Saturday, April 16, 2016


So my biggest blog fan...John...said to me the other day that he thinks my blog is getting boring. And I was like, "yeah, I know....but why?" (Like I agreed because my middle name is agreeable and then was like, wait what? lol.) And he said it's because I used to write about our weekends and fun stuff and now all I write about is working out and eating, haha. BUT I can't help it! I love it! Plus, we all know I've been really hermity since we've moved here, so there's really not much to talk about. Especially now that I cancelled Netflix. Maybe when it get's warmer out? (How long can I use that excuse for having no life? Haha.) Anyways, let me get on to the point because I'm sure no one has ten hours to read about me, especially on a Saturday. 

So I finished my (much talked about) first 21 day fix so I thought I'd bring it full circle here and share how it went and the "results." I'll start with the pictures because if I were reading this I would probably want to see them first, so no point in making anyone scroll all the way down....

First of all, this is very uncomfortable. Just know that, lol. When I took my before pictures I didn't think I looked bad (and I still don't, I've just always had dreams to look better) and honestly I figured I wouldn't change that much in three weeks, so I was REALLY surprised when I put these side-by-sides together. I think the biggest difference is between that first picture and the second. I mean, I knew I was bloated pretty much constantly, but wow one week of clean eating and I look 10x healthier. But the reason this is uncomfortable (besides the obvious 'hey look at my body' part) is because I do not, do not, Do NOT want to be told I'm too skinny. It was not about that. I feel like I'll probably have to put this at the top of every fitness post I do, but this is #1 about my health and how I feel about myself. (Why do I care what anyone else thinks then? I don't know, because I'm me I guess. Maybe I'll get over that someday.) But in the honor of being 110% real, I did lose about half a pound from the morning I started to the morning I finished. (And then today it was back up, so really let's just call it even.) I'll talk about it more below, but I did increase my meal plan quite a bit because I was not out to lose weight. I actually fully expected to gain some weight, but I didn't, so be nice.

Sorry for that little side rant, but I had to get that out there. This is pretty personal though, so gotta be a tiny bet defensive. Put that armor up, you know!

Ok, so now instead of just rambling, I thought I'd ask myself some questions that I imagine might be helpful to anyone who is curious or thinks they may want to try this program. And to be honest, because this helps me too. (Basically even if no one reads this, I like that I have it down and will remember/have it to compare to next time.)

Does it work? YES. Look at those baby muscles!! I wish I had taken some better before pictures, because it's hard to tell, but my legs have like...well, muscle for the first time in a long time. I put on a pair of jeans yesterday (which is rare lol) and they were looser around the hips but tighter in the thigh. It was crazy. My legs were one of the areas I really wanted to improve too, so I was really happy to see that change. And like WHAT is that muscle on the back of my arm?!

Were you hungry? I feel like this question is necessary - and no. I was NOT out to starve myself. That part was really important to me. And in all open honesty, I ate more than my container plan because I did not have a lot of "weight" to lose. I simply wanted to eat to FEEL good. To FUEL my body. So if I felt like an extra piece of toast (my plan recommended 2 carbs per day), I'd have one. (But not another one, and another one... there's a difference.) I wasn't too hard on myself, and I tried really hard to listen to my body. So no, I was never hungry. OR stuffed. Which is equally as bad as feeling hungry.

Did you get tired of the food? Not even a little bit. I'm in some clean eating groups on FB and I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest, trust me, it's not hard to find good clean recipes. I also switched it up a lot because I never wanted it to get boring. Usually I tend to really like something and then after eating it ten days in a row, I get sick of it and mad at it (I'm talking to you spinach and salmon salad) and that's when I would usually end up making bad choices. So I think switching it up is key. Like for example, for breakfast - I'd do pancakes one day, eggs/toast the next.

What did you eat?

Judging by the pictures I took, it looks like I really love eating out of bowls, haha. (I really do always chose a bowl over a plate. Anyone else?) So I really ate more than this, photography. Bleh. I kept a food journal though, so here's an example. (Just flipped oven my journal to a random page.)

Day 19: -- 8:00 --
Black coffee. Also this was a day I slept in, I don't usually wake up at 8, I swear.

-- 9:00 --
Two pieces french toast (whole grain bread with egg whites and cinnamon) with a smear of almond butter and about 2 tsp's pure maple syrup. I was doing two workouts so didn't care much about extra carbs.

-- 11:30 --
Cardio Fix video. (AKA death.)

-- 12:30 -- 
Chocolate shake with about five frozen strawberries, 1/2 large banana and a pinch of unsweetened coconut flakes. (AKA Heaven.)

-- 2:30 -- 
Leftover quinoa from the night before with spinach, carrots, chicken and walnuts. + two clementines. (Fruit for the day is done now. And that puts me at three servings of carbs, so done there too.)

-- 3:30 --
Upper Fix video.

-- 4:45 -- 
This is the time I call "pre-dinner" meaning I'm usually starving and waiting for John to get home so we can eat together. I have a "cashew cookie" Lara bar. I try not to eat these like everyday, but they're good and we just got a bunch at Costco and I was dying to try this flavor. (Ingredients: dates and cashews. Boom.)

-- 7:00 --
"Taco bowl" aka tons of chopped romaine, (grass fed!) beef, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 small avocado, sprinkle of cheese, big dollop of greek yogurt, salsa and about 4 (GL organic!) corn chips crushed on top. (John makes his into nachos.)

-- 8:30 --
Sleepy time tea, which has been my life saver for a long time! I always drink this when I get into bed so I'm not tempted to get a late night snack. True story, I used to eat ice cream in bed every night. EVERY NIGHT. Out of a coffee cup. So this really is just some kind of bedtime ritual for me, I don't know.

And if you're reading this and you've done a 21df, you might be like, "um, that's a lot." But like I said, I wasn't trying to drop weight, so I increased my plan a bit. Most days I had three meals, two snacks, plus a shake. And it is true that I wasn't totally "counting" my containers, but I absolutely did keep them in mind and "check them off" as I ate throughout the day. What was most important to me was that I was eating clean foods - not junk, and eating if I was hungry. I refuse to deprive myself.

So, you ate clean the ENTIRE time? Yes! Maybe not entirely organic, but in my opinion ALL CLEAN. No processed foods. No refined sugars. Good carbs only. (<--Whole wheat bread, Wasa crackers, whole grain tortillas, GF tortilla chips, quinoa, brown rice, etc.) But I also should add that I ate every single meal from my kitchen (not always IN my kitchen, but from my kitchen) so I know that it's much harder for someone who has the opportunity to eat out. Whether that be you have to attend social functions, or have the option/temptations to eat out at lunch, whatever. I know I definitely would have had a harder time if I was in that kind of position.

Did you miss sugar? Honestly, not really. SHOCKING right? I am fully contributing this to the fact that I'm drinking Shakeology though. I mean, I basically get to have a milkshake every day. If I didn't do this with the Shakeology I think it would have been MUCH harder for me, if not impossible. One Sunday John was working late from home and was craving ice cream, so I went out to the store, bought him one pint of Ben & Jerry's, and I had no problem not getting something for myself too. I'm not kidding guys! The shakes took care of that "sweet" craving completely, and gave me something to look forward to making and having every day. (I'm so obsessed.) (And I do not use the word obsessed lightly.) (In fact I hate when people  abuse the word obsessed lol.)

Are those shakes really that good? Yes. Worth every penny, and - TMI WARNING - whatever is in them has my body feeling like gooooood in all areas. Okay. Leave that to your imagination. But my body is working the way it is supposed to. The end.

Were the workouts hard? I talked a bit about this in my halfway there/check-in post but yeah, they were hard. For me at least. But, it got easier! The past week, I did the doubles option (TWO workouts everyday) and I definitely wouldn't have been able to do that the first week. I don't think cardio will ever be my friend, but it definitely get's a little bit easier every time.

What time did you workout? On days that I didn't have to work, I would usually work out late morning, like 9-10. That's my idea of a perfect time because I could have coffee and breakfast first and then workout once that settled. But on days that I did I have to work, I have to be on the road at 7:30 so I'd wake up at 5, have coffee for an hour, then press play at 6am. Those days were harder because I felt "rushed" a bit, but 30 minutes is not bad at all. The days when I did doubles and did a later workout were a but hard also, but only because I'm not a night person. In any regard. Once like 5:00 hits I want food and I want my bed, so I'm not a fan of evening workouts, but that's just me.

How was working out from home? Way better than I expected. I was a little unsure how it would go since I don't have a basement or an extra bedroom like some people use, but what I had worked just fine. We live in a small one bedroom apartment (about 720 sq feet) and our "living area" is also my "office" (hahahaha, because I need an office) and it's open to the kitchen. So just pulled the couch back into the kitchen area as far as I could, pulled the coffee table to the side and rolled up the rug on the floor. Voila, gym. And I kept all my weights and yoga mat right there next to the tv. It really wasn't bad at all. Thankfully we have wood floors, a ceiling fan and we live on the first floor. If we didn't I'm not sure how loud I would be jumping around on someones celling, but I'd still do it.

Did you really want to work out everyday? HELL to the no. Most days I'd turn the dvd player on and go, "I really don't want to do this right now." But by the time I was done, I felt like super women. For real.

Now the most important question, how are you feeling? So, this is way more important I feel than any physical part. I already mentioned somewhere (too much social media anymore, can't keep track...) that I experience really bad bloating. I've been trying to pinpoint why forever, like I have notes in my phone every time it happens detailing what I ate that day thinking I could find some connection, but I was never able to. And I'm talking like painful, painful bloating. Like sometimes I'm literally saying, "ow ow ow" over and over. But for the first time in as long as I can remember I experienced NONE of that. I did have a tiny bit of a stomach ache I would say one day, not even a fraction as bad as what I just described, and I'm pretty sure it was because of a pita. A WHITE pita. Which I knew I shouldn't have ate, but I did. So that one was HUGE for me. To not walk around with a pain in my gut or to look down and see a food baby. I feel like no one believes me when I say that I look 3 months pregnant most of the time because I have such bad bloating (also really, really bad posture which doesn't help), so here.

That's actually me around my LOWEST weight. With that belly. (Another story for another day, but my eating disorder actually started with wanting to get rid of that belly. Little did I know, it was what I was eating, not how much.) 


Anything else you noticed that you want to mention? I said this in my last post, but I have been sleeping LIKE A BABE at night. And taking NO naps. It's crazy to me. And I mean, I get tired at night because I've been waking up extra early (because seriously, I'm just excited about life right now) and working out, but I don't lose energy during the day like I used to. And then, this one is huge for me - not sure if anyone else can relate, but I am usually really moody. Like I don't keep it any secret that I cry a lot. I get overwhelmed by my emotions super easily. (And that's usually when I turn to sugar...) But I have had such better control of my emotions. Again, I'm positive it's the exercise/eating combination, but I had no idea this was going to be something that improved from this. I cried once, during my workout on day 5 and that was it. (Maybe almost cried a few times, but didn't, which is still amazing.)  My emotions are SO in check. It's almost like, I feel STRONGER emotionally because I am pushing my mind to do things I thought were hard/impossible for me. And because I've taken sugar off the table as a distraction/way to deal with things. I don't know if anyone really understands that part, but it's huge for me.

Did you say more energy? YES. Again, definitely a combination of excersise and eating right. Who knew this was literally the secret to what we all want?

So, what does John think? (I thought I'd throw this one in because I haven't really talked about him yet in this series, but he's probably the most important part.) So John, my John. He has been suuper supportive. When I first decided I was going to do this, I was actually really nervous to ask him because he hates anything to do with "dieting," and I knew he would be like, "you're fine the way you are" but he was like, "if that's what you think you need to do, do it." And then at first he would make fun of me, but I think he just didn't think I was really serious about it. Once he realized I was sticking to it, he was like, "hey I'm really proud of you." (Maybe not in those words, but along those lines lol.) And he has barely complained that I am spending a tiny bit more on food...and making him eat healthier, haha. Not that he doesn't want to eat healthier, but he is a guy. He has no interest in turkey bacon, or cauliflower alfredo sauce. And he tells me 100 times a day that I look good. But he has always said that, so I think he just loves me. And I think I almost have him convinced to start working out with me too. Except for the works 60 hours a week part....(I realize I am very lucky I have the time to do all this, and trust me I feel a bit selfish, but I also don't care because I can be selfish.) Maybe I will get him started on the "weekend fix."(That's not a real thing, I'm just being funny lol.) Once I get better though, because as of now whenever I workout and he's at home I'm like, "go in the other room!" because if I look at him I laugh, or he gets concerned because I look like I'm dying. But yeah, love you John.

And now that you're done, what's next for you Morgan? *Wink wink, you all know now. I signed on to be a COACH. Crazy? Maybe? I don't know yet, but I'm doing it. So more on that to come...and what that really means and all, but in the mean time, I started another round of this program. I was debating on taking a week or so off, but when I looked at the calendar and saw that 21 days out put me exactly at my 28th birthday I was like, yess! I did say it was my year to "get in shape for 28" right ;) Plus, it will give me something to look forward to since I for sure will be out enjoying myself. And why would I even stop now? I feel great, the workouts are "working" and it's all getting easier. No point in slowing down.

So. Yeah. I'll write more about the coaching aspect to come in the next few days, because I really want to explain why I am doing this. And I have soo many words, like usual. I hope I'm not being too boring. But I have to say, it feels good to write about something. And like always, thank you thank you thank you (anyone) for reading.

Happy weekend! Catch me over on instagram to see my pie tonight...yes. Pie is happening. Because I worked hard for three weeks, Johns coming home from a work trip today and life is short. I can eat pie ONCE in a while. Sometimes the food baby is worth it. Just not every single day.



  1. Way to go lady! I spy some abs too! :) I'm starting to LOVE Larabars. I used to never buy them because I thought they had too many carbs but they are GOOD carbs! I haven't seen them at Costco though but I'll be stocking up if the one here starts selling them. I would love to be able to prepare & eat meals at home. I hate leftovers, having to pack a lunch for work, etc. If I could just come home for lunch every day, I feel like I could eat way better than I do right now. Random question-- I tend to get really bad stomach aches/bloating/etc. & was told I had IBS... do you think that is part of your bloating issue? My doctor gave me a sample of Linzess which was a lifesaver but also $200 for a one month supply which was RIDICULOUS so I stopped taking it. But, I think your results/meal plan just show that it's what we are eating that is causing it! Keep up what you're doing! You look great! Plus I love reading these types of posts!

  2. Morgan, this had me smiling so big for you! So admirable and amazing that you were willing to give this a try just to see how it would go and could see and feel the benefits almost immediately. I've gotten into the habit where I work out whether I want to or not but eating right is a completely different story! But when I do it definitely makes a difference so I can only imagine how you feel after 21 days. Way to go, lady!

    1. You are seriously the sweetest!! I don't know if I'm admirable, but I do feel pretty proud of myself. I know it's going to like a constant thing to always be "trying" when it comes to the food part, but I think it's so worth it. And it helps having all the support like this!!! And yes, I DEFINITELY never feel bad after I workout. And I don't want to know what it feels like to skip it and regret it. That is not worth it lol.

  3. YES to bellies being all about what you are eating and not how much!! I want to scream that from the rooftops with you. Way to go, Morgan!! These results are fabulous. Emphasis on the ab part of fABulous ;)

    1. Thank you!!! You are too sweet!!! So is insane. Our bodies obviously do not like that crap. I have not ate well at all today, and I can see it. I have a feeling it's going to be a lifelong thing of always trying to do the right thing, but it's worth it to try.

  4. I'm so fascinated by this! First, you look fantastic. I feel like I'm the literal same and always feel bloated and like I'm carrying extra water weight (orrr regular weight) in my mid-section. I really don't eat badly at all -- especially during the week -- but there are certain things I really should cut back on (sugar, carbs, etc) even more. This is so inspiring! Keep it up! (Also all the food in your pics actually looks great; so did those zucchini things!)

    1. Thanks girl! I just want to say that I just watched your snaps AND OMG TEEN MOM. That's our guilty pleasure....(John and I lol) and when the kid was eating the sugar I was dying!!! Although I'm pretty sure that's what I always wanted to do when I was a kid lol.

  5. i don't think your blog is boring at all! my motto is talk about what you like or are interested in, and it will be entertaining and authentic. my blog might not be entertaining to everyone all the time, but i enjoy it and i enjoy writing it, and that is what matters.

    secondly, congrats on completing this and of course becoming a coach, that is huge. and i totally understand with the people telling you that you're skinny or too skinny. every time i talk about my exercising or eating well, someone says that to me. it's not always about weight. i used to have such bad stomachaches so i feel your pain (lol) and i used to puke if i ate too badly. so it's in my best interest to eat as well as i can, plus working out helps me sleep better and gives me more energy. and yeah, it all makes me more regular so tmi away hahaha. that's real ;) but honestly, congrats and good job on the hard work!

  6. Morgan you seem SOOO happy!! It's amazing that after three weeks you're already feeling this great, so many good things to come! I actually have done the 21 day fix before and I agree it has great results! I sometimes stray from their workouts because I like taking classes too but I love following the whole "idea" of it. Eating healthy but not cutting anything out, consistent workouts, and tracking your results every 21 days. Before I started it I would weigh myself like everyday and that was not healthy or helpful so now I use the app and track my weight and measurements every 3 weeks and it's great! I have two samples of Shakeology that I have yet to try but if I end up loving it I will let you know to order it!

  7. OMG TRY THEM! I'm obsessed. And I like the whole class idea too...because there's a teacher and it's a group but getting ready and driving somewhere and not knowing anyone gives me too much anxiety so I like how the videos kind of FEEL like classe but aren't lol. I still weigh myself every morning and's a bad habit I have to stop doing because it's really not so much the number that matters.


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