Friday, March 4, 2016

What's up with Ted / ONE YEAR!

I know, I know, I know. I'm crazy. But I feel like I must at least write one more post dedicated to only Ted because he's my little baby and he will only turn one once! And he's so funny. And so cute. And basically our whole entire world, so if I don't write this I feel I might regret it. But don't worry, I won't be doing any "13 month" posts or anything REALLY crazy like that... 

So he turned 1 on February 18th, and even though he had NO clue we really tried to make it special for him. He was probably just very confused because I was being so nice. Most days I'm like, "Ted, the world doesn't revolve around you" but on his birthday I let him do whatever he wanted. (I documented this heavily on snapchat so sorry if you had to see that and now read this lol.) We took about 500 walks and I let him stop to smell whatever he wanted, then we went to the dog park and afterwards he got a bath and I didn't even curse him out for not staying in the tub. And of course he had tons of extra treats and things. First thing that day, 6:30 in the morning John gave him this giant stick thing (don't know what they're called, but they stink and he loves them) and then I had to go to like three different stores to find it, but I got him this "Paws" ice cream that we gave him later that night.

(Video of him eating it on my instagram if you're so interested.) At first we weren't really sure if he liked it, but again I think he was just confused like, "why are you guys being so nice?" The box came with 4, so he has 3 more and John was like, "he can get another one for Easter" Haha, sure? And then Ted even got thrown two pepperonis from the pizza we were eating which is a big deal because he never has people food. We're starting to break that rule a bit now, but we've tried really hard not to feed him because A) his health and B) it's annoying. Although, I've been on a big apple kick lately and I started giving him a slice whenever I cut one up, and now whenever I take out the cutting board for anything (99% of the time not for apples lol) he comes running over and will sit and stare at me. See? Annoying. But...I kind of love it. I got a TEN POUND bag of apples last week and when John came home his eyes got huge and he was like, "WHYY are there so many apples??" And I was like, "they're for Ted and I" haha. It is kind of fun to give him special little things though because he just goes so crazy and we find it hilarious. Here's a little snippet of him going nuts for one of those stinky stick things (not his bday):

The high-five is still his best trick. He thinks it will get him anything so he's always throwing his paws up at us. We went to our new vet earlier this week and he kept trying to do all these hand signals and Ted was just throwing his paws up and I was like, "um, he doesn't know those he's giving you high-fives." And his second best trick is giving "hugs" which was really cute when he was tiny, but not so much now that he wants to give "hugs" to every stranger we meet...aka jump on them. We may have made a mistake on that one. But he's just so intense too. When he see's someone it's like he MUST say hi, he's determined. And he's a big dog now, which I think is intimidating. One day a kid was walking with his Dad and I tried to avoid them but he yelled, "can I pet your dog?" And in my head I was like, "..God damnit" because I KNEW what Ted was going to do. The kid starts talking to him and Ted gets all excited and starts pulling my arm off toward him and jumping up on his back legs like a wild horse and the kid got scared to death and was like, "never mind!" Then his Dad was like, "oh it's okay, come on" and comes over to Ted and then....Ted hugs him, and the Dad (who has coffee in his hand) is like, "never mind!!" It didn't really happen quite that dramatically, but you get it. But really, he's actually very good with kids. I had him in the dog park here once and these two kids asked if they could come in and play with him and he just he just ran circles around them. I think it's just when people see a giant dog pulling a little girl around they think he must be mean. Like someone asked me once, "does he bite?" and I was like, "um, what? Are you kidding me? He's a fricking LAB. He just wants to hug you and lick your face." (Also, didn't really happen that way, but that's what I wished I had said.)

(Why can't dogs just run loose in the pet store? Just a thought.) I took him to the dog park by myself last week, which I hate, and afterwards I cried to John that he's just too big for me now. He's outgrown me. Like if I have him off leash, he might run and is way faster than me, and if I have him on a leash he's basically walking me. Super fun. 

And this is how we weigh him, haha. He's pushing 70 pounds now. When I asked John what he wanted me to include in this post he said that when Ted gets the zoomies now, he's so big he goes crashing into everything. It's probably also because of our floors, but it's like he's too big for his own games anymore. He used to be so quick and could run from room to room (lol, in our 700 sq ft apartment) and around things so easily but now he just bangs himself into the walls, everything. Not that it stops him though, haha.

BUT not trying to sound like I'm complaining here. I love him, and I swear I'm mostly nice to him, he's just huge and it personally made my life a lot easier when he was little. But I think he wishes he was smaller too, because he doesn't fit in some of his favorite spots anymore...

He used to be able to sit right in the middle here on the console and now he cries because he doesn't fit, haha. He lays half his body on it, or stands up like this. If he isn't sticking his head out the back windows (which is his FAVORITE thing in the whole world) he HAS to be right with us all the time. He hates to be left out. 

And then this is in my car. Dangerous? Maybe, I don't know. Do they make seat belts for dogs? I don't know. 

Excuse my dirty dishes and the fact that I made instant potatoes (hands over eyes emoji) but is this normal? He likes to see what we're doing so sometimes he just stands up like a human on the counter to hang out. And sometimes John turns on the faucet and lets him drink out of it. So maybe we're the not normal ones...? I don't know how other people raise their dogs, but we went with a "just let him be himself" approach so this is what we got.

But speaking of John, he is really the crazy dog person here. Not me. So up until like two days ago Ted has peed like a girl dog. Like he squats down. But then out of nowhere he peed with his leg up, and I came in from a walk to tell John and he went, "do you think they talked about it at the dog park?" Like, the other dogs told him to....hahaha. And then last night Ted was lying between us in bed and John was like, "is he crying?" And I was like, "no, he's fine." And John was convinced that his eyes were watering and he was sad about something. (He was not crying lol, trust me.) But really, if we're having a crazy contest, I would win because I'm the one who's with him 99% of the time and I literally talk to him all day long. Like if I'm getting ready I will talk him through my makeup routine and why I'm doing what I'm doing. Although he is the one who follows me around, so it's really his fault. 

I spend way too much time with him....but the good news is I'm getting a life next week! My new job is only 2-3 days a week but for like 10 hours at a time and I'm already a wreck about leaving him for that long. I keep telling him he's in for a rude awakening. My last job was a lot closer so I'd run home during nap time to let him out, but he will have to just learn to be a big boy now. He should be fine. (We hope..) AND we're finally taking him to our homeland of Michigan in two weeks so we're really pumped about that! (And so is he because we keep going, "Ted, wanna go to Michigan??!?!?!?!" And he gets really excited and starts looking around like, "yeah! What's a Michigan?")

Anyways, now I must write down the boring parts....Ted's favorite things as of lately:

- Playing ball / Or frisbee, or really anything we throw and he can chase it. It only took...his whole life to realize he had to bring it back to us for the game to continue.

- Watching the kids play football in the courtyard / Every night a bunch of little boys get together and play football and it's kind of the cutest thing in the world and on our evening walks Ted always spots them and he will stop and watch for like ten minutes. I probably look like a crazy person because it looks like I'M the one who stopped to watch, but really it's Ted. I would love to let him loose and see if he would try to play with them, haha, but no. I'll just have a bunch of boys someday. (Jk.) (Or am I?)

- TMI, but licking other dogs / This is a new interest of his that I hope goes away soon. I know it's normal for dogs to sniff each other out this way, but we've gotten quite a few dirty looks and comments from other people about it and it bothers me. (Although I'm sure I'm just being overly sensitive, like usual, because John's like DGAF.)

- Sticks. sticks, sticks, sticks sticks / Also known as pine needles, pinecones, garbage, whatever's on the ground that he can grab in his mouth and run away with.

- Whining to go outside on the patio / And then immediately whining to come back inside.

- Running / Really this is just a trick I use to get him to get him to hurry up, but he loves it when I say, "wanna run?" I haven't tripped over him yet....but I'm bound to someday because he jumps and tries to get the leash in his mouth the whole time we're running, so we get a bit tangled sometimes. Basically just like this (below) except he's giant now...

(It's not as cute anymore lol.)

So I'm not really sure what 1 year old Ted is like yet, but I'd guess he's probably still going to be a puppy for a very long time, which is fine by me. Happy 1st Birthday little guy. Thanks for being my second best friend forever. (If you ever read this.)

Until next year. (Maybe.) xx


  1. hahaha favorite part "if you ever read this" and also the first video of him doing tricks for the stinky stick thing. Literally laughed out loud cause his "sit" is like sit-laying down and I just thought it was the funniest thing ever cause it's so cute!! Ted really does have a little personality and I totally think he has real feelings and emotions haha When I went hunting with my FIL I asked if animals can love (because I want to believe they can!!) and he said no and not even dogs can and in my head I was like "DOGS CAN AND DO LOVE" cause Ted obviously loves you guys. Like he would be so sad if he didn't have you!! He is getting so big!! Will he get bigger? Like how much bigger if yes? It's funny and kinda sad for him that he wants to fit in all his fave places but he's just too big now. Like he is totally a cute puppy, just growing up!! How long is he considered a puppy?? Anyways, love Ted. Love Ted posts. and can't end without saying I NEED A DOG :)

  2. Hahahahaha 'gets the zoomies' really got me. I love it. And I don't get why people would give dirty looks because he is licking their dog! Like, if it was your human child, sure. But it's a dog...licking a dog. Who cares? People are uptight and weird sometimes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TED!

    Also re: Candace's comment dogs can totally love!

  3. I love the Ted posts! His craziness reminds me so much of Brady and I'm pretty sure they'd be BFFs. It's definitely harder to control them now that they're huge, but I just remind myself it won't be like this for forever and then we'll be sad one day that all he wants to do is lay around and be lazy! Happy Birthday, Ted!!!


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