Monday, March 21, 2016

"Mountains for miles."

Post title provided by John Apfel. He kept going, "mountains for miles. That can be your blog post." Lol. This may very well be a waste of anyones time, but it's one of those "do I really need 500 pictures of ________" times where I'm going to post a bunch of pictures here so I can delete them off of my phone. 

We got back from a 4 day trip to Michigan yesterday, which I'm sure I'll post more about it later this week, and we had a great time there, but surprisingly the drive was one of the coolest parts of the trip. I usually LOATHE (love to use the word LOATHE) long car rides, but this wasn't so bad because I was like face-to-the-window loving the scenery so much. I had never driven through Virginia/West Virginia and before we left everyone was like, "OH MY GOD it's so scary" so I knew it would be mountain-y but I didn't know HOW mountain-y (yes I made up that word and used it twice now). I don't even think I got a picture that shows how beautiful it was, but I sure tried. My phone died almost immediately and I used up almost all our months data making snapchat (mvapel) videos and then deleting them because I just couldn't get the camera to capture how it looked in real life. So again, maybe a waste of anyone else's time, but here's what I got. Trust me, it was gorgeous.

(I just really liked these foxes on the back of the truck.) 

And then twice we had to drive literally through a mountain. It was funny, if you google map it (we did to show Johns Dad) the road just disappears. Maybe that's the scary part everyone was talking about? Heights I'm okay with, but everyone speeding though a skinny tunnel with basically 100 semi-trucks surrounding you? That's a little bit scary.

And then yesterday I took one picture on the drive back..

It was cloudy and I just wasn't as into it the second time around, haha. It actually was making me feel a little sick. It was so up and down and windy (wine-dee, not win-dee) and my ears were popping and I was just tired. (Only drove for 2 of 10 hours so I shouldn't really complain...but I still do.) Again, for the third time, this probably interests no one, but kind of cool. Or if you don't think it looks cool, then that's just my bad picture taking because it was cool. 

I had like grand plans of getting my life in order today, because later this week I am taking on NEW AND EXCITING CHALLENGE (building this up for myself only lol) but I am just exhausted. Anytime I spend days on end with people I have to take a day to recharge, so just going to take today. I'm going to try to get a while MI recap in later this week though. (Not super interesting but, still.)

Happy Monday and SECOND DAY OF SPRING! xx


  1. That tunnel through the mountain would have freaked me right out... Kinda like the Lincoln Tunnel does in NYC... You did take some beautiful pics though and I love the one of Ted sticking his head out the window!

  2. It does look like a beautiful drive, but I loathe long car rides haha. Also, that tunnel would be pretty scary--I hate feeling trapped especially around semis haha


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