too! Haha. I watch it nonstop.

  3. When Jon and I got married, I got my own Costco card (he was a member) and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was also going to the LA Fitness right next to it, so I would literally go like, 3 times a week. I loved it. And now I HATE it. I always want to put everything in my own bags because the boxes are a pain in the ass, but then my bags are never sturdy enough and I end up buying way too much shit after deciding that I didn't need a cart and then I have to hold ALL of the heavy shit while standing in line foreeeeever. So, I'm over Costco. But I'm actually going tonight because we need cat litter and I really don't want to. I'm even waiting for Jon to get off work because I feel way too pregnant to pick up 40lbs of cat litter and lift it over the side of a cart when I'm only 5' tall. And last time I went to get litter, I dropped the whole bag when I was about to put it in my car and it split open on the bottom and spilled all over the parking lot. I was so pissed. We didn't get much snow here! A little bit on Saturday morning that stuck around for part of the afternoon, but that was it! I hate snow so I was glad. And I would die if my heat was on 69 ever. I was so irritated when I went to get in bed last night and realized Jon had put our heat on 68. I turned it down to 65 cause otherwise, I wake up roasting. Maybe cause I'm pregnant. I'm not sure, but either way, 69 would kill me at night. Our pool in GA closes in the winter! Same with my old apartment complex. They put the cover on and everything! They take the cover off usually in March and then put all these big "POOL CLOSED- NO SUNBATHING" signs up, but I usually lay out on the cement so nobody can see me if they drive by. Winters in GA are so rainy that I'm typically desperate for some sun and will do anything to go spend 30 minutes a day by the pool, even if I can't get in the water and have to lay on the cement. We have Netflix and only ever watch documentaries on it. And we haven't in awhile. I've seen pretty much every food based documentary on Netflix. Too bad you aren't closer to Atlanta because I would love some cookies right now. I also laughed about Ted running into the wall. I was actually watching the news about the blizzard in NYC and wondering how people take their dogs out to pee. But I guess in NYC, they don't have anywhere to pee outside anyway since it's all cement, so I guess they probably have that figured out. But maybe in Delaware. I wonder where those dogs go to the bathroom in blizzards. We had cats when I lived up north so I never had to worry about that. Okay, I need to stop typing the LONGEST COMMENT EVER and go do schoolwork instead of rambling on.

    1. Lol for real do not get the cat litter! That's too heavy!!! Once I spilled a thing of raspberries at Costco (after I paid for them) and I almost cried but this really nice employee ran over and was like, "I'LL GET YOU A NEW ONE!!" So that was really nice. I'm sure they didn't run over when you spilled that in the parking lot lol. I have no idea why someone would have a dog in NYC in the first place, no offense..but the winters there are so bad, and I'm sure there is no where to take them. When we were in Chicago not that long ago, it wasn't even snowing and I saw some people taking their dogs out just on the sidewalk. It made me so sad! I don't know, I also kind of wonder if we care more than animals, but who knows. Winter is just hard. And that's funny about the pool in March lol. I usually never go to the pool unless I'm pretending to read a book because I always think someone is going to try to talk to me. I'm so weird. But I could use some vitamin D right now. Winter makes me sad lol.

  4. I do the same thing with celebrity rumors - especially the Bruce Jenner one! I could NOT wrap my head around that and totally thought it was some made up story, even recorded the interview with Diane Sawyer so I could prove to Nick that it was going to be him saying "this is all a lie..." but NOPE! Still can't believe that. And Costo is the best day date! We always get hotdogs because they're like a $1 - although now it's torture going there and having to watch Nick eat one while I can't!

    1. Oh man, I was listening to my step-sister who's pregnant talk about all the things she can't eat and I felt so bad lol. Like, honey!! I love honey! Those hotdogs are so good, I always get one if I'm by myself, but we get pizza together because John's appetite is like 3x mine lol. And for real, about Bruce/Caitlyn (such random talk lol) I was speechless when he did that interview, and even after I was like, MAYBE he was just kidding?? lol.

  5. Send me all 300 of those cookies! And I laughed out loud about you believing Bruce was going to stay Bruce.

    1. LOL Bruce!!! I miss him though. I've finally caught up with Keeping up the Kardashians and it's not the same. He kept that family somewhat normal I thought, until now lol. And I sent ALL the cookies to work with John because they were making me upset being here lol. I'm trying to hard to eat better. I just really enjoy the "baking" part for some reason lol.


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